Key Elements of Interior Design and Interior Decoration

Interior Designing is basically a process where, a professional Interior Designer utilises his designing to create wonders at your rooms or the entire house. A Professional Interior designer uses several decorating elements like furniture, colours, textures, lightnings, and other things into consideration, while decorate your rooms to make it look gorgeous. Interior Designs can be of two types, Structural and Decorative.

Structural Design
Structural design involves the making of room’s or the space’s layout, to ensure it looks good, and all the space is utilized properly.

Decorative Design
Decorative design is based on the structural layout. This is to ensure the layout, or the structure is being decorated to make it look good. As the name suggest, this process is to decorate your room such as the wall colours, furniture, mouldings and panelling.

Design Elements
There are many design elements that are used in the overall interior design process. Design elements includes the colour of the walls, the curtains, cushion covers, bedsheets and etc. Even the curtain and the bed sheet’s fabric is also considered under the design elements.

Theme and Styles
There are various theme and styles for interior designing. These theme and style will help you to decide how, and what elements should be used in the design. Theme could be like elegant, modern, retro, classic, and etc.

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Interior Designers and Decorators are the professional who have studied the art of Interior Design, and they know what exactly will suit your rooms, and what designs can match your personality. They can use all of the above to decorate your rooms, and turn it into a wonderful palace.

How to do Home Shifting and Relocation in India

Home shifting and relocation in India involves lots of small tasks which are quite hectic too. Since you are going to shift your home, you have to make sure that you are not leaving anything that is important behind.

In order to make sure that you only pack and move stuff that you will be using in your new home, you should create a packing list for home shifting. A Packing list for home shifting is basically a document, where you will mention each and every details about what you will pack and move, and what you will not. This document will guide you, and will also ensure you a hassle free packing and relocation. Continue reading How to do Home Shifting and Relocation in India

How to Grow Your Business in 2012 with ServiceSutra

Are you a Service Provider? Are you willing to offer great quality services to your customers at an affordable price? If your answer is yes, then what do you think is stopping you? Prospects, right? Well ServiceSutra can help you get lots of customer who are looking for services that you offer. Yes you get it right, but in order to get those referrals, you must offer top quality services and go that extra mile to delight the customers that we refer to you. Check out these tips below to understand how you can grow your business.

Join ServiceSutra
Consider joining ServiceSutra. Registration for Service Providers is simple, but your account must be verified and approved by our verification team, before we send your referrals. Our verification team not only verifies the information, but also setup a detailed profile for your business so that potential customers can read and understand your expertise and experience to take a decision.

Communicate Sharply and Promptly
Sharp and prompt communication helps your prospective customer understand you better. Answer them in detail; educate them about all of their queries, advantages and disadvantages etc so they can make a good decision. It also creates a good impression on your prospect. Never avoid their calls or delay in responding. Always speak politely, try to help them and stick to your promises. (Read Why Never Say No to a Customer)

Ask for Feedback
On every project, make sure you ask for the feedback of the customer. If in case there is any small or unavoidable issue, take responsibility, and try to compensate that in best way you can. Always take feedback positively and try to improve your quality of services, communication and anything that is to be improved. Today getting a few new customer is not a big deal given the possibilities of promoting your services on the Internet, but retaining them for repeat orders and referrals is a challenge that you can win by offering great services and customer support.

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Tips for Interior Designing and Decoration of your Home

Interior designing involves lots of planning and creativity. You’ll have to decide so many things, that to all at a time, in order to make you rooms and the house as a totality look beautiful. Right from choosing right colours for the wall, to furniture and their designs, lighting and other decorating elements, you’ll have to choose all of them. If you are planning to decorate your house by yourself, then planning becomes even more important, as everything needs to compliment each other and must be perfect. Let us see a few tips that will help you in Interior decoration of your home.

Decorating Style and Theme
Before you start decorating your rooms, its very vital for you decide the theme or the style in which you are will be decorating your rooms. If you have any style or a theme in mind, things will be quite easier for you then. For example- the theme for your bedroom could be romantic, or floral and for your kids room, it could be bright and based on the cartoon themes such as superheroes (for boys), or Barbies(for girls). So, it is vital to choose a theme according to the rooms, and their utility. Themes could be urban, modern, elegant, classy and etc, depending on your taste, space and the budget.

