Cooks, Maids and Housekeeping Services

Looking to hire full time house maid, domestic help, cook or other housekeeping staff for your home or office? We can help you hire your next cook or maid at best rates. We have some of the best housekeeping agencies on board who are ready to fulfill the need of your next housekeeping staff. Our housekeeping partners can help you in hiring all types of cooks and housemaids in Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and a few other cities across India. Just tell us your need and we will connect you to the best housekeeping agencies to help you hire local cooks, maids and other resources like nurse, nanny, baby sitter, peon etc.

Over 98,500 users have used ServiceSutra to find houskeepers and other service providers. We have helped them save time and money and we'll help you too.

Fees for hiring cooks and house maids

Hire fully verified full time cooks, maids and other housekeeping staff like nanny, baby sitter, japa maid, office peon etc through our housekeeping partners. Rates and charges of housekeepers vary based on their experience and time, but you can hire your next housekeeper for as low as Rs. 6000 plus agency fees. Housekeeping agencies may charge you a onetime service fee and offer free replacement for your cook, maid or other housekeeper within a specified period. You can ask for all sort of verification related documents like ration card, adhar card, temporary and permanent address before hiring.

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