Costs of House Shifting Services in India: Here’s how to calculate and keep it low

Are you planning to book a packing and shifting services? Wondering how much it would cost? I remember, when I was shifting my house for the first time, I was quite concerned about the costs of house shifting services because, I was supposed to pay the pending bills before relocating. Therefore, i always tried and wanted to keep the costs of house shifting as low as possible. I interacted with many movers and packers agencies, and what i understood in the end was that, its a very complicated process to find the accurate costs of house shifting services in India. Continue reading Costs of House Shifting Services in India: Here’s how to calculate and keep it low

Furniture Movers in India for household furniture shifting

Looking to move old and classic wooden furniture along with newly purchased sofa set but not sure how to wrap and move it safely? There are specialist furniture movers in India who can help you. Furniture movers in India can help you with end to send moving services that includes disassembling, wrapping, packing and transporting. Continue reading Furniture Movers in India for household furniture shifting

Quick and Simple Home Shifting Tips for effortless home shifting

Moving a house with all of your household goods require proper planning. There is no doubt about the fact that it’s a complicated process, where you need to do too many things in order to ensure that all your goods are safe and secured. And if you lack planning, many hazardous situations may arise which can increase your tensions too. A tiny error in the plan can result in big losses, and damages to your precious goods. Therefore, you need to relax, take deep breaths and start planning for the shifting when you have ample amount of time in hand. The more delay you do, the more it’ll result in panic and hotchpotch.

Quick and Simple Home Shifting TipsFor those who are confused and can’t plan well, here are a few easy and quick home shifting tips that anyone can follow, in order to move a house effortlessly:

  1. First think wisely and question yourself, do you really need to hire a mover to move your house? Or do you want to do it yourself? The answer of this question completely depends on the volume of your goods.
  2. If you have decided to hire a movers and packers company, then before searching the contacts in directories or the internet, get some recommendations from your friends , colleagues and other family members if they have an experience of hiring such a service.
  3. Talk to few movers and packers companies, atleast three to four of them and get quotations.
  4. Invite or request the movers to come over to your home, in order to see and scrutinize all the goods that you want to shift.
  5. Get quotations, and then compare and evaluate all the movers and their offers.
  6. Hire a mover and schedule everything with the mover according to your convenience and get started.
  7. If you have decided to move on your own by doing every task yourself, then make a list of all the packing materials that are required.
  8. After buying the necessary packing materials, start packing all the goods one by one and room wise.
  9. Once the packing is over, hire a truck service and some labours along with it who can help in loading and unloading heavy goods, furniture, and appliances.
  10. Get everything transported.

When you are moving or shifting to a new house, your task is not only to shift all the goods, but there are plenty of other small tasks as well that are to be done, which are often forgotten by everyone. So, here are some tiny tasks that you must do along with packing all the stuffs before relocating:

  1. Whether you have decided to hire a movers and packers company, or you are doing it yourself, make sure to buy adequate amount of insurance for your goods before moving to a new house in the same city or a new one.
  2. If you are doing everything yourself, don’t rush. Plan everything well before starting the packing task, and pack one room at a time so that you can do it easily without any hassle.
  3. Even if the packers and movers are packing and shifting your goods, try supervising their activities yourself.
  4. Pay all of your pending bills to local services, and stop all the local subscriptions such as newspaper, milkman, gardener and etc.
  5. Let your neighbors and relatives know that you are moving to a new place.
  6. Start changing your address, and redirect subscriptions if any.
  7. Find a good school for your kids in the city, where you are about to move.
  8. Arrange accommodation in the new home before moving in, and take keys if possible so that you can move as per your convenience.
  9. Make sure to get your house cleaned properly (both current home and new home)
  10. Handover the keys of the current home to the owner, or the care-taker if you were dwelling till date in a rented flat/house.

Over to you

Hope these home shifting tips will help you to relocate without any hassle to your new home. Just follow the mentioned tips step by step, and you’ll see that your packing and moving task has been done at ease. If you want to hire a packer and mover service to pack and shift smoothly, then you can request for quotes in our site. Do you have any other tips to share? Then share it with everyone in the comment box below.


5 Home Shifting Mistakes that Could Cost You Dearly

Home shifting is not an easy task, if you don’t plan things rightly. A wrong plan will not just destroy your goods by make you financially weak, but might also cause a physical hazard, followed by immense mental stress. But you can plan such a complicated task when you have time in your hands, and are willing to learn some useful tips and tricks to get it right. Just a little bit of planning and proper supervision will help you successfully deal with the packing and moving process. Depending on the distance you need to travel, the number of goods, and the availability of time and resources, you can decide whether you want to hire a packers and movers for relocating to your new home, or you can handle it yourself.

