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Internet has become the most popular, and the fastest medium in the entire world. And its influence in India is so high that even small business like a tour and travel operator, or a car rental service provider can get their website designed at very affordable prices. But finding a skilled and trustworthy web designer in India, to design a website for your business is very crucial and essential.

Indian is a favourite destination where SMEs and even bigger corporate houses are outsourcing website designing, as well as other IT and computer related jobs. A nice and search engine friendly website can help you grow your business, that’s why you need to find a suitable web designer. Not just an eco-friendly website, but a website designed using latest technologies and best standards is also necessary, or else it may ruin your reputation, and give zero return on your investment.

In India, you may come across people who have just finished their course and claim to be world changer. You will find lots of freelancers who don’t have require expertise or experience. So have to be very careful while hiring a website designer for your website design requirements.

Based on my experience, I have listed below few important tips that can help you while you are hiring a website designer, to design your company’s website.

1. Note down your ultimate goal of having a website.  As yourself questions such as- Why exactly you need a website? Do you want to sell products online, or just to provide information about your products/services?

2. Write down the main features, which you want to have in your website. This will help you to choose the right kind of designer who can tailor your web needs. If you need a dynamic website, then that will require additional scripting (programming). But if you need static website, then it does not require complex any programming/scripting. For example if you want to accept orders, display products, picture prices, and want to update these information by your own, then you need a dynamic website. Your plans will help you decide whether you want a dynamic or a static web designer.

3. Now, Google and web designers within your city . You will see a number of website design companies, some of them might even have a provision where you can directly describe your needs online.

4. Talk to at least 4-5 companies who appear in Google(usually at the top). Its always suggested to go for the top searches because, it shows that they are serious in their own business, and excel in their work.

5. Talk to them and share your requirements, and ask for a proposal with their understanding of your requirements. Ask hem how they plan to do it, and also some reference to their past work and clients to whom you can talk, and authenticate their feedback and testimony.

7. After listening to the proposals, seeing the past works and talking to the customers, you must have definitely got some idea. Now use this idea to short-list the best one, that can fit your requirement.

8. Before you finalize a web designing company, you should ask about their payment terms, support terms, time of delivery, how many variations they will provide you before you approve a design, will they help you set-up your emails, how many email accounts they will offer, and other questions that might rise in your mind.

9. Give priority to the companies over the freelancers. Companies usually have a team, and they stick to the deadlines. You will be able to reach them whenever required, and there will be less communication gap. In case of freelancers, at times it becomes hard to reach out to them, or they may just leave freelancing suddenly after getting a full time job, or relocated to a different cities. There could be hundred of excuses which a freelancer can make, but not a professional company.

10. Negotiate well on the deliverables. Ask them what extra services they will be offering, like social media presence set-up, free support for a few weeks, will they show you how to check your emails on web mail, and etc.

Over to you

If you are planning to a hire a professional website designer to design your website, and want to talk to three competent website designers, then simply post your requirements here and get connected with three website designers in your city quickly.

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Interior Designing Tips for Your Bedroom #InteriorDesignTips

The bedroom is one of the important rooms in the home because you wake up and go to sleep in it. But the sad case is that other rooms are visited by guests more often, like the living room or bathroom, and that’s why, they tend to get more priority than the bedroom. But, if you want to give your dingy bedroom a makeover, then you can surely give it a good makeover through different ways.

While doing interior designing for your bedroom, your goal should not be just make it look good, but to a look that makes you feel restful and peaceful, so that you can get some sound sleep, and at the same time enjoy fresh and positive energy on a daily basis. If you have planned to design your bedroom, you may like to consider some of the basic tips which will help you in designing your bedroom.

