6 Tips to Pack Crockery to Move it Safely Without Damaging

Planning to move but wondering how to pack crockery items to move it easily without damaging? There are several ways that will help you to sought out the packing process of crockery, for relocating them very safely. Packing crockery before relocating to a new place require a lot of attention, or else it would get damaged easily during the move. You have to ensure you are using right packing materials and following right techniques to pack crockery items and this is what I am going to talk about in this post. Continue reading 6 Tips to Pack Crockery to Move it Safely Without Damaging

How to Save Money when Hiring Packers and Movers in India

Wondering about costs and charges for hiring packers and movers for home shifting in India? Let me tell you hiring packers and movers won’t cost lots of money when you know how to hire one using right techniques. Usually we assume that movers and packers have a standard pricing structure and no matter which mover you hire, you will get same kind of rates. But that’s not how it works. Continue reading How to Save Money when Hiring Packers and Movers in India

How to do domestic shifting in budget – packing moving tips

No matter if you are relocating within your city or to a different state, relocation has its own complexities. But, if you plan it well and schedule everything properly, your relocation experience could get better and smooth. Here are few tips that will help you shift domestically, that to without creating any burden on your budget.

Domestic shifting and relocationStart by creating a list of all the items you want to pack and move. Everything depends on the inventory of the items. Unless you know the inventory that is to be packed and moved, its going to be hard for you to get an estimate. So, create a list of your household goods, which includes large items first, followed by small items. This list will help you when you’ll be taking the estimates from movers and packers company.

Now contact a few packers and movers, who can help you in relocation. Get an idea of the costs involved, and the time required for packing and moving. (You may request free quotes estimates from 3 Packers and Movers in India by posting your requirements here.)

Most of the time, moving companies negotiate on their labour charges, warehousing facilities and many other services like unpacking or re-arranging. So, negotiate with them well to get better rates.

Once you have hired a mover, your relocation is going to be very easy. Beneath are a few more tips that you may like to use.

  • Make sure to get update your new address in certain places such as the bank, LPG provider, electricity provider, telephone provider and etc.
  • Pack all your important documents in a separate bag and carry it with yourself. Make sure that you pack even the tiniest of documents very carefully.
  • Pack all the important things carefully. Important things include driving license, passports, cash, jewelleries and other precious things. Pack them and keep them near, or with you.
  • Stop subscription that you avail currently because, you will be going to a different place so you wouldn’t require them any more.
  • Ones your home is empty and every good is packed and loaded in the truck, go and check the rooms once again. See if there’s anything left or not.

Over to you

Before you relocate, always pre-plan the entire process well, and then relocate smoothly. If you know any other tips and tricks to relocate without any hassle, then share with us in the comment box below.

Avoid these Mistakes to Save Money on Packing and Moving

Who would not like to save money when one can especially when relocating? Packing and moving to a new place in same or different city could cost you lots of money. You will be spending money in relocating, renting out a new house, basic décor, cleaning, pest control etc. You will be starting all over again and that definitely costs money.

If you are planning to relocate and wondering if you could save money on packing and moving then this post is for you. I am going to share some tips based on my personal experience to help you avoid mistakes and save money on packing and moving.
Continue reading Avoid these Mistakes to Save Money on Packing and Moving

How to Pack and Move Household Goods of Your Own

Are you planning to pack and move household goods of your own instead of hiring a movers and packers agency to help you relocate? For most of us, packing and moving is quite a daunting task, especially when you have heaps of goods which are a mixture of both useful, and useless ones.  There’s not a single room which has every stuff that’s perfectly alright and useful. So, can you just imagine the amount of materials that has to be packed and moved? Are you confused where to start from, and where to end? Don’t worry! Here are some valuable tips, that will help you get started with the packing part, and will also help you to move your goods gently. Continue reading How to Pack and Move Household Goods of Your Own

How to do Home Shifting and Relocation in India

Home shifting and relocation in India involves lots of small tasks which are quite hectic too. Since you are going to shift your home, you have to make sure that you are not leaving anything that is important behind.

In order to make sure that you only pack and move stuff that you will be using in your new home, you should create a packing list for home shifting. A Packing list for home shifting is basically a document, where you will mention each and every details about what you will pack and move, and what you will not. This document will guide you, and will also ensure you a hassle free packing and relocation. Continue reading How to do Home Shifting and Relocation in India

How to do packing for hassle free moving and shifting in India

Packing and moving is a common phenomena, you can neither ignore it, nor embrace it at ease. Yes, its tough to relocate to a new home, but it isn’t impossible to make it a bit hassle free. All you need to do is keep calm, and plan it on! Just plan properly before you pack and move to a new destination/home.

Among everything else, how to do packing is probably one of the most important questions you can ask when shifting and relocating your goods. How to do packing with the kind of packing materials you have and ensure it can be transported safely without damaging anything is really important.

It’s common for us to do packing of some of the items like kitchen utensil etc of our own and claim that we have done the packing of most common items and there are not much items. We hope we make such claims, movers will quote us a little us. May be true to some extent, but don’t forget that packing that you have done is not of any standard (most likely) and you will be responsible for any damage if happens.

Ask yourself several times if you have packed it right, most likely movers will take your words for it, but that’s not that right way to do it. If you want to pack yourself to save the costs, then rather learn how to do packing and then do it like a professional.

In this post I am going to share some amazing tips that should answer your query about how to do packing like a professional movers does and shift your household goods without any hassle.
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DIY Packing and Moving Tips for Hassle free Relocation

Home shifting is a very complicated activity, especially when you have dropped the idea of hiring a professional packing and moving agency. But if you have decided to do it all by yourself instead of hiring a packer-mover service, then you have to be prepared to brace loads of hassles and other complicated issues such as, lack in coordination with the transporter, insurance agency, inconvenience in arranging packing materials and what not. Continue reading DIY Packing and Moving Tips for Hassle free Relocation

Packing and Moving a House: Here’s how to get it right

Packing and moving a house to a new city require lots of planning and efforts. Without prior planning, the successful execution task will be next ti impossible. Be it local shifting or domestic shifting, you must treat the relocation as a damn big project, and you must apply strategies to complete it. You may sit down with pen and paper and list the procedures how you want to proceed.  Continue reading Packing and Moving a House: Here’s how to get it right