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Interior designers are professionally trained and experienced team of experts who can help you with proper space planning and create functional and efficient designs that is not just functional, but also looks amazing. Making optimum utilization of available space at your home, office or any other space and creating aesthetically pleasing ambience for your home or office is what they specialize in.

Interior designers and decorators have a very important and crucial role in designing and decorating your home and office. Whether it space planning, layout planning, conceptualizing and brainstorming various interior design concepts or finishing the home and office interior design project on time, and in your budget, it all depends on the expertise, experience and resourcefulness of the interior design company you choose to work with.

And if you are wondering about who are the best and most famous interior designers near you, then we have got you covered. We have screened and on-boarded the best and most famous interior design companies near you on this platform. The interior designers are readily available to discuss your home and office interior design requirements in detail and then help you get your home or office designed within a specified time and budget.

Whether you are looking for the premium or budget interior designing and decorating service for your home, flat, apartment, bungalow, duplex, startup-office, showroom, restaurant, salon and spa or any other residential or commercial space, we can help you connect with the best of interior design companies near you, within minutes and for free.

Home and office interior designing services are available across all of the major cities in India, including:

Compare free quotations from famous interior designers near you

There is no doubt that the interior designers and interior design companies have a very important role in designing and decorating a space. Be it a home, office or any other residential or commercial space, the overall finishing, timely execution, sourcing best of materials and staying within allocated budget is not easy, especially when the interior design company is not experienced and efficient.

And therefore, it is seriously important to compare and evaluate the best of available interior design companies near you. And we'll help you do that easily and conveniently, because we have already screened and enlisted the best of interior designing firms in your city, and we have mapped their specialization and other traits that are crucial and important for you to consider when hiring an interior design company.

Tell us briefly about your home or office interior design requirements by submitting the free quotes request form to receive free and no-obligation quotations from three of the best matching and famous interior designers near you.

Usually, you receive call back and quotations from up to three interior design companies, as it helps you gather different input and ideas which is very important to take an informed decision when hiring an interior designer and decorator.

The professional interior designers will be happy to meet you in person, answer all your questions about design, process, latest interior decoration trends, and even do free survey of the home or office which is to be designed and decorated.

After discussing and understanding your requirements, your priority and tentative budget, the interior company will submit detailed and itemized quotation for you to clearly review everything. As you will receive interior designing quotations and offers from up to three different interior decorator companies near you, you can evaluate, compare and understand everything and then decide on hiring an interior design company.

And by the way, there's no obligation to hire, even after taking quotations from these professional interior designers. It's part of their duty and they are always happy to share input and ideas. You should only hire an interior design company or an interior designing consultant, when you are happy and satisfied by their ideas, quotations and other terms of service.

Why compare multiple interior design companies before hiring?

You know what, interior designing is a creative industry, and there's always some scope to be more creative and accommodative. Secondly, every interior designer and interior design company has their own specialization and limitations.

Some of the famous interior designers may not be interested in projects below certain budget or size. Other may not have experience in big size office interior designing; some may have the resource and expertise to work on both residential and commercial projects.

So, picking an interior design company randomly like that is not the right way to do it. It may lead to confusion and mismatch and therefore more efforts in your part or even poor results as you proceed with the execution of your home or office interior designing projects.

Home and office interior designing services in your budget

Designing and decorating a house, office or any other residential and commercial space can really be overwhelming, especially when there are structural changes involved. Thankfully, local interior designing and decorating companies can help you get it right.

No matter what kind of interior design requirements you may have, we have some of the famous interior designers on-board that offers end to end interior designing and decorating services.

Take a look at some of the premium and budget interior designing services readily available in your city.

Home interior design

Home interior design is always unique because when decorating your home, you have to consider liked, dislikes, preferences and requirements of every member in your family. Home interior designers are readily available and they can help you design and decorate your house completely.

End to end house interior design service includes everything from proper space planning and utilization to layout designing and floor planning, sourcing of all the raw materials to actual execution of work e.g. carpentry, plumbing, electrical and wall painting.

The standard home interior design packages include:

Those are the key areas, but home interior design also includes designing and decorating of other parts and key areas of the house like staircase interior designing, drawing room decoration, decorating passage area and balcony etc.

And while we are discussing it, it is important for you to know that you don't really need to decorate each and every part of the house in one go. It's fairly okay to get the interior done in both the bedrooms and go for the modular kitchen and living room designs in one go, and then focus on other areas as needed.

Office interior design

Office interior design is different than residential interior designing, because both the spaces are used differently and hence it requires different approach all together. Office interior designers have to stay focused on creating a comfortable working experience for your employees.

And therefore, they pay special attention to the workstation, cubicles, conference hall, waiting area and reception desk. While planning the layout and creating design concepts for office interior design, the interior designers pay special attention to optimum space utilization and seating comfort, with adequate lighting and concealed wiring for clutter free work experience.

