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Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services for Home and Office

Ask us for safe and affordable home and office sanitizing services near you in Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Baroda and other major cities across India. The professional home and office disinfecting and sanitizing services help you to sanitize your home and office space at cost effective rates, and get rid of all the unhealthy and unhygienic germs and dirt that may spread unhealthy allergies and diseases, when left otherwise unattended.

Unhygienic living and working conditions could cost you and your business badly, and in worse case, the losses can even be irreversible. If a recent survey by World Bank is to be believed, India is losing around 6% of its GDP due to bad and poor disinfecting conditions and practices. Bad and poor disinfecting conditions may lead to frequent illness and other heath conditions for your family members, staff and customers. Of course, the children and old age people are badly affected by such allergies and health conditions because of their weaker immune system. And, recent global Covid-19 outbreak has made it even more important to maintain cleanliness and good hygiene.

And therefore, when such is the importance of maintaining cleanliness and proper sanitizing at your home and work place, you can't really depend on basic day to day dusting and cleaning procedures, done by your regular staff.

The regular day to day cleaning of your home, office or any other commercial space may not be enough to properly sanitize your space and kill all the diseases and allergy causing bacteria. The basic cleaning procedure, even when done regularly, may leave some of the germs and allergy causing virus and bacteria around. There are certain areas in your home, office or anyplace for that matter that usually get ignored, and even if it is dusted, it requires proper sanitizing e.g. the door handles, switch board, telephone receiver etc.

If you truly want to sanitize your home and office, and want your space to be free from all types of germs and infectious and allergy causing bacteria, then you can't really depend on basic home and office cleaning procedure. In order to fully sanitize your space, and make it fully clean and hygienic then you must opt for total sanitization services once in a while.

No matter, how frequently your daily cleaning staff is cleaning your home or office space, but there are still few highly sensitive areas that they generally ignore like the switch boards, light fixtures, hard to reach corner space, unused furniture etc. Thankfully, the profess our home and office sanitization or disinfecting service professionals are going to take care of all these areas and part of your home and office.

When it about making your home, office and other commercial space fully hygienic and suitable for your family members, team members or customers, then nothing works better than using professional home and office sanitization services which is offered by the best of housekeeping and cleaning companies near you.

We at servicesutra have some of the best and most professionally managed and skilled cleaning and housekeeping companies on board. They have the most advance cleaning and sanitization tools, equipments, cleaners and sanitizers that can kill most of the allergy causing bacteria and germs. The housekeeping and cleaning companies are locally available near you, and they are professionally trained and well equipped to clean and sanitize all types of space and properties, including:

  • Your entire home and building or complex
  • Office or entire office building and complex
  • Small and big shops
  • Restaurants and eateries
  • Shopping malls and other commercial properties.

Professional home and office sanitization services are available in Baroda, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other major cities across India.

And there is nothing to worry about the quality and the cost, because the Home and Office Sanitization Services can be used as a onetime service or on contractual basis based on your experience. You can avail the home and office sanitization services for once, and if you are fully satisfied with the disinfecting services being offered to you then you can opt for annual contract as well, with attractive discounts.

And if you have any other question about home and office sanitization services, then feel free to call us on: 07044123404 and talk to us.