  • Make sure to leave enough space while planning the layout for interior designing of your bedrooms. Leaving enough space make it restful.
  • Use lighter shades of colour. Lighter colour gives it a feel of comfort. Ensure you have a colour combination in mind for every elements, for e.g. wall colour, ceiling colour, colours of the curtains, bed cover, colour of furniture, and etc. All of these should complement each other.
  • If possible use same the same colour combination / fabric of  your curtains, bed covers, and pillow covers, in order to make your bedroom look good.
  • Instead of buying costly paintings, you may take paintings and sketches from interior decoration magazines or the local shops, and frame it well before hanging it on the walls. It will look good and will also save lots of money.
  • You may also use lampshades to give the dark corners of your bedroom some illumination. These can be used as good decorative items too.
  • Spend money of your bed, pillows, mattress and other bed-line materials, since you are going to spend most of your time lying, sleeping or sitting on these materials in your bedrooms.

Over to you

Decorating or redecorating your bedroom can have a positive influence on your daily life. So, follow the mentioned tips to give your bedroom a new makeover easily. It will not only lift your mood and your spirits, but will also provide with sound, peaceful and heavenly sleep.

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Small Apartment Interior Design Tips and Tricks

Due to a steady rise in price of properties, most of the people nowadays prefer owning small flats, mainly due to the sky high rates of the larger ones. There is a tendency that people owning smaller flats feel constricted and limited when it comes to decorating and designing it.  Continue reading Small Apartment Interior Design Tips and Tricks

DIY packing and moving tips for home shifting in India

Shifting to a new place or a new home is really a complex affair, specially if you are relocating to a new city. The shifting task itself is a tough work, it requires a lot of activities right from packing of goods to finding vehicles for transporting them, and even labours for loading and unloading them. So, in such cases hiring a mover and packer company would reduce your trouble. Continue reading DIY packing and moving tips for home shifting in India

10 Tips for Hiring Packers and Movers in India

Finding well placed movers and packers in India to shift your home or vehicle is a little complicated due to lack of regulatory norms. If you are planning to relocate to a brand new home, and you want to hire a trustworthy and professional packing and moving service providers, then you must follow some easy norms. While hiring a Packers and Movers in India, its best to do some thorough investigation and follow certain methods, in order to receive best deals from the professionals who’ll help you out in packing and moving.

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At your service: ServiceSutra – New Indian Express

The Internet is flooded with a number of directories that list firms and dealers for almost everything under the sun. Yet, most often, customers have to go through the hassle of calling the service professionals and checking their rates and ensuring their credentials. It isn’t surprising that sometimes the phone numbers listed don’t even work!

To make life easier and simpler for customers, a Kolkata-based start-up,, has built a platform, that will hopefully resolve this problem. ServiceSutra is the brainchild of Pradeep Chaudhary, who floated the website in October. “Through the website, we are trying to create a platform where consumers can be connected to service providers,” says Chaudhary

Getting married this winter? Here’s how to hire wedding planner

Wedding is really a very special day, and every couple wants to make this day a memorable one. But like every special event, if wedding arrangement isn’t well, it could be a big let down. There are hundreds of small tasks involved in a wedding plan, and each of these tasks must be handled properly in order to make your wedding a grand event. Right from searching for the venue, to arranging the logistics, flowers décor, or even printing invitation cards, each tasks need to be done perfectly, since this day comes just once in your life. Don’t you want your wedding to be memorable? Then you can opt to hire a professional wedding planner, who will be looking after all types of arrangements right from finding wedding venues to even hiring caterers. Wedding planners are professionally trained and experienced people, who can easily take care of everything that’s needed to plan a wedding. Remember it’s your wedding, so spending money on a wedding planner wouldn’t be a waste at all.

How to hire a Wedding Planner?
There are hundred of business directories where you can search for wedding planners and their contact numbers, to initiate the discussion. If you are in India, you may like to visit to site to compare and hire the best wedding planners instantly.

How much does it Cost?
Usually wedding planners work as per your budget, or you can even request for a custom wedding package.  You can hire wedding planners even if you have quite a low budget. I have seen people hiring wedding planers with as low as three lakhs.