No matter what's the size of your office space, if you are looking for the best office interior design solution to create amazing and comfortable working experience for your employee, then we have highly experienced office interior designers onboard who can help you get it right, in your budget.

Restaurant interior design

Restaurant interior designing is usually done based on a theme, which means the interior designer needs to think out of the box and come up with a theme followed by amazing layouts and design concepts to accommodate maximum guests at a time, and also ensure that your guest get amazing ambience and comfort when they visit your hotel.

Right from proper seating arrangement to service area, billing and kitchen area, the professional interior designers can help you with all types of restaurant interior designing service needs. We have some of the most experienced and professional restaurant interior designers and decorators on board, who have years of experience in restaurant interior designing.

Hotel interior designing services

End to end hotel interior designing services are available to design, decorate and furnish all types of hotels. There are different types of hotels and depending on the kind of targeted customers e.g. vacation, corporate, holiday, lodge, economy, upscale, the hotel interior designers and experts can plan, conceptualize and design your hotel.

Hotel interior designing is a little different than usual commercial interior designing because in case of hotel interior designing, the interior designers have to consider the location, purpose of stay, tariff and many other crucial factors to get it right. And with years of experience in designing and furnishing all types of hotels, the interior designers can help you get it right from conceptualization to delivery in your budget.

Architectural design

If you are planning to build a house and need professional architectural design consultancy followed by interior designing and decorating then look no further. Architectural design service includes the total solution from initial project planning to designing concepts, site planning, structural designing, and landscaping along with master plan of the building.

We have hand-picked some of the best architect and interior firms who have years of experience in designing and delivering end to end architectural design services. No matter whether you are planning to build an independent house, a duplex flat or planning to build other commercial buildings, if you are looking for the best architects and interior designers that delivers modern and world class architectural services, then you need to look no further.

Commercial interior designing

Apart from what we have already discussed, no matter what kind of residential or commercial property you want to get designed, if you are looking for best interior design concepts at amazing prices, then your search ends here.

False ceiling

False ceiling or secondary ceiling is an integral part of interior designing and decorating. Be it your home or office, whether you are on the first floor of a high rise tower or at the top floor, getting false ceiling done is always recommended, as rates of false ceiling in India is not too high. But false ceiling is not a must have feature, and there are many who don't do false ceiling, and the industry itself is kind of divided on false ceiling.

But whatever is the case, false ceiling is an in trend and it's commonly done in homes and office as part of interior decorating. Obviously it offers plenty of scope and adds that aesthetic elegance to the space. But then, it's a choice and you have to decide if you need false ceiling or not.

Whatever be the case, we have professional interior design companies that offer false ceiling as part of home and office interior projects.

7 Things to check for when hiring interior designers and decorators

When hiring an interior designer and decorator, there are a few things that matters the most. And if you are still wondering about what you need to check and look for when hiring an interior designer and decorator then worry not.

Interior designing is not done very often, majority of interior designing, be it home interior design or office interior design, is a onetime effort, and once designed you would expect it to last for next 7-8 or 10 years minimum.

Secondly, you are going to spend considerable amount of time and efforts in finding and screening interior designing companies, brainstorming with different layout and design ideas, sourcing materials, supervising time to time and getting your interior project finished. Obviously it involves your hard earned money and therefore, it is seriously important to do everything possible to get the most of it.

It is important to spend a little time in asking right set of questions to the interior design company, take everything in consideration and then finally take a call about hiring the interior designer.

Wondering how to do it right? Here are the seven most important things that you should pay attention to when hiring an interior designer for home interior design or office interior design and decorating.

Turnkey interior design and decoration

The first and most important thing to consider when hiring an interior designer is to ensure that the interior designer company offers end to end interior decorating service on turnkey basis.

Turnkey basis interior design solution is probably the best way to design and decorate a home for those who are occupied and don't want to take the blame and hassles of anything going wrong during the execution of the home or office interior design project.

Free site visit and consultation

The next important thing to look for is the offer to do a free site visit and primary consultation to finalize the scope of the work. As a home owner, you may have several questions that need clarification to finalize the scope of the work, tentative budget, process of interior design and other aspects of the project.

If an interior design company is not willing to meet you in person, or do a site visit, then it shows the lack of seriousness of the said interior design company. And this could be a good reason for you to avoid such company, because they don't value their client or may have totally business oriented view.

The idea of initial consultation is to help a client understand the process, fine tune the scope of the work and help them with budgeting, which is crucial. All of the interior design companies on servicesutra offer free site visit and consultation according to your convenience time and schedule.

And they don't even mind, if you decide not to work with them.

Multiple design ideas

Usually, a professional interior designer near you will consider multiple layout and design ideas. But as you know, designing takes a lot of efforts and therefore many companies restrict number of creative design ideas and iteration.

