6 Awesome Ways to Decorate Dining Room on Your Own

How to decorate dining room easily on your ownI was invited to my friend place last to last weekend for a get together and the way she had decorated her dining room was just amazing. The dining room itself was not quite big, but it was certainly well organized and aesthetically amazing. She herself works in an interior designing company, for sure I was expecting it to be nice looking, but it was more than just perfect both aesthetically and functionally. I could not resist myself from asking for some tips to decorate dining room and I am happy that I got the idea for the post from her. Continue reading 6 Awesome Ways to Decorate Dining Room on Your Own

Lighting Tips for Home to Save Electricity

lighting tips for home When it comes to décor, the lighting becomes the most important aspect. Without proper lights, the home will look like an ancient even if you keep highly expensive terracotta sculptures and magnificent furniture. Without lights, it’s just darkness and chaos. When it comes to lights, you prefer to rack the shops and markets to have the best lights in town. But, what about the high electricity bills which is a recurring expense? Did you think about that? In my post, I will discuss key to great lighting but also saving electricity.

Lighting tips for home that saves electric bills

In most of the household, 15% of the budget is spent in electricity bills. The electricity bills tend to increase in the summers due to the continuous uses of AC and air coolers. The lights on the other hand are used in full shine throughout the year. The normal incandescent lights consumes huge amount of electricity thus the electric bills going higher. There are ways by which you can enjoy bright lights in your home but also saving electricity to a great extent.

There are some simple ways by which you can enjoy the double advantages of bright lights and low electric bills. I have dealt with this point in the next couple of paragraphs.

  • Large windows: The windows are the main sources of air and natural lights. The windows make the room spacious and bright within an instant. The windows do not charge high bills, but they can make the home look brighter during the day.
  • The skylights: The skylights are also another way to enjoy the bright blue sky during the day and the sparking starry sky during the night. Skylights make the home look closer to nature.
  • CFL: CFL lights consume up to 60% less electricity in comparison to incandescent lights. There are various kinds of light fixtures for bearing the CFL lamps; you can use these lamps in ceiling lights, pendent lights, lampshades, and any other light fixtures of your choice. These lights are twisted in shape, and will fit easily in any fixtures.
  • LED lights: These lights are 10 times more lasting than fluorescent bulbs. These lights do not heat up like the incandescent bulbs, they do not have mercury or any filaments unlike other bulbs. Using only 2-15 watts of energy, these bulbs are the best solution to the problem.
  • Best brands: Buy products after checking the brands like Everlight, Osram and Epistar, with very high efficiency and CRI above 80. These lights do not heat, thus very safe to use.
  • Eco Friendly: Even if you are using LED and CFL lamps, make sure that the lights are free from mercury and have low carbon content.
  • Certification: Certified products are reliable when it comes to energy efficiency. Check the certification, FCC or Energy star to check the quality of the product before buying.


Now that you have read this article, you already know that how to save electricity, but that does not mean that you have to live in dark caves. You can follow these steps and curtail your electric bill every month to a great extent.

Tips and Ideas for Janmashtami Decoration at Home

Tips and Ideas for Janmashtami Decoration at homeOn the auspicious occasion of Lord Krishna’s birthday, we celebrate Janmashtami.  Festival of Janmashtami is celebrated in most of part of India and around the world. Janmashtami is celebrated on the 8th day of Krishna Paksha in the month of ‘Bhadra’ (usually in August). It is a very prominent occasion for us, and we celebrate it with pomp and grandeur. This occasion is dearly waited by all, and when the time finally arrives, then there is excitement and fun all around. Janmashtami decoration becomes the topic of the discussion among the devotee. All of us want to try new ideas for Janmashtami decoration that we have used already. If you are still unsure, here’s the post worth looking at because I am going to share some great tips and ideas on how to decorate your home for Janmashtami celebration Continue reading Tips and Ideas for Janmashtami Decoration at Home

Here’s How To Make Living Room Brighter and Bigger

Make living room brighter and biggerDue to lack of space and increasing prices of properties, size of the living room has decreased significantly. 3 BHK flats are available in less than 900 SQFT carpet areas. Naturally, we end up with a smaller living room and other rooms. If you feel that size of your living room is comparatively smaller, there is no reason to worry. There are ways to make living room brighter and bigger. The living room is a semi formal space of your sweet home, and hence you should put lots of efforts in looking at what to do to make the room uncluttered, brighter, bigger and beautiful. It’s important to know how to decorate the living room so that it look good. It’s also important to know what not to do and what to do while decorating the living room and that’s what we are going to discover in this post.

I want to share some quick and simple ways to help you make living room brighter and bigger.

Whatever the size of the room is, if you can decorate it properly, it’s going to look good. Making the room look bigger and brighter has nothing to do with huge monetary investments. You can decorate the living room on budget by following some the tricks we are discussing hereunder.

