Hire Full Time and Part Time Cook

Tired of eating out and looking for a cook who can prepare all types of cuisines for your family? We can help you find part time or full time cooks who have the experience of cooking at home. Finding and hiring experienced cooks who can prepare all types of cuisines including North Indian and South Indian cuisines. Our housekeeping and manpower consultants can provide you best cook in Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune and few other major cities in India. Whether you are looking for a north Indian cook, south Indian cook, Oriya cook or a Chinese cook, just tell us your cooking needs to get matched with relevant agencies that can fulfill your needs immediately.

Rates and charges of cook

Cooks are available for part time and full time cooking e.g. for 4 hrs, 8 hrs and their salaries usually depend on the kind of skills, experience and time they have to spend at your home. Part time and full time cooks are available from Rs. 6000 per month onwards. Apart from the monthly salary of the cook you hire, you may have to pay one time consulting fee to the housekeeping agency fulfilling your needs. And out agencies also offer free replacement of the cook that they provide incase, the cook leaves within a specified period.

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