House Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Busy Moms

House cleaning is something that needs your attention on a regular basis. When you clean your house regularly, you won’t have to seat it out and spend hours in cleaning ne part of your room. It’s only when multiple layers of dusts and dirt remaining there for longer period of time. But when you clean it often, you can do it almost effortlessly.

If you are busy mom with kids to look after, it’s going to be difficult. But you know what you can’t even afford to leave it the way it is because dirt and dusts may harm your kids. Cleaning your own house may sound like frustrating sometime, but there is no other way, but to clean it. But if you want to keep your house clean but don’t find time or feel like moving the heavy weight furniture then let me help you. I am going to share a few very basic house cleaning tips and trick with you that you can follow to clean your house easily.

Who says you have to clean it all together. Prepare a plan and start cleaning one room at a time or better one portion at a time and you can get going. No feeling can be better than seating in a neat and clean house. Are you up for the challenge? Continue reading House Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Busy Moms

How to clean bathroom tiles using vinegar & baking soda

I was wondering about how to clean bathroom tiles of my own and clean it as if a professional housecleaning company has done it. I did some research and gone though a number of posts and articles on housekeeping. There are tons of articles and posts on housecleaning and what I found is I can clean bathroom tiles using most common ingredients already available at my house.

In this post I am going to give you a good overview of cleaning bathroom tiles. It’s fun to clean your bathroom yourself and you are going to love it. Obviously professional housekeeping companies have a number of tools and advance kind of equipments. If you are looking for that kind of solution you can click here. But if you are willing to clean it yourself then just read on for some hands on techniques. Continue reading How to clean bathroom tiles using vinegar & baking soda

5 Reasons to book professional pest control company

Are you tired of dealing with cockroaches in your kitchen utensils? Or you are fed up of cleaning lizard’s poisonous stool. Are you facing trouble dealing with termites in your house, garden or you are helpless to save your books from them? Are bedbugs chewing your favorite furniture down, without you having a clue how to get rid of them? You have tried all your tactics against these bugs but you have failed repeatedly. May be now its time to hire a professional pest control agency and here’s why it’s worth hiring one Continue reading 5 Reasons to book professional pest control company

Housekeeping and Cleaning Services in Bangalore and Elsewhere

Gone are the days when you had to clean your kitchen, living area, sofa set and carpet yourself. Today if you feel like you need cleaning or housekeeping services, you can simply dial and book housekeeping and cleaning services in major cities like Bangalore or Delhi NCR. House cleaning services has evolved over a period of time and today you can book professionally placed housekeeping and facility management companies and fortunately these services are not that costly.

You might prefer doing it on your own but if you want the extra leisure time you have to go for professional help, well worth the price. But booking housekeeping companies for cleaning services can be tricky at times, especially when you don’t have substantial information about housekeeping companies.  Continue reading Housekeeping and Cleaning Services in Bangalore and Elsewhere

10 House Cleaning Tips to Help You Clean Your House

Keeping the house and garden clean is a collective responsibility of the whole family. It’s always better if all the family members are well aware and active in their efforts to keep the house clean. Since it is a never ending job, you can use all the help you can get from your family members. As parents, you should encourage your children to take certain cleaning tasks and you should assign them small tasks like self cleaning of their own study desk, computers, key boards etc.

You know there are a number of housekeeping and facility management service companies in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and other cities who offer annual house cleaning service as well as one time deep cleaning or spring cleaning services. It’s okay to engage them for deep cleaning of bathroom, kitchen, carpet or sofa set. But post cleanup, again it’s up to you to keep it clean by occasionally cleaning them yourself. It’s just about a few basic things like keep it clean and clean it every day, alternate day or week and stick to that schedule. Continue reading 10 House Cleaning Tips to Help You Clean Your House

Home Decor Tips for Indian Flats, Apartments and Homes

This not a general home decor tips because what I am going to share with you is based on my personal experience. Today when many of us live in flats which are not big enough to accommodate all our belongings, proper space planning and using right kind of décor become really important. Whether we live in a smaller by choice or by compulsion, we some time complain that we do not have enough space to accommodate all our stuffs. Sometime we feel home decor is not right and we need to do something on this. Fresh Interior designing of entire flat sometime may not be viable options because of several reasons.

