Small Kitchen Interior Design in India – Kitchen Remodeling

Interior design for small kitchen often requires good planning and if you are considering renovating your kitchen and searching for interior designers who offer small kitchen interior design services then just wait for a moment. Pause and think for a moment – what’s important for you because there is a lot that can be done in a kitchen. From most advanced gadgets to accessories, imported tiles for kitchen tops to most advanced faucets and sinks; there is no end to it.

In my opinion your kitchen is one of the most important places that reflect about your personality and lifestyle. Kitchen interior design should be done in such a way that it can accommodate your cooking and dining needs, offer plenty of storage space and match with overall style and theme of your house. There are lots of other things which may be important like the quality of tiles, lighting needs, ventilation and most importantly accessories that you would like to install in your kitchen. Continue reading

How to do Pest Control at Home by Yourself in India

Pest control should be left to the professional pest control agencies in India. But no matter what treatments these pest control companies offer, at the end of the day you have to be a little proactive to keep them away from your house.

Basic pest control treatments for cockroaches, ants or mosquito can give you some relief, but when you don’t know how to keep them away, they will enter your house sooner or later. Best thing that you can do is to ask your pest control agency to advise about the precautions and tips to keep your house pest and bug free for longer. Continue reading

Moving and Storage in Bangalore: how to get it right

When it’s about moving a house, you know you are after something complicated. Packing and moving a house become even more complicated when you want to move some of your household goods and store remaining household items in a safe and secured warehousing facility. Nut packing moving and storage in Bangalore can be done without hassles when you know how to get it right.

Often we receive calls from our users who require both packing and moving services along with storage services to store part of their household goods. Storage and warehousing facilities can be used to store household furniture like bed, sofa sets, center table, dining table, chair etc as well as for electronic appliances like TV, fridge, washing machine etc.

If you are in similar situation and want to pack and move some of your goods and need storage facility to store part of it then this post is for you. I am going to give you a good overview of packing, moving and storage services so that you know how to plan, what to expect from the service providers and what else you should do to get it right. Continue reading

All about House Painting Costs & Charges in Bangalore

House painting is not a costly affair when you know about different costs heads of painting a house in Bangalore. If you are planning for house painting and you are not sure about the costs of exterior or interior house painting charges then you are not alone. Obviously house painting is not something that you very often especially painting of interiors of a house, so you may not have exact idea of costs and thus unable to make a budget for overall house painting.

I thought of writing this post because I recently had to do interior painting of one of my old house that I vacated recently. It was just a 600 square feet house, but when I started planning and met a couple of handyman service providers in Bangalore, I was kind of confused. I am done with the house painting and thought of writing a detailed post on how to plan, budget and hire a professional to do painting of a house and how to say on budget with exception of a little bit of adjustment. It’s really hard to be on same budget especially when you are thinking of painting a house. More on this as we move forward. Continue reading

Useful Bathroom Renovation Tips for Indian Homes in Budget

Bathroom renovation is happening now like ever before. Renovation of bathroom and kitchen is done more than any other part of your room. Thanks to the buzzing real-estate trends, today all of us want to renovate our bathroom like how we see in the luxurious hotels and spas.  People have started adopting luxurious leaving and bathroom and kitchen is probably the first thing they would remodel along with other rooms and areas of a flat.

Some time people remodel their bathroom before even considering the entire home remodeling, because they want their bathroom to be fully equipped, functional and luxurious. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom and wondering how and where to start, then you are about to discover some of the amazing tips and ideas to renovate your bathroom. Continue reading

Home Renovation in Bangalore: Here’s how to do it right

Home renovation is one such thing where you get to experience a lot of excitement. There could be many reason for home renovation. But usually it is to get a new look and improve its usability as per your needs. Irrespective of your motivation of renovating your sweet home, you should always give it a serious thought before taking any final call.

There are many ways to renovate a house and if you are living in a mega city like Bangalore, you really have lots of options like going to a consultant or hiring an interior design company on a turnkey basis where they can plan and execute the entire home renovation assignments based on your needs and style preferences.

But never start a home renovation project without planning. Just be sure about the overall objectives of renovation and think about each and every element in various rooms. If it’s a partial renovation project like kitchen remodeling or bathroom renovation, even then give it a serious thought and consider looking at every element inside that particular room. Continue reading

All you need to know on hiring handyman services in India

Hiring a professionally trained handyman for smaller home repair and maintenance jobs in India is not all that easy. Local service industry like handyman, painter, plumbers, electrician etc is yet to mature here in India. So when you want to get smaller repair works done, you have to rely on local classified channels (both online and offline) or ask a friend or a neighbor for a number that you can call and ask for help. Even if there are a few professionally managed company that offers handyman services in India (in different cities), but mostly we turn up to the street corner electrical shop or hardware shop for an electrician or a plumber to avail handyman services in India.

Continue reading

Home Renovation Tips to Make Smaller Space Look Stylish and Spacious

Did you know that even smaller homes can be renovated to make it look good, stylish and usable? Usability and looks are really important and probably that’s why you have decided to go for home renovation. Renovating bigger space is much easier because when you have space, you can plan everything without worrying about the space. But renovating a smaller space may not be all that easy because you have to utilize every square feet without compromising the looks and style.

We often receive requests from home owners on how they can renovate comparatively smaller space to make it stylish and look good without compromising the usability of the space. I am going to share a few home renovation tips and ideas that you can use while renovating your house. Continue reading

Handyman Services for Home Repair and Maintenance in India

Planning to replace a switch or want to replace the fittings in your bedroom? If you don’t know where to go and whom to reach out, you can avail handyman services to get it done. A handyman can help you with several maintenance tasks electrical, plumbing and general maintenance. A handyman is a qualified professional who have the expertise and required tools to do a lot of maintenance things that you may require to be done at your home or office.

According to Wikipedia, a handyman or a handy-person is professionally trained and equipped at a wide range of repairs typically you may need around your home. They can look after interior and exterior repair and maintenance jobs. Continue reading

Kitchen Remodeling Tips and Tricks for Indian Homes

Kitchen is that one room that has to be remodeled keeping in mind the usability. This is one of the places where your spouse or you will be spending good amount of time in cooking and preparing awesome recopies for yourself, your friends and relatives. You need to think of hell lots of things when remodeling a kitchen in your house (flat).

Flats culture is popular among us and obviously so because even in mid tier cities, plenty of inventory of newly built flats and residential homes are coming up. In general, flats are smaller compared to old homes. When you are staying in a 3bhk flat of say 1000 to 1400 square feet area, you have to do good space planning while doing interior designing or remodeling of your flat. You can’t afford to waste even one square feet of the space. Continue reading