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Easy House cleaning tips for Diwali: Step by step guide

Diwali is one of my favorite festivals and I am really in to it these days. My preparations for Diwali start at least two weeks before Diwali. It starts with house cleaning and ends with cleaning of my work table in the office. House cleaning is not something that all of us could be excited about. In fact cleaning a house before Diwali is a ritual and whether you like it or not, you ought to do it (obviously for those who celebrate Diwali). It’s a festival of lights, diyas, phuljhari and mild crackers. But lights and diyas will sparkle only when we keep our home, office and society clean.

I am sure you have already started cleaning your house. But if not yet, then this post is for you. I am going to share some easy to follow house cleaning tips to get you started with house cleaning. Otherwise you always have the option to find professional cleaning companies who can take care of it. But I am sharing some easy to follow house cleaning tips so that you can do it yourself.

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How to Clean Bathroom Tiles and Floors Yourself

You got a professional interior designer to renovate your bathroom but soon after a few weeks, there are hard water spots and stains on the bathroom tiles and floors. You want to clean and get rid of these stains and you wonder how to remove these hard water spots and stains from the tiles and floors of your bathroom.

No need to panic. Because there are tons of products available in the market, but if you want you can use some common ingredients like baking soda, lime juice, vinegar and salt to make your own cleanser to get a sparkling bathroom. Continue reading

How to know if a Movers and Packers is worth it or not?

All set to hire a movers and packers company for home shifting or storage needs? Are you really sure you are dealing with a movers and packers company who is worth it? Movers and packers companies are mushrooming these days especially in Delhi NCR region. And essentially this should be real reason of concern for you. After all, if you end up with a shady movers and packers company then you may end up in a mess.

Shifting and relocation is a complicated thing and one should always rely on a service provider who is credible. So how do you check the credibility of a movers and packers before awarding a relocation assignment to them? Continue reading

Common Mistakes People Make When Moving a House in India

Mistakes are bound to happen when you act on something unusual. Obviously packing and moving a house is one of those unusual tasks. Moving a house in India is not easy because here in India you can’t find a mover for a couple of hrs. You can neither find a self driving truck where you load your goods and drive the truck yourself (or you get a driver to do so). There is no ‘you pack’ and ‘we ship’ concept here in India like you see in other countries where you can pack your goods yourself and ask a trucking company to get it transported.

So how does one go about moving a house in India?

Basically the process here in India is a little complicated. There are plenty of packers and movers companies who offer complete packing, shifting and storage services across all of the major cities and towns in India. Continue reading

How to Save Water and Electricity at Your Home

Water and electricity are the two most needed yet the most misused items in your household. You must have been lazy enough not to do something about that leaky faucet. And so it keeps dripping and wasting water, drop by drop. Or maybe the tank has been leaking for days long and you have simply not bothered to get it fixed.

We know that three quarters of our earth is water but alas! Nor a drop is there to drink because it is mostly saline water that needs a terribly expensive instruments to turn it into something drinkable. Most of the water that is supplied to household is from underground or groundwater as we call it. And this reserve is, although renewable but a slow one. Continue reading

Essential Vastu Tips for Office: What to put where

Just like building a house and arranging the interiors in a negative way, the office too suffers consequences if not constructed and arranged properly. Surely, it needs to look good but if the disturbances hinder progress then it becomes difficult to maintain the growth of the office. Office is the place where hard work transforms into success. To let the success flow in properly, the arrangements need to be made in such a way that it facilitates the flow of positive energy into the building.

No matter how efficient professionals you may have hired, if they cannot contribute to the energy, the environment of the office will not stay serene and balanced and thus will lead to obstacles to growth. So we have to be very careful while planning a plot. Here, if the Vastu Shastra professionals are consulted then surely it will help to achieve the goals. Continue reading

Vastu Tips for Bedroom – Vastu for Indian Home

Previously restricted to temple architecture, Vastu Shastra, the ancient doctrine of dwelling has been revived during the 1960s by the late V.Ganapati Stapathi. Through his efforts to imbibe the same in houses meant for human dwelling to bring peace and harmony in their lives. Since then, millions of Indian families have been abiding by this doctrine to keep their dwellings in sync with the laws of nature. ‘Manushyalaya’ as Indian homes are called, are as good as temples. Hence, such a shrine should be built in a way to maintain the sacred aura around it.

Among all the rooms, the place which we mainly choose to delve deep into our souls or retire for the night after a hectic day in order to rejuvenate ourselves is the bedroom. It is needless to say that an average Hindu family would want to maintain the harmony there. Continue reading

10 things you didn’t know about packing fragile items

When it comes to packing, the ones that rob you of your sleep are the fragile items. A small mistake and crash! There goes your favorite vase. You have tried everything to keep the stuff safe and secure. Yet it breaks. Wait and think. You might be packing it wrong. Packing fragile items require good techniques along with quality packing materials like foam, wrapping paper, bubble wraps etc.

Proper packing of fragile items while moving is essential. There is no option but to pack all of your fragile items very carefully and using right packing techniques. In this post, I am trying to give you a very good overview what might be wrong with the packing of fragile items. if applied properly, these packing tips could help you protect your precious china bowls and plates along with other appliances and materials. Continue reading

Compilation of 75 Moving Tips for Home Shifting in India

Home Shifting, office relocation, car transportation or storage services; relocation is never easy. Even if you find a mover, you have to involve yourself and supervise the process yourself. From deciding whether you want to move of your own or you want to hire a packers and movers company; how to find a mover and how to relocate your goods affordably; there is a lot to handle.

Check out these moving tips to get started with home shifting, car transportation, storage or office shifting requirements.

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How to get ISO Certified in India: ISO Certification Process

Getting your organization ISO certified is not all that complicated. ISO Certification in India is done through ISO consultants who work under different ISO certification bodies. So First of all you should find an ISO consultant who offer ISO Certification consultancy in India. Getting your company certified to the ISO quality standard begins with the selection of certification that you want implemented. There are various types of ISO certification series and each of them addresses different issues. ISO 9001 is one of the most widely used ISO certificate because it addresses Quality Standards issues in general and it can be implemented in any type of organization that want to increase the efficiency and effectiveness in its day to day operation and delivery of products and services. Continue reading