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How to do Wedding Planning without hiring a Wedding Planner

Wedding is just an awesome occasion that stays with you for your life. Everything must be done and planed carefully to make a it a memorable wedding event for you, your family and friends. Like any other events, Wedding planning must be done very carefully (especially, when you are not hiring a professional wedding planner) to ensure everything get executed just perfectly. I am going to share a few tips to help you in wedding planning. Continue reading

How to Plan and Organize a Memorable Wedding

Are you wondering how to organize your big day? I am going to share some tips that will help you through the entire process of wedding planning. Organizing a memorable wedding require lots of planning and effort. After all you marry once in your life. Lets take a look and prepare a list to do for your wedding. These tips will be really handy if you are doing it all yourself.

Where and when to Start
No matter how much time you have, you must start planning as days are going to pas soon and by the time you realize there are lots of things to do, it might be too late. So start planning the moment date is fixed for the wedding and reception.

Start with Bookings
There are so many things to be booked and fixed and the first of all you should book a marriage hall or a suitable venue for wedding and marriage reception party. Choosing a venue depends on several things but in any case, search and book a suitable venue where marriage will take place. You also need to fix venue so that you can go for invitation card printing and invitation.

Once the venue for marriage and party is fixed, the next step is to choose the invitation card and get it printed. Mention time, contact numbers and detailed address with landmark and driving direction to the venue so people can reach there easily. Wedding Invitation must go well in advance so that your relatives and friends can do required booking and schedule their travel.


Catering and Decoration
Next important thing is to find and book a caterer. You can google and find a few caterers and discuss with them the menu, pricing etc Similarly you have to find and book a decorator who can decorate the venue.

Booking Vehicles
Book your wedding cars or horse as per your taste. You should also book vehicles to ensure smooth transportation for your guests and family members. You should also hire a florist to decorate your wedding car.

I hope these DIY tips will help you plan your wedding well. You may also hire professional Wedding Planners or Wedding Coordinators to help you organize your marriage and reception. Wish you a happy Wedding.

Getting married this winter? Know how to hire a wedding planner

You want your wedding to be memorable, right? Well wedding is really a very special day and every couple wants to make it memorable. But like every special event, if not arranged well, it could turnout to be a nightmare. There are hundred of small tasks involved and each of these tasks must be handled properly to make your wedding a grand event. Right from searching the venue to arranging the logistics, arranging flowers to printing the wedding invitation cards, each tasks need to be done just perfectly.

But since wedding happens just once in your life, you may hire professional wedding planners and wedding coordinators who will be doing all types of arrangements from finding wedding venues to hiring caterers. Wedding planners are professionally trained and experienced people who can take care of all types of planning an execution. Remember it’s your first wedding, but they have arranged weddings for hundreds of their customers, so you can rely on them.

How to hire a Wedding Planner?
There are hundred of business directories where you can search for wedding planners and find contact numbers etc to initiate the discussion. If you are in India, you may like to visit to compare and hire best wedding planners instantly.

How much does it Cost?
Usually wedding planners work as per your budget or you can request for a custom wedding package.  You can hire wedding planners even if you have low budget. I have seen people hiring wedding planers with as low as Rs.300000.00

Often people think, hiring a wedding planner may cost a lot, but the fact is, since they know all types of vendors and suppliers involve, they can get better deal for almost everything which you cannot get.

What Services do a wedding Planner offer?
The purpose of hiring a wedding planer is to outsource all of the tasks that involve in arranging a wedding. Wedding planner will take care of everything, from designing your invitation card to booking the venue, hiring bridal makeup technicians to arranging your honeymoon. So all that you and your family members will be doing is enjoy and celebrate.

All set to hire a wedding planner, what now?
Wait before you jump-of and hire a wedding planner, make sure you have listed out your own plan. Make a detailed list of what kind of arrangements you want, what kind of budget you have before approaching a wedding planner. Having your own plan helps wedding planners suggest you the best as per your budget. Don’t get carried and stick your own budget :)

Once you are done with your plan, talk to a couple wedding planner and hire the one you like the most.

Wedding Planning Tips to arrange your wedding without hiring Wedding Planners

Your wedding is a moment of your lifetime and I am sure you would like to make it as grand and flawless as possible. It’s a memory that is going to stay with you for long. If you hire a professional wedding planner or wedding organizers, then chances are it will be flawless and grand. But if you are not involving a wedding planner and planning to organize it yourself, then there are certain tips and trick that can help you make it grand and flawless.

  • Identify some one from your family members who are matured enough and who can be responsible to supervise the arrangements. The person supervising, must be politically correct kind of guy to handle all kind of guests and other peoples
  • Create a good checklist of all the things that need to be done and make sure to cross check and keep ticking each time a particular task is complete. For example ordering flowers, signing contract for catering, booking the venue, hiring the vehicles etc
  • Once the overall list is prepared go to the deeper level. For example deciding the menu for the party with the caterer, Deciding on decorations, what kind of lights are to be placed at which part of the tent or the hall etc and keep ticking again once done
  • Keep yourself prepared for everything and double-check all your tasks. Assign different individuals different task as per their ability, experiences and preferences.
  • Something may go wrong at some point, a vendor might not deliver items on time or caterer could not turn up on time, so keep following and prepare yourself as how to handle that situation.

As you must have understood by now, doing it all without hiring a professional wedding planner could not be that easy, but its not impossible either. In case your budget is not allowing you to hire a wedding planner, then you may try connecting with a few wedding planners and get their thoughts and ideas. Wedding planners and even organizers are professional people and they can take care of everything as you are doing according to your budget. They can do your event as per your budget, so it just may be a myth that hiring a professional wedding planner costs a lot.

How to find a Wedding Planner

The wedding is a lifetime moment filled with lots of emotions, excitements, dreams, hopes and worries. Wedding planning could turnout to be a tedious and stressful thing to handle for you and your family because it involves lots of small tasks that must be handled carefully and perfectly. But having a professional Wedding Planner involved to organize and co-ordinates this joyful wedding events can eliminate that stress for you and your family.

Wedding Planners are professional people (companies) who work with you closely and take care of all the arrangements that are required to make your wedding a grand success and memorable moment of your lifetime for you and your family.

Finding that perfect wedding planner can be difficult at times, as you must do some research to make sure that their team is professional, they have some satisfied customers, they have handled the marriage of the level you are planning to and so on. Below are some tips on finding and hiring that professionals wedding planner who can make your wedding a memorable event for rest of your life.

  • Start looking for referrals from your friends and family, or search wedding planners on google or other search websites
  • Once you have some contact numbers, cal them and fix an appointment
  • Communicate your vision to the wedding planners and explain them well about the kind of guests who will be attending, explain them about your budget etc. The more you communicate; the better hey will be able to understand.
  • Ask for their input and advice on how to improve the overall event
  • Ask for some referral of heir past clients, to ensure they have some satisfied customers and they worth hiring.
  • Finally discuss the costs and other terms and conditions

Once you communicate to a couple of Wedding Planners, you will be able to understand which one of hem is offering you a better deal, who are more professional and who you should hire. If you are in India and looking for a wedding planner you may check out a community of human verified Local Service professionals in India. Once you post your service request, you will get connected to three local wedding planners with who you can communicate and hire one.

Remember, it’s a life time moment and it must be memorable. So the wedding planner that you are planning to hire must be able to understand your vision and expectations and must be able to handle all types of guests and situations that may arise.