Whether a packer and mover company is handling your home shifting needs, or you are doing it yourself, always be alert and avoid some of the common home shifting mistakes that can land you in a messed up situation. A tiny mistake can also prove to be deadly. Wondering what to do for shifting effortlessly? Well, there are many ways to pack and shift effortlessly.

Home shifting mistakes worth avoiding


But in this post, we’ll be discussing about the five major mistakes that you should avoid during home shifting.
home shifting mistakes you should not make

1. Not planning early

While shifting your home, try to keep ample amount of time in hand for planning things out. When you are in a hurry, you will not be able look after each and everything carefully. That’s why, its best to utilize the free time in planning before relocation. When you have time in hand, you can plan everything well and move in the right direction step by step. Pre-planning will help you plan well, and if you want to hire a professional packer and mover service, then you’ll be able to compare and hire one.

2. Not using good packing material

You cannot afford to pack your household goods and appliances using low graded packing materials, isn’t it? Good quality packing materials are needed in order to protect your goods from damages during loading, unloading and the entire travel process. If you are not good at packing and moving, always hire a packer and mover service then. And even if you are using old boxes, make sure those aren’t damp, broken, torn or damaged.

3. Mixing and matching

Packing is one of the most important processes of home shifting, which has to be done very properly. Packers and movers companies can handle this part well, but if you are packing your goods yourself, then check this blog on how to pack and move like a professional.

Ideally, you should pack similar items altogether, instead of mixing them up. For example, it’s okay to pack all your crockery in one single box using good quality packing paper, or bubble-wraps. But packing steel utensils along with DVD and CDs, that too in one box doesn’t make any sense. Hence, pack your goods in such a way that it reaches the destination smoothly, without any damage.

4. Not engaging with reliable movers

Depending on the volume of all household goods and the distance that needs to be traveled, you can decide about hiring a movers and packers company to pack and move your goods. And if you have less loads, then do it yourself. But, if you have decided to hire a packer and mover, then make sure to find the one that’s reliable and most efficient in your city. It’ll be best if you discuss your requirements with at least three or four companies, and then shortlist anyone of them based on their expertise, rates, charges and other important factors. Comparing three-four packers and movers gives you the freedom to choose the best, and the power to negotiate as well. So, don’t commit a mistake by hiring someone blindly without comparing.

5. Ignoring insurance

You never know, while shifting to your new home something worse may happen, that can cause severe damages to your goods. There are certain things that can’t be under controlled, that’s why, opting for an insurance before relocation would be wise. Insurance is a must especially during shifting your home domestically, or for car transportation. Always buy adequate insurance before moving your goods. If you have hired a movers and packers company, then they can help you buy insurance. But, if you are doing it yourself, then you can directly buy insurance from an insurance company.

Over to you

Home shifting can be done quite effortlessly, if you plan it well. Look around and make a list of all the goods, that has to be packed and moved. Once you have this list, you can take a decision of either doing it yourself, or to hire a professional movers and packers company that can help you out. Once decided, take it easy and schedule everything in such a way that, you get time to manage and supervise everything in the right manner. Do you have any other tips to share? Then please share it with us in the box below.

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Guide to Pack and Move a House within Budget in India

Packers and movers companies can help you pack and move all your household goods with care and at ease, by charging an amount based on many factors that will govern the packing and the moving process. But, if you don’t hire a packer and mover company to help you pack and move, and have decided to do all the essential and vital things on your own, then what you need to do is plan things properly. Planning is extremely essential, or else you might end up messing everything. Continue reading Guide to Pack and Move a House within Budget in India

Step-by-Step Guide for Packing and Moving to a New House

Packing and moving all your household goods and appliances would be a very complicated process, unless you plan it right. If you plan really well and list down the plans, and then follow the enlisted plans, it will reduce your stress a lot. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut while packing and moving your goods for a relocation. But, if you have time in hands and you have already started preparing a plan for shifting, then it can be a lot easier for you to relocate that too without increasing stress.

Packing and moving assignment is very unique, and its circumstances may vary from person to person, place to place, goods to goods, or even from companies to companies. So, you need to identify your needs or requirements, and accordingly plan for a safe and hassle-free home relocation. We have published lots of checklists and articles on home shifting in the past, but this post will help you understand everything that you’ll need to know about pre-relocating and post-relocating to a new home.

Packing and moving to a new house

Planning and Preparation

There are so many things to look at while you are planning to relocate to a new home in the same city, or a new one. Right from preparing your inventory list to procuring packing materials, from finding packers and movers services to scheduling everything else, all these tasks will drain your physical strength and will gift you mental pressure.