Tips to make living room brighter and bigger

You can’t really alter the layout of the living room (civil changes, in most of the cases), but you can definitely decorate in such a way that it will look good. And here’s how to get it right;

  • Light neutral shades: Select light neutral shades for the walls of the room, like beige or pop corn white. These kinds of light colours will make the room look bigger than the actual size. Leave the ceiling white so that it can reflect more light.
  • Multiple functioning furniture: Buy ottoman furniture or sofa cum bed for the small living room. You can use the set of three drawers as table tops also. Try using the single furniture in maximum number of ways possible. If you are keeping a centre table in the room, then you can use the racks below it for keeping books and magazines, important bills etc. Like this, you do not have to keep extra furniture in the room for stashing your items.
  • Windows: The windows and doors must be big enough so that the room looks more spacious. The doors and the windows will let in more natural lights in the room during the day time.
  • Adjoining balcony: If you are staying in your house and not an apartment, then you can construct a balcony adjoining the living room. The balcony will make the room look bigger as it will be a continuation of the same space. You can decorate the balcony with hanging garden or some matching rugs and cushions, or even a hammock to make the room more appealing.
  • Rugs: Do not use floor to floor carpets; rather keep some portions of the floor bare. Covering the total floor with carpets can make the room look much smaller.
  • Curtains: Make the curtains long so that it touches the floors. The curtains must be wide enough to cover the whole window; it must exceed at least 2 inches on both the sides.
  • Bright lights: Use very bright lights for the small room as the bright lights can really make the room look bigger.
  • Monochromatic look: Give the room a monochromatic look; choose the colour of the curtains similar to the colour of the walls. This will make the room monochromatic. Also choose similar colours of rugs and couches so that they get along together.
  • Mirror: Hang a mirror on the wall opposite to the light source, so that the light reflects and make the room look bigger and brighter.

Over to you

Brighter rooms are always better than the dull ones. Think properly, choose décor elements and accessories wisely and keep the overall theme lighter and you will have a nice, warm and bright living area. Apart from the tricks that I have shared above to make the room brighter and beautiful, don’t hesitate in taking professional help from an interior designer company.

How do you ensure that your living room is bright, look good and warm?

How to Make Your Home Look Good on a Budget

How to make your home look good on a budgetThere is a myth about home decorating that it is a costly affair. You can make your home look good and classy even on a budget. To make your home look good, you don’t necessarily have to use that costly painting from an auction or an imported flower pot and chandelier. It’s actually possible to decorate a home to make it look good without spending lots of money. If you are planning to decorate your home and you don’t want to spend lots of money on it, then here is the post worth reading. I am going to share some quick and simple tips that you can use to make your sweet home look good even if you are on a budget. Continue reading How to Make Your Home Look Good on a Budget

5 Quick Ways To Get More Natural Light In Your Home

How to get more natural light in your homeNothing can beat the experience of living in a house with access to natural light and natural fresh air. Natural light or the sun light is very much beneficial for the overall well being of you and your family. The natural lights are capable to cure many illnesses and diseases. It brings positivity and uplift up your mood. If your sweet home is designed in a way that looks dark and confined, there is no need to worry. Because you can actually maximize the natural light and get more of it with small little tweaks and makeover. In this post, I will discuss about how to design or do a minor makeover for your home to get more natural light and fresh air. Continue reading 5 Quick Ways To Get More Natural Light In Your Home

Indian Kitchen Cleaning Tips for Busy Ones

Indian Kitchen Cleaning Tips for Busy OnesYou will find yourself in utter mess when you will be entering your kitchen after you had a sumptuous dinner last night. Is there any way by which you can make your kitchen look wow just like the delicious tastes of the dishes you cook there? You must be thinking it is impossible, and even if it is possible then it’s going to be difficult and time taking. You are partially right because Indian kitchen cleaning is not so easy, especially if you don’t have the latest chimney. But even if you have the most modern kitchen, you have to stick to a cleaning routine to keep it clean and organized. I am going to share a few simple yet effective kitchen cleaning tips that work well for an Indian kitchen where we tend to use lots of spices and oil.
Continue reading Indian Kitchen Cleaning Tips for Busy Ones

Colour combination for bathroom floor and wall tiles

Colour combination for bathroom walls and tilesChoosing right colour combination for bathroom can be a bit tricky and challenging as it is very different from the other rooms of the house. As you know the colour of the room depend mostly on the purpose of the room and hence we use different color combination for different room like bedroom, living room, kitchen and the washroom. Usually we don’t think too much about the right color combination for bathroom. We usually go by white ceiling and a fancy looking wall tiles, but trust me that’s not the best thing to do. Colour combination for bathroom tiles, floor, ceiling etc must be picked carefully and that’s what I am going to talk about in this post. Continue reading Colour combination for bathroom floor and wall tiles

11 Apartment Moving Tips and Hacks worth Knowing

11 Apartment Moving Tips and Hacks worth KnowingApartment moving may appear like a much complicated task and you may be true to a good extent. To a good extent because there are so many smaller tasks and activities involved and unless everything falls into Place, you may end up in a mess. But apart from this, moving will become much easier when you know how to get it right. There are certain preparations and precautions that you need for apartment moving and that’s what I am going to talk about in this post. Continue reading 11 Apartment Moving Tips and Hacks worth Knowing

Packing for Hostel – Things worth packing when moving to a hostel

How to Pack for Hostel - Essential Packing Tips for StudentsYou have completed your class 12 with flying colours, now you are set to study the subject of your choice in a degree course. Congratulations for your success. The college life awaits you. You have watched in many movies the rocking college life, the more colourful hostel life, and you are expecting to have a similar good time in your life too. This is the first time you will leave your home, and stay in hostel, so called unknown place, and for that, I am sure you will want some tips. We often receive enquiries from student via live chat on ServiceSutra about what to pack and how to move essential things. In this post, I want to discuss about how to do best packing for hostel. If you are moving to a hostel and wondering what is to be packed and how then this is the post worth reading. Continue reading Packing for Hostel – Things worth packing when moving to a hostel