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When you purchase an apartment, or an office space, you know your work does not end there. You wish to deck up your space with lots of hope, a hope to make it look beautiful, a hope to make it feel special for everyone, a hope that you will get accolades for your investment. But the white walls and the wooden window panes cannot give you what you wish for. When you build up an image of a marvelous place in your imagination, you also plan to make it your reality. But when you make up your mind to execute the plan according to your imagination, you find yourself in a place of utter confusion. "How will I decorate my place like that? From where will I get that hue of paint for my walls? What furniture will I buy? Will it at all look good if I just place some newly purchased furniture and appliances?" These questions will haunt you, as your wish is to hear" Wow such an awesome place you have got there" form your friends and relatives. This is where the interior designers come in. You will always need expert for doing your job perfectly, so here comes the interior designers. They are specialists in their field, and they will help you to fulfill your dreams.

There are premium and budget interior designers in Bangalore who offer interior decorating services to design both residential and commercial space. Some of them are famous and expensive and others are budget service providers. Famous interior designers in Bangalore would only work on high end interior designing projects like bigger villas and commercial space; however the budget interior designing companies offer cheap and best services and are suitable for mostly residential apartments, flats and small offices.

Rates and charges of interior designing services usually vary, based on the experience and quality of the agency, and also other factors like usage of branded raw materials like plywood, electrical fittings, paint and similar elements. And that is where the confusion and complications begin. There are over a hundred interior designing companies in Bangalore and it is impossible for you to knock door to door in order to hire the best interior designing company.

But irrespective of whether you are looking for a famous interior designer in Bangalore to design and furnish a high end apartment, or whether you are looking for reasonably priced and best interior decorator to furnish a standard 2 or 3 BHK flat with a moderate budget, you can use ServiceSutra to get free estimates from both premium and budget interior designers in Bangalore. It will be much easier for you to decide when you have quotations and estimates to compare from different agencies. Not only, it helps you choose the best interior contractor, but it eliminates any guess work and saves your time and money.

Just tell us briefly about your interior designing requirements and we will connect you to the best interior designers who are available to work as per your budget. They will contact you within minutes to discuss and understand your needs and submit their quotations. You can evaluate their offers and choose a service provider according to your need and convenience.

FAQ on Hiring Interior Designers in Bangalore

Having served over 65000 users, we have a very good understanding of how it all works. We are well connected to our users and answer their queries via live chat and emails. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on hiring interior designers and decorators in Bangalore.

How much does it usually cost for interior designing in Bangalore?
As we have already discussed, overall cost to furnish a flat depend on specific requirements and budget. Interior designers can help you plan your expenses in such a way that you will get most amazing space, staying within your budget limit.

How long does it take to complete decorating a standard 3 BHK flat??
Overall time to complete a 3 BHK interior project will depend on the scope of the work, but usually 6 to 9 weeks should be good enough for standard works (furniture, false ceiling, and basic civil layouts, plumbing and painting job)

Do the interior designers help in painting the house?
Most of the interior designers in Bangalore would prefer turnkey basis project assignment and it includes everything subject to your requirements e.g. overall decoration, false ceiling, cabinets, racks, modular kitchen, painting, curtains etc.

Can I use ServiceSutra to request quotes for interior designing outside of Bangalore?
ServiceSutra is primarily available in and around Bangalore in Karnataka. But we have a few interior designers on board who undertake projects outside of Bangalore like in Mysore and other cities in the vicinity.

Who will source materials for interior designing and furnishing?
Interior designers prefer turnkey basis projects and that is in fact better because they have their own preferred vendors and they can source as per the requirements. In most of the cases, it's including materials, but you, may procure on your own. Another advantage is when you run out of a particular shade of a laminate; the interior designer can search around and use their contacts to find it for you.

Can I hire interior designers only for design consultations?
Yes. Interior designers can offer design consultation and if you like the design you can contract them the work to finish off the complete project. Usually it's better to work with them because they have the experienced team who can understand the concept better than the normal carpenter guy.

As you know, there is no standard rule to have a budget, you may spend as much as you like, but 10% to 15% of overall flat value is what you should spend in decorating and furnishing the space.

The above mentioned questions are frequently asked by the users while they plan to furnish their space. But if you have any queries you can surely contact ServiceSutra by just one click. The ServiceSutra team will help you to get free quotes, and thus you will get the best deals and offers. We will be happy to help you more than ever!

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