Home Shifting Services in India: Find a Mover in Budget

How much does it cost to hire packers and movers for shifting in India?

That’s the first question you would ask when planning to hire packers and movers for home shifting in India, no? Whether you are being compensated by your employer or you are paying yourself to packers and movers for home shifting services in India, you would want to find out the costs of packing and shifting services.

But getting to know the costs of home shifting services in India is not all that easy. There are lots of factors from distance between two places to volume of goods and quality of packing materials and much more. Here in this post, We will go through all of these factors and help you create a budget for home shifting in India along with all of your household goods and items. We’ll also talk about a few of the tips to save money and move your house within your budget. Continue reading

Relocation Service Providers in India: Bangalore, Delhi, Pune

Relocation as the name suggests is a service offered by Packers and Movers companies in India. Relocation service can be availed when you have to relocate your house along with all of your household goods. Most of the corporate and multinational companies avail services of relocation service providers in India to help their employees relocate themselves safely from one city to another city in India. In corporate world, the HR managers look after the basic screening and coordination between their employees and the relocation company. But when your company does not offer such help, you have to find a shifting and relocation company of your own to get your household materials packed and relocated safely. Obviously, you can produce the bill s to your employer for reimbursement (if only your employer offer such benefits). Relocation service could be domestic (relocation within India or International i.e. when relocating from a city in India to anywhere in the world)

Apart from relocating of household goods and articles, relocation service providers in India can also help you with several other services like relocation of car, office relocation, domestic relocation, pet relocation, art and antique relocation, Warehousing and storage services and much more. In metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore or Hyderabad, there are a number of relocation service providers who offer both domestic and international relocation services in India. Continue reading

IBA Approved Packers and Movers in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata

Employees of banking sector like SBI, PNB, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank and other private and public bank employees prefer to hire IBA approved packers and movers service provider for packing and shifting of their household goods and car. IBA (Indian Banks’ Association) basically have enlisted some of the packers and movers companies from Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai and other cities across India. IBA approved packers and movers companies are basically the same companies but they have enlisted themselves to IBA so that bank employees can avail their home shifting, car transportation and storage related services when needed.

Big corporate houses like banks usually pay the costs of relocation to its employees and thus they advise their employees to opt for IBA approved packers and movers companies. Basically it gives them the sense of reliability because when a moving company get enlisted with IBA, that itself says they are comparatively more credible. Continue reading

Office Shifting Service in Bangalore: Furniture, PCs & File

Office shifting service in Bangalore is available to shift your entire office from locality to another locality within Bangalore or even outside of Bangalore. Office shifting is a complicated task because there are many stack holders and the priority is to shift your entire office smoothly with minimal loss of productivity of your team. Office relocation services in Bangalore are offered by a handful packers and movers companies. Most of the movers and packers service providers would like to focus on home shifting assignments because that’s where the most of their business come from.

Office shifting and relocation services in Bangalore are not offered by all of the packers and movers companies. But still there are good numbers of movers and packers companies who can help you in relocating your entire office safely without any damage. Continue reading

Here’s How to Pack Kitchen Utensils for Moving in India

In India we have lots of ‘Jugaad’ (temporary alternatives) for almost anything but unfortunately it does not work all the time. Here in this post I am going to talk about how to pack kitchen utensils for moving without damaging. Kitchen utensils are usually costly and very fragile in nature. Even a little bit of mishandling could damage your kitchen utensils and crockery items. So ‘Jugaad’ technology is not going to work in packing and moving.

If you planning to relocate and don’t want to hire packers and movers companies then there is no issues. Some time it’s better to pack and move your stuff yourself especially when you can find a relocation service provider near you. In India, you can find packers and movers companies in almost any city and town. But when you don’t have lots of household materials to move then no movers and packers’ service provider would agree to shift your goods. Obviously, it’s not feasible for a movers and packers company in shilling to send a box full of kitchen utensils to Bangalore. Because in a city like shilling, there are only a few people who will be relocating every month to Bangalore and a mover can’t hire a truck to shift a couple of boxes. They have their own limitations. Continue reading

Home Shifting Services in India: Role of Movers and Packers

Home shifting services in India are offered by packers and movers companies. It’s process of shifting of household materials in which all types of household goods like TV, fridge, washing machine, cots, beds, mattress, dining table, kitchen utensils and all other types of home appliances get packed and moved safely. When you shift your house locally, it’s called local shifting and when you are moving to a distant city, it’s called domestic home shifting. Packers and movers companies are available across all of the major cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Noida. Most of these movers and packers companies can handle both types of shifting requirements (local and domestic ones).