But you know what, recently I visited an old time friend who is settled in Bangalore and I was amazed to see how well maintained her apartment was. With hardly the carpet area of 900 to 1000 square feet, the way she has done the space planning and the way she has decorated her entire apartment flat was incredible. Continue reading Home Decor Tips for Indian Flats, Apartments and Homes

Eco friendly Home Construction Materials and Techniques

With the raising awareness of environment pollution and its ill effects, most people prefer eco friendly home construction. Lots of builders and developers in India have started launching eco friendly home and office projects. Most of the builders and contractors across all major cities in India are exploring the ideas of green construction to make sustainable buildings which does not cause any harm  (or create minimal impact on our environment) to the environment by using eco friendly construction materials or renewable materials for their constructions. Eco friendly home construction materials help to construct structures that are environmentally responsible, resource-efficient and reliable as well as durable. There are other benefits as well like green building materials are economical, portable and also comfortable to live in.

In this post, I am going to give you a very good overview of what types of eco-friendly construction materials are available and how to use them while constructing your home. While looking after the construction of your home or building, there are numerous green materials from divider studs to deck and so on. Continue reading Eco friendly Home Construction Materials and Techniques

Bathroom Cleaning Tips: How to clean bathroom using home ingredients

The bathroom is the most vital part in your house because it reflects the class and hygienic sense of the inhabitants. I know a friend who is very classy when it’s about decorating your house, but he would hardly pay attention to the bathroom of his house. There are many people like him who would often take intensive care of the entire interior of their house but neglect the bathrooms. But you know what, irrespective of the kind of quality of the titles, décor or appliances in your bathroom, you ought to keep it clean if you want to get that aesthetic feeling when you are in the bathroom taking a shower after a busy day at work. Not so clean bathroom could be a turnoff for your friends or relatives coming to your home.

If you agree, then I am sure you would agree that if you follow a regular cleanup schedule, you can really enjoy a shining, beautiful and natural smelling bathroom. If you don’t get time, even then you can hire professional cleaning companies for bathroom cleaning. But if you have the resources, then let me share a few amazing quick and simple bathroom cleaning tips to help you get started with bathroom cleaning. Continue reading Bathroom Cleaning Tips: How to clean bathroom using home ingredients

How to clean kitchen sinks, tiles and cabinets yourself

A neat and clean kitchen gives a positive impression of your hygiene and appetite. It creates a good ambience and encourages you to cook tasty food. The fresh and organized kitchen environment keeps you from getting tired any time soon. A dirty or untidy kitchen can kill your hunger and your interest to cook, so always maintain your kitchen and do regular clean ups.

If you stick to a regular kitchen cleaning routine, then you will find it easy. Cleaning the sink, tiles, cabinets and other home appliances is not all that hard. Here are a few quick tips to help you get started with kitchen cleaning.

Continue reading How to clean kitchen sinks, tiles and cabinets yourself

Interior Designer: Here’s how to hire one in India

Interior designing is a costly affair and apart from money, you ought to be double sure about everything you do as part of your interior designing project. Right from choosing a theme, to lighting and color shades for wall painting and choosing an interior designer, you can’t afford to go wrong. Hence you should take calculative decisions before you book an interior designer to help you through the project as a consultant or on turnkey basis.

Regardless of the number of bed rooms in the house, or a thousand square feet apartment, it could get tricky while creating a comprehensive look that would represent a certain style which is simple yet elegant. The expertise and professionalism of an interior designer is much sought after as only the interior designer’s expertise would be instrumental in remodeling and filtering the likes and dislikes of their clients, and that reflects the look and feel which is suitable for a particular space. Continue reading Interior Designer: Here’s how to hire one in India