You may also like to go for mix-and-match themes for your home interiors. You may try mixing a couple of theme, and doing it just the way you like. So, it all depends on you your choice and creativity.

Choosing a Colours Scheme
Colours are a very important part of decorating a room as they can make, or break the entire decoration. So, choosing the right colour for each and every element is very vital for interior designing. There are various colour shades available in the market, sop you can choose any of them. You can also take opinion from an Interior Designer, or your family members.

Other Decorating Elements
Decorative elements like flowerpots, paintings, lights, antiques and etc, are equally important. Without decorative items, any house would look very empty and boring. But, you must make sure that those decorative items should go well with the theme of the room.

Over to you

These tips will definitely help you in planning and decorating your home, but still you should always take opinions and recommendations from your family members, and Local Interior Designers. They may suggest you better decorative ideas. And the interior designers are the bet option because, they know about the latest Interior Designing trends.

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How to do packing for hassle free moving and shifting in India

Packing and moving is a common phenomena, you can neither ignore it, nor embrace it at ease. Yes, its tough to relocate to a new home, but it isn’t impossible to make it a bit hassle free. All you need to do is keep calm, and plan it on! Just plan properly before you pack and move to a new destination/home.

Among everything else, how to do packing is probably one of the most important questions you can ask when shifting and relocating your goods. How to do packing with the kind of packing materials you have and ensure it can be transported safely without damaging anything is really important.

It’s common for us to do packing of some of the items like kitchen utensil etc of our own and claim that we have done the packing of most common items and there are not much items. We hope we make such claims, movers will quote us a little us. May be true to some extent, but don’t forget that packing that you have done is not of any standard (most likely) and you will be responsible for any damage if happens.

Ask yourself several times if you have packed it right, most likely movers will take your words for it, but that’s not that right way to do it. If you want to pack yourself to save the costs, then rather learn how to do packing and then do it like a professional.

In this post I am going to share some amazing tips that should answer your query about how to do packing like a professional movers does and shift your household goods without any hassle.
Continue reading How to do packing for hassle free moving and shifting in India

DIY Packing and Moving Tips for Hassle free Relocation

Home shifting is a very complicated activity, especially when you have dropped the idea of hiring a professional packing and moving agency. But if you have decided to do it all by yourself instead of hiring a packer-mover service, then you have to be prepared to brace loads of hassles and other complicated issues such as, lack in coordination with the transporter, insurance agency, inconvenience in arranging packing materials and what not. Continue reading DIY Packing and Moving Tips for Hassle free Relocation

Interior Designing for Kitchen: How to do it right

Kitchen is the busiest room among all the others in every house, and is loved by almost all the women or home-makers. The women love this area since they have to do loads of task here whole day. And since it’s on of the most important part of a home/apartment, it must be well-maintained and must look as good as the other rooms of the house. Hence, it’s very important for us to think well before starting interior designing for kitchen. Continue reading Interior Designing for Kitchen: How to do it right

Packing and Moving a House: Here’s how to get it right

Packing and moving a house to a new city require lots of planning and efforts. Without prior planning, the successful execution task will be next ti impossible. Be it local shifting or domestic shifting, you must treat the relocation as a damn big project, and you must apply strategies to complete it. You may sit down with pen and paper and list the procedures how you want to proceed.  Continue reading Packing and Moving a House: Here’s how to get it right

Wedding Planning Tips: Here’s how to organize a wedding in india

Are your parents wondering how to organize your wedding ceremony? Are you worrying as well?Don’t be tensed or stressed out. There are plenty of ways to ease your tension. Organizing a big and memorable day such as a wedding, require lots of effort in planning. After all, you marry just once in your life time. But, to make your load easy, here are some wedding planning tips which will help you organised s memorable wedding, that to without hiring a wedding planner.

Where and when to Start

No matter how much time you have, you must start planning about soon after the date is fixed. If you don’t start soon, you’ll realize that there are lots of things to do, but no time in hand at all. And when you have such realisation, you will start panicking! So, why to trouble yourself?

