Home Shifting Checklist for Packing and Moving within India

Relocating is almost unavoidable today and no matter how professional and efficient Packers and Movers agency you hire, there are lots of things to do. There are several things that you have to plan, schedule and track. Right from finalizing the final date for packing and moving, you ought to find movers and packers companies, arrange insurance, update your address, and take care of lots of other smaller tasks. Having a home shifting checklist will help you keep track of each of these tasks as you finish them.

Just to make sure, you don’t miss anything; We’ve created this home shifting checklist to help you. track everything and relocate your house effortlessly. Free to add or remove anything you think is to be done.

Find a Packing and Moving Agency

First thing first, search professional and efficient packing and moving agency who can help you pack and move your goods. You may use ServiceSutra.com to compare and hire rates and offers from multiple packing and moving companies in just one click. Comparing rates and offers from movers will help you understand the average costs and the process of relocation.

Pets and Animals

Do you have pets? Are you planning to take them with you? if yes, then you have to do special arrangement to take it with you. Most of the moving companies don’t take pets so talk to them in advance

Furniture and other old items

Do you want to move all your furniture’s with you? Is there any old furniture that you don’t want to carry? Make a list of old goods e.g. furniture or old electronic appliances that you don’t want to take with you. You may sell it on classified websites (Quikr or ClickIndia) or donate it to an NGO

Plants and other such goods

Are you taking plants with you? If not then are you going to give it to some one you know? You may donate such items to NGOs

Subscriptions and Payments

Have you closed or changed the subscription for the magazines and periodicals? Usually it takes time. Make sure to update the handle all your subscriptions, few may require transfer, like your bank accounts, credit card details etc, few may be closed like your local news paper or something that is not available at the city you are moving. Get your address updated or subscription closed. Let your newspaper Vendor know from when you won’t be taking them and make sure to pay them their dues before you leave.

Local Supplies

Intimate your local vendors like the Milkman, make payment and let him know when you will be shifting. Make payment for electricity, phone, local suppliers like the grocery store etc. No matter how small the amount is, it may just go out of your mind and in that case it does not look good.

Update Your Offline Social Network

Today we are connected on facebook, twitter and google Plus, but our offline social circle is equally important. Let them know you are shifting, give them your new contact details if you have or make a list of people you need to share your new contact details with.

Cleaning Your Old and New Home

You must arrange to get your old home clean specially if it’s a rented flat or apartment. As you leave some one else may be staying in it so get it cleaned. Also ensure your new home in the other city is clean and ready to be possessed.

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