The tasks such as packing, loading, transporting, unloading and etc might sound really simple, but they are really tough to do. If you want to ensure that your goods get packed and moved to your new home safely, then start planning right now! Don’t leave any space for future planning. Plan everything well and create a tentative schedule so that you can plan for the rest of the process.

If you already know when you’ll have to move, then it’s going to be easier for you to schedule other tasks accordingly. Once that is in place, you can start preparing a list of household goods that you want to move and once that list is in front of you, you will be in a position to decide whether you want to move everything yourself, or you want to hire a packers and movers.

Arrange Essential Packing Materials

If you don’t want to hire a packing service in order to save some money, then you’ll have to do it on your own. Doing it yourself wouldn’t be a tough job, only if you know the right ways of packing goods, and you have all the necessary packing materials. Things that you’ll usually need for packing your goods are:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Broad cello-tapes
  • Bubble wraps
  • Plastic Wraps
  • Card board Sheets
  • Old newspapers

If you can manage to pack some of the goods yourself, then obviously you can save more. But packing fragile and other valuable goods yourself, wouldn’t be a good idea. In such cases, it would be wise if you hire a packers and mover company, because they have proper tools, materials and experts who can pack your things efficiently, and ensure safety. For example- Things like television and other glassware that require special attention should be packed by professional movers.

Find Movers and Packers

If you have too many goods to shift, then it’ll be better if you involve a packers and movers company which is reliable, has proper equipment and resources to handle the entire packing and shifting process. If you can find a good mover, then a lot of hassles would flush away. A reliable movers and packers company can make a lot of difference. Are you wondering how to hire one that fits your budget? Then here’s a very good post about ‘how to find movers to relocate within budget‘.

Already there are too many movers and packers companies in the market, and the best way to hire one is by considering the recommendations from your friends or a colleague. If a friend suggests you a service provider, you would be a bit relief and would trust him/her isn’t it? Same goes with any relatives. So, ask someone who has experience of hiring a packer-mover service. Otherwise, you can use servicesutra to request free moving quotations from leading moving companies near you for free now. When you have those quotations, you can compare and choose a moving company  that fits your relocation requirements.

Time for real action – packing and moving

Depending on whether you have hired a mover to help you relocate, or you are planning to do it yourself, it’s now time to take the real action. If you have hired a mover and packer company, then they will pack everything for you. But, if you are packing it yourself, then here are a few tips that you might follow.

First of all, get a lot of good quality packing materials and supplies that you essential need to pack your household items securely. The packing supplies are easily available in the market, and you can source from there. or else, you can actually manage to get some free moving boxes from the grocery store or other departmental stores.

  • While packing your stuffs, make sure to use loads of soft or cushioning materials such as bubble wraps, thermocols and plastic sheets.
  • Pay a lot of attention while packing glass wares or kitchen utensils, or any other fragile items. Make sure there is no gaps inside the boxes. You may use bubble wrap and scrambled papers to fill the gaps.
  • When you are packing glassware, you can pack them up in multiple layers.  Just ensure to use lots of packing papers and sheets to create the base, to fill the empty sides and even the top.
  • Never pack lots of stuff in one box, or else it will be too heavy to handle and may also break or crack beneath.
  • Seal each and every boxes with good quality packing tapes, and label it properly so that you know what’s inside. This will help you in handling them with care if needed.

Whether you are packing it yourself, or a movers and packers service is doing it for you, make sure to pack an essential survival box that has all sorts of essential items like toilet soaps, first aid box, and etc. Similarly, pack a box with some snack and other food items. If you are moving with a baby, then ensure to keep baby’s food in the essential box. Having these essential goods packed separately in a couple of boxes, so that it can help you in when needed.

Transit Insurance

Whether you have hired a packer and mover or doing it yourself, making an insurance is mandatory because, it can act as a life saver during certain situations. You never know due to a human error, or for other reasons something may get damaged. That is when you might need an insurance for your goods. Packers and movers companies can give you insurance for your goods, but you’ll still have to double check whether your goods are insured against any transit damage or not. You’ll also have to understand the terms and condition of the insurance. If your mover is helping you, then make sure to ask him about the process of settlements. Ask them clearly if they will be helping you, or you’ll have to do it yourself. These are small things, but you should know it.

Post move: unpacking and re-arranging

There are so many things to do after moving to a new house, including unpacking and re-arranging household items. After your goods have been delivered to your new house, its time to unpack all the stuffs. This is probably the easiest part of your entire move, but if you don’t plan it well, you may end up creating a mess.