Start with Bookings

There are so many things which are required to be booked. And the first service that has to be booked is a ceremony hall, or a suitable venue for wedding reception party. Choosing a venue depends upon many factors such as its location, distance from your and your relative’s home, its capacity to accommodate guests, and etc. You also need to fix the venue early, so that you can go for printing the invitation cards.

Wedding Invitation

Once the venue for the ceremony is fixed, the next step is to choose the design of the invitation cards, and get it printed as soon as possible. Remember to mention the time, date, contact numbers and the detailed address, landmark and driving direction of the venue, so that,  people can reach out easily. Wedding invitation must be sent in advance so that your relatives so that they can plan accordingly.

Catering and Decoration

Next important thing is to find, and book a worthy caterer. You can Google and easily find a few caterers, and discuss with them about the menu, pricing and etc. Similarly, you will have to find and book decorator, who can decorate the venue and also fits your budget.

Booking Vehicles

Book the wedding car, or horse(as per the wedding tradition in India) for the groom and bride, way before the wedding day. You must also book vehicles to ensure that your family members and guests are able to travel smoothly.

Over to you

I hope these DIY tips will help you plan your wedding pretty well. You can also hire professional Wedding Planners or Wedding Coordinators, who can help you organize your marriage, and reception both. Wish you a happy Wedding, and make it memorable. 😀

Home Shifting Checklist for Packing and Moving within India

Relocating is unavoidable in today’s era, and no matter how many times you have moved your house, keeping track of every process involved in home shifting is never easy. There are lots of things which you’ll personally have to do, which includes planning, finding movers, scheduling and tracking everything well to avoid any hassle. The day when you have decided to relocate your house, you ought to find out the most efficient movers and packers companies, arrange insurance for your goods, update your address, and look after other things too. Hence, having a home shifting check-list would definitely help you track down each of these tasks, as you’ll be done with the relocation easily.

Home shifting checklist for moving a house

Tracking and scheduling is an integral part of hassle free home shifting. A properly created home shifting checklist can help you track several tasks like finding movers, checking abut subscriptions and much more. Just to make sure, you don’t miss anything; We’ve created this home shifting checklist to help you keep track of everything when moving a house.

Home shifting checklist

1. Find a Packing and Moving Agency

The first and foremost thing that you will have to do is reach out to a professional, and efficient packing and moving agency, who can help you pack and move your goods at ease. You can just visit our site to compare rates and offers from multiple packing and moving companies, in just a click. Comparing rates and offers will help you understand the average costs, and the process of relocation.

2. Pets and Animals

Do you have pets? Are you planning to take them along with you to your new home? If yes, then you have look for some special arrangement to take them along. Most moving-packing companies don’t take the duties of your pets, so talk to them in advance and know whether they can or cannot make any arrangements for your pets.

3. Furniture and other old items

Do you want to carry all the furniture to your new home? Is there any old furniture that you don’t want to carry? Make a list of the goods which is useless, or old and sell/donate/or dispose them off. Why to clutter your home unnecessarily?

4. Plants and other such goods

Are you taking plants with you? If carrying them is burdensome then lease gift it or donate it to someone.

5. Subscriptions and Payments

Have you stopped or changed your address and home location in important documents? Have you stopped all the local subscriptions?  Make sure you do that! Update and handle all your documents, accounts and even subscriptions. Get your address updated or and subscription closed before relocating.

6. Local Supplies

Make sure you pay all the debts and other bills of local services such as electricity, phone, local suppliers like the grocery store and etc.

7. Update Your Offline Social Network

Today we are available on Facebook, twitter and Google Plus, but our offline social circle is equally important. Let them know you are shifting, give them your new contact details. Make a list of people you need to share your new contact details with.

8. Cleaning Your Old and New Home

You must do loads of arrange to get your old home clean, specially if it’s a rented flat or apartment. As you’ll leave, some one else may be staying, so get it cleaned. Also ensure that your new home is clean before you enter it.

Over to you

Follow the above tips to make and follow a check-list before relocation. A check-list will never disappoint you. In fact, it will reduce your mental pressure a lot! And to reduce the physical pressure of relocation, you can opt for a packer-mover company. If you have more suggestions, please write it on the comment box. We will be happy to receive feedbacks. 🙂