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How to arrange a small living room to make it comfortable and save space

Are you having a hard time decorating and arranging your small living room? The basic challenge while decorating or arranging a small living room is lack of space that encourages a feeling of claustrophobia. Thus, you need to open up space and create an airy feel to dispel the stuffy and gawky look. But that’s not an issue and with just a little bit of planning and re-arranging things from this side of your living room to the other side, you should be able to give it a perfect and classic look. Continue reading

How to do Interior Designing of Small Living Room

Do you have a small home that is difficult to decorate? Probably the small carpet area seems to be the major culprit. Usually, this is the case with almost every small living room. The limited floor space makes it difficult to fit out the room in style. But that never means the end of the world! Look at a few tips I have shared here that can help you overcome this hurdle. Continue reading

Interior Design and Decorating Ideas for Kids Room

Kids are precious and so are their rooms for them. You can get lots of inspirations for designing and decorating your home i.e. kitchen, bedroom, living rooms etc, but when it comes to your kids room you have to involve them and consider lots of things. Also since kids can’t take decisions of their own, you have to do lots of brainstorming and discussion with them. They usually don’t stick to one decision; they may like something today and have a different choice another day. In this post, I am going to talk about some ideas that will really help you in Interior Designing and decorating for your kids room. Continue reading

How to do Interior Design for Flats and Apartments

Are you planning to get interior designing done for your new flat before you finally move in your sweet home? I am sure you have planned everything and still have many questions about interior designing of your flat or apartment. I am here to help you get it right so that once the interior design is over you have an awesome home ready for you to occupy. Are you ready to learn it all? then check them all. Continue reading

How to Decorate your Home and Surprise Your Partner this Valentine

It’s the same time of the year. Love is in the air. Still wondering why? Well It’s Valentine’s Day on the February 14th 2012. Boy you are expected to do something special to express your feeling for your girl. No matter how young is your relationship, but girls would love to see you doing something special for her.

There are tons of ideas and things to do. Different people do different things for their loved ones all the day and one should do it so, but still Valentine’s Day must be a much special.

I was wondering and thought to write a post on how to decorate your home especially for this Valentine’s Day.

Entrance of your home is the most important part and you should do some simple decoration there to just give her a feel of what is awaiting inside. You may hang some kind of balloons or craft materials of heart shape etc

Light some nice scented candles and arrange for some nice instrumental music to be played in the background to make it even romantic.

Unless you are eating out, plan for a candle light dinner at home. Order food, chocolates, ice-cream etc in advance and decorate the table. Arrange a special table for two, to get that awesome feel of being together. Put a rose or her favorite flowers on the table.

Decorate your bedroom with pink, maroon or red colors. These colors are meant to do wonders and are aggressive and romantic. So choose a color as you like and then decorate it. Change bed cover, pillow cover, cushions, and curtains and keep in mind that the colors should go with each other. You may use heart shape cushions, teddy and dolls etc and place it on the bed. You may also put a special Valentine’s Day greetings with your message and that special gift on the bed.

What are your plans?