Few important things that you should do after moving to a new home is to find the main switches, to ensure that water is running through the taps, to arrange drinking water and cooking gas. And do keep a first aid box nearby.

Before you start unpacking your items, clean your new home thoroughly. Once you are done with cleaning, start unpacking your goods room wise, and place items at their suitable places. There is no hard and fast rule for unpacking, so feel free to unpack as per your requirements.

Over to you

Early planning can give you lots of edge. When you have time in hand, you can discuss your requirements with multiple movers and even take tentative estimates for door-to-door packing and shifting services. When you have multiple options, you can compare them all and even negotiate and then take your final decision about hiring a mover. So, always plan before you pack and move. If you have any more suggestions for us, then mention it in the comment box below. 🙂

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Household Furniture Shifting in India: Here’s how to get it right

Household furniture shifting in India is way more complicated because neither you can do it yourself nor you can find a mover who can help you furniture shifting especially when you just have a couple of sofa set or cupboard to relocate. Packing and shifting of entire household goods along with home appliances and furniture is a different thing. But finding a mover to shift a just a couple of furniture is difficult because usually no mover would easily wish to handle single furniture item. Some time it’s not feasible for them to shift just one cupboard because of the costs involved. Continue reading Household Furniture Shifting in India: Here’s how to get it right

5 Tips to Save Money When Moving to a New Home

Buying a new house will definitely delight you, and you’ll be more delighted when you finally get the keys in hand. But, are these moments more special than finally shifting into the new house? No, right? So, after getting the keys, its time to do some tough physical work, that is, ‘Packing and moving’. Packing and moving to a new home is not an easy task at all. It will squeeze your energy, strength and will also be quite heavy for your pocket. But, if you have ample amount of bucks in hand, then you can hire a packer and mover service from you locality. Be rest assured, they’ll smoothly transport all your goods to your new home.

However, if you are willing to do the packing and moving task yourself, don’t think that it would cost less. It still would be a costly affair. The entire process of moving into a new home may cost a lot, depending on where you are moving to, number of labours required, the mode of transport and the number of materials you’ll need to shift. All in all, its a costly affair, and you have to accept it. But, if you still want to save some money, here are six tips which can help you do so.
Packing and Moving your home

When to move your home, during summer or winter?

Maximum of the time, its not possible for anyone to plan anything before relocating because, the main reason for relocation is usually  job transfers. And in such cases, there are no other options left but to relocate. But still as a suggestion, try avoiding relocating during summer season. In summer, you have to pay more because that’s the peek season when most of the people get appraisal, and are transferred at their job. On the other hand, winter is comparatively better, since there are less demands.

Sort out your inventory

There is no point packing and moving everything you have in your house. Surely there has to be several goods and items, that you haven’t used since ages or you don’t use them, or else they aren’t in a condition to be used. So in such cases, try donating, disposing, or selling those items. Selling would be a wise option among the three because, you would get plenty of  money, and will also be able to use that money in moving to the new home. But, which ever option you choose, try making a list of your inventory.

Make money by selling defective stuff

You can make some extra money by selling  the goods that are unused, unwanted or are not in very good condition. Have a look in and around your home, you’ll find plenty of unwanted items, which can be sold off easily through online seller sites, or a garage sale/auction. After selling and receiving a good amount of money, invest them on packing and shifting the required goods to your new house.

Compare rates from multiple movers

Packing and moving is a complicated process, especially if you are not a frequent mover. So, packing and shifting everything without hiring a mover wouldn’t be very easy. Hence, give it a second though and invest a little on hiring a packer-mover service.

Hire a packer and mover company

If you have decided to hire a packers and movers company to help you out in the packing and moving, then choose them wisely. Do not hire a packer-mover blindly, and try to get in touch with three or four of them. Talk and get an idea about their rates, as well as the process involved in hiring. Based on their quotations, you may further negotiate with them and then take an informed decision. There are always a possibility of negotiation, and you should negotiate well with them before hiring one.  If you negotiate well, you could easily save 15% to 30% of your money while moving to your new home.

Opt out from taking add-on services

If you are hiring a mover then avoid taking full service like unpacking, re-arranging, re-assembling and etc (only if you can do these tasks on your own) Similarly, you may also pack smaller items like books, DVDs and other knick-knacks on your own, to save the packing costs that could have been charged by the Packer-mover company.

Over to you

If you want to save a lot of money while moving to a new home, then the above mentioned five tips are definitely going to help you. Otherwise, you are open to choose a good packer and mover company, which can help you in relocating to your new house in a new city, or even in the current city. If you have any more suggestions, please let us know. We would love to add it in the post, to make it more informative.