Google Plus Business Page Cover Photo Size and Tips to implement it

Google plus have rolled some new features and also changed the layout of the overall profile and business pages. New feature allows you to upload a cover photo similar to Facebook cover photo.

Size of the Google plus business page cover photo should be 940 X 180 Pixels. Cover Photo will appear as background and your main profile picture will appear on top of it in right hand side corner. Continue reading Google Plus Business Page Cover Photo Size and Tips to implement it

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Tips

Off page Search Engine Optimization involves tasks that you usually perform off your web pages to get better search results on popular search engines. Once you have fixed the basics on your web pages and made it search engine friendly, its time to considers factors that affect the overall search results but its not on your own domain or web pages, but outside like posting on directories, or building links or submitting your website to popular directories like Continue reading Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Tips

10 Guiding Principles to Hire an Ad Agency in India

Advertising is an exciting, visible business, and when another brand’s agency is making news, it can make their grass appear greener. Plus, it’s a business based on experience, confidence and trust. When trust breaks down, relationships end. Role of an ad agency in India is even critical due to  geographical and cultural  factors in India.

Whatever the reason for an agency switch, too many companies make their selection based on the wrong criteria. That causes heartache, inefficiency, and a significant amount of lost productivity.

I’d like to offer 10 guiding principles to follow the next time you’re looking for an advertising agency in India. Let’s start with the five things you shouldn’t do:

1. Don’t limit your search geographically. Yes, the most expedient way to build trust is in face-to-face relationships, but that doesn’t mean trust can’t also be built across miles. After all, some of the strongest marriages have been built after long periods of physical separation which allow time for reflection for both parties about what really full article at bloomberg

Here’s how to hire an advertising agency and a PR firm in India

Hiring an advertising agency or a PR firm is very important to communicate your message effectively to your audience. You can simply go out there and make a search on google and it will list hundreds and thousands of advertising agencies in India. Make a call to a few of them and you are ready to sign the deal. But the bigger challenge is to find advertising or PR firms, who will be able to understand your expectations, have that kind of creativity, which is required for your assignments or the project. Creativity and ability to understand the expectations is very important in your pr and advertising partner.

Usually people go for the RFP Mode that is request for proposal, which is not advisable for hiring Advertising agencies, because while hiring an ad agency or a PR firm, the parameters of selection is not just the price, but there are many other factors to be considered. To hire the best Advertising Agency for your projects, you should go for the RFI mode. So you collect information about them, interact and then discuss your project before signing the deal.

RFI (Request for Information) makes more sense, as you are seeking information about the marketing agencies or the PR agency to initiate the process of hiring. You should invite at least two three marketing agencies to respond to your RFI so that you can compare each and every aspect and make a well-informed decision.

This way you are able to get the information about the PR firm or other marketing agencies and based on those information, you can shortlist and move to the next step.

The final step in hiring an Advertising Agency or a PR firm is to interact with them. Meet the agency and discuss your projects and ask them to give a small presentation or their input. This will help you understand their creativity. Also discuss about the time frame, cost, payment terms, and other terms and conditions.

You can also post an RFI to hire an Advertising Agency or a PR firm at and get connected to best advertising and PR agencies in your city.

Now you have a lot of information and ready to a well-informed decision to hire an agency that can deliver as per your expectations. Following these tips will help you hire the most qualified and professional advertising and PR firms!

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