People often think that, hiring a wedding planner may cost a lot, but this isn’t true! The fact is, since they know all types of vendors and suppliers involve, they can get better deal for almost everything which you maybe cannot get easily and within reasonable rate.

What services do wedding Planners offer?
The purpose of hiring a wedding planer is to outsource all of the tasks that’s involve in arranging a wedding ceremony. Wedding planner will take care of everything, from designing your invitation card to booking the venue, or even hiring bridal make-up technicians. They sometimes even arranges honeymoons for the bride and groom. So, if you hire them, you’ll be able to enjoy and relax with your family members.

All set to hire a wedding planner, what now?
Wait before you jump-of and hire a wedding planner, make sure you have listed out your own plan. Make a detailed list of what kind of arrangements you want, and always fix a budget before approaching them. Don’t get carried away, and always stick to your budget 🙂

Over to you

Weddings are very stressful to organise. You’ll not only have to sort all of the logistics, but you have to be creative, find suppliers for all of those impossible things to find. That is why, a wedding planner is much needed to give you relief from such toils. Make plans and let the wedding planners know, and hire the one who can fit your needs.

Interior designing of your home like a professional Interior Designer

Often we rely on the expertise suggestions of professional Interior Designers and Decorators to decorate our home or office and there is nothing wrong in doing so. After all they are the professional and have gone through extensive training and have done several design so enough experience and one should take their suggestions and feedback for great designs. But lets see the other side. When it comes to your home, you will be living there and probably you know your own taste better than anyone else. How many of us wear designer clothes designed by the reputed fashion designers? After looking at a designer wear have you ever felt that you won’t wear those clothes, even if you know that it’s designed by a famous designer? I have felt like that at several occasions. Anyway, the point what  I am trying to make is, you can do the interior designing yourself without hiring Interior Decorators, just follow certain thumb rules. I am not convincing you for not hiring Interior Decorators, but at times you might feel like doing it yourself without hiring an Interior Decorator. Listed below are a few of the tips to help you improve the interior decoration of your home.


First of all allocate and fix a budget. Some one have said “for decoration of your home or wife, no matter what kind of budget you allocate, there is always a chance of improvement”. So having a budget is very important

Set your Expectations

You must have a clear idea of your own expectations. No matter from where you have taken inspiration, a friends home or a magazine or from an interior decorator, make sure you know what you want and whether it fits your taste well or not. After all we don’t do renovation every now and then.

Select Colors and Shades

Choose colors shades carefully. While choosing colors, make sure you visualize it in day and night. There are some color that looks great during day, but not at night. You may look at several magazines and other references for color ideas.

Know your floor and its structure

This is very important. You must understand that something, which was looking good in 10X10 room, may not look good in 20X20 room. Something that looked good in a square floor may not look good in a diagonal shape floor. So while visualizing your designs, consider thinking about these things.

Furniture and Accessories

Remember each of the elements like sofa, tables, flowerpots; curtains etc together make a perfect room. So pay attention to detail and finalize these elements carefully. Now when you have already worked or working on above, its time to consult your friends and spouse. A creative idea could come from anywhere, so take input, discuss and finally get going. In case you wish to hire a consultant Interior Designer then don’t hesitate; it will further enhance your overall renovation plan. After all who can guide you better than a professional interior decorator.

Over to you

Should you or should you not hire a professional when you want to decorate or renovate your home? If such a question arises, don’t get confused, do what you feel is the best. Certainly, both options present a series of advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to do everything yourself you get to save some money, but if you hire a professional everything will be easier and you’ll even learn a thing or two. You can definitely use the above tips to decorate your home professionally, but you must also agree to the fact that hiring a professional is worth it.

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Why ServiceSutra is not like a business directory or a yellow pages

Well! This is a much-needed post, as both Consumers and Service Providers want to know why ServiceSutra is not another business directory or a yellow pages or a green book or pink pages??

So what will you as a customer do with a directory or yellow pages site?
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