Let’s talk about both types of home shifting services and role of packers and movers companies. Packers and movers companies have a very important role in getting your goods relocated in safe and sound condition. They are the one who is going to look after everything from selecting packing materials, to buying transit insurance so they are really important. Continue reading

Affordable Packing and Moving Services in Bangalore

Searching for packers and movers in Bangalore (Bengaluru), Karnataka who could offer safe and affordable packing and moving services in Bangalore? Here’s what we can do and how we can help you find best packers and movers companies in Bangalore so that you can compare and hire them almost effortlessly. Finding a mover for to help you with a local or a domestic home relocation could not get easier than this. We have handpicked some of the most competent and affordable home relocation service providers in Bangalore and we can connect you with three of them in just one click.

Simply tell us what sorts of relocation requirements you have. We’ll ensure you receive calls and offers from three of the best and most competent moving companies who offer packing and moving services in Bangalore and nearby cities. They will call you back and offer to do a free in-house survey to get better understanding of the efforts and to calculate costs of packing materials and manpower. Based on their findings of physical survey, they will come up with a schedule for packing and shifting along with the costs of packing and shifting services. Continue reading

Hiring an ISO Certified Packers and Movers in Bangalore

Planning to hire an ISO certified packers and movers in Bangalore for a domestic home shifting from Bangalore? Any specific reason behind hiring an ISO certified packers and movers in Bangalore? How about hiring a movers and packers service provider who is not ISO certified but has well trained team of professional executive who get the packing and shifting done in most efficient and cost effective way?

Ever wondered why some packers and movers companies in India go for ISO certifications? Can’t they just offer best relocation services to their customers without being ISO certified? Do they really get ISO 9001:2008 certifications to improve their process and efficiency in delivering their services or it’s just for the sake of recognition? We’ll be asking all those questions and find out what’s the difference between an ISO certified packers and movers  and a non ISO certified packers and movers companies in Bangalore or in any other city for that matter. We’ll also understand what are the advantages of hiring an ISO certified relocation service provider and how it’s okay to consider non certified service providers as well. Continue reading

Local Packers and Movers in Bangalore for Home Shifting

Local home shifting within Bangalore should not be all that complicated if only you hire a local packers and movers in Bangalore who specializes in handling local home shifting assignments in and around Bangalore. Why it’s better to hire a mover who specializes in local shifting you may ask? Because local shifting is less complicated and usually smaller players offer local shifting who have smaller trucks and who have just started their business. Usually established players aka packers and movers companies give preferences to domestic shifting services because that way they can target larger assignments. All of the resources and tools that they maintain have certain costs associated with it and these domestic movers and packers companies don’t feel like doing smaller assignments (local home shifting).

Continue reading

IBA Approved Packers and Movers for Home Shifting in India

Indian Banks Association (IBA) has approved a number of packers and movers companies across India so that a bank employee can hire a trusted and IBA approved packers and movers for household shifting in India. These packers and movers are like any other relocation service providers out there in the market. Nut since they have got approval from IBA, they are the preferred choice for employees of a bank. But can you really find IBA approved packers and movers service provider in small towns or district level cities in India? It’s going to be hard, for sure.

Hiring a mover who is recommended by IBA or IBA approved packers and movers’ service operator gives you a little extra edge. Because there is certain compliance to get IBA approval (I am not getting on that) but even if you hire an IBA approved packers and movers service provider, it’s better to read the disclaimer on their website. As a good practice, a bank employee always prefers to hire an IBA approved packers and movers service provider when they want to shift their household goods from one city to another. It kind of gives them certain sense of security and reliability which is a big thing anyways. Continue reading