When hiring interior designers for your home or office interior designing projects, the interior designers should not restrict or charge you additionally for multiple design ideas, no matter what. What's the point of going with a design that you are not fully satisfied with?

Our interior designers are always accommodative and consider as many iteration in design tweaks as you may need to get fully satisfied with the interior layout and design concepts. They only proceed with the execution, when you are fully satisfied with the design of the home or office space you are decorating.

Competent pricing for interior designing service

Needless to say, this is seriously important for anyone designing a new home or office space. Irrespective whether you have limited budget or have no issues with budget, you will always want to ensure that each and every penny of your hard earned money is being spent with your approval, wisely and transparently.

This is another reason why you should compare interior designing quotations from multiple interior design companies before hiring. It helps you get standard pricing ideas, empowers you with choices and information to take right decision.

Relevant experience

Experience is important because you can't really afford to handover your project to a newbie team that lacks adequate experience in designing and decorating a space. But relevance is even more important and therefore, you should look for relevant experience of the interior design company you are considering to work with.

And by relevant experience I mean the interior designing firm should have prior experience in executing the residential or commercial interior projects of similar scale, budget and nature. So if you are hiring an interior designer for home interior designing, then look for the experience of the interior designing firm with residential projects of similar scale, type and budget.

Good craftsmanship

Needless to say that no matter how costliest plywood, laminates, adhesive and other interior designing materials you source, if the craftsmanship is poor the outcome and finish will be poor. When inexperienced technicians are working even with best of branded materials, the final outcome and finish may not be as great as it could have been, in case an efficient team would have worked on it.

And therefore, when you are hiring an interior designer, you should look for the best craftsmanship assurance from the firm in question. They should agree to it that they will put their best team at work for the project and the technicians working on it should not be new and inexperienced.

Warranty and services

Last but not the least, you should check for warranty and post finish services. At the time of handover, the interior designers are going to test and review everything that they have worked on. But the real test happens when you start living and using your space.

Smaller glitches here and there are guaranteed to arise as you start using those furniture, cupboards, washrooms, kitchen cabinets etc. And therefore, the interior designer you are considering should give assurance to you that they will take care of any post service issues instantly and for certain period of time.

Best process to avoid confusion in home and office interior design

Whether it's a residential interior project or a commercial interior designing, there is a simple and standard process that an interior designer company follow. The advantage of following this standard process is to eliminate any confusion and ensure that the client and the designing team are on the same page.

Here's the five steps standard process that our interior designing companies has to follow.

Step 1: Understanding requirements

This is the beginning of the process and the idea is to understand the requirements and inputs from you, for what you want. The requirement gathering is vital because a lot of time you may get fascinated by some design or feature, and then on realizing that it will be difficult to maintain or will be a costly affair, you may like to drop the idea completely.

That's where an expert team of interior designers will be of great help. They will give you the opportunity to open up and share your requirements. While discussing your requirements, you may mark something as a must have, and other features as a nice to have feature.

The interior designers and experts will also share their input after hearing you out patiently, and based on this session, they will get a lot of clarity on what you want to achieve at the end of interior designing.

Step 2: Site visit and measurement

This is the second step of the interior designing process and this step is very crucial. The idea is to take a look at the property, see the overall layout, position of the doors, windows, pillars and measure everything. Generally, the measurement specified in the property plan and the real measurement are going to vary, and therefore measuring the space is vital.

The team of interior designers will visit your property and measure everything. This is yet another chance for you to show them what you wanted to achieve i.e. you can demonstrate where you want to have the bed, cupboard, what are the possibility and all.

You can call is the secondary step in finalizing the scope of the interior design project.

Step 3: Quotation and Layout

Now that the interior designers have clearly understood your home or office interior design requirements and some idea of the tentative budget you have for this interior project, they will come up with layout, specification and quotation.

The layout concepts will help you visualize what the interior designers are proposing and this is usually based on your requirements and site layout and measurement that the interior designers have already taken.

Depending on your requirements and layout, the interior designers may come up with several concepts and estimates. The idea at this stage is to make you understand how they plan to accommodate your requirements, talk about the materials and specifications and associated costs in each case.

Needless to say, that you get a detailed, itemized and personalized quotations that talks about all the possibilities, associated costs and of course time to complete the finished project.

Step 4: 2D and 3D interior design concepts

Now, if you are happy and satisfied with the interior design company, then you need to confirm the order and make required advance payments to start the project as per plan.

Now it's time to move on the actual interior designing. Here at this stage, the interior designers will get started with real technical work.

So, first of all, they are going to draw and design 2D layouts for different area. Some time they call it the mood board or floor plan. The idea is to clearly demonstrate which part of the house or office will have what.

And therefore, in case of home interior design, they will try and demonstrate each and every room e.g. bedrooms, guest room, kid's bedroom, kitchen room, living area, temple area and so on. At this stage, you can see where they plan to place the cupboard n your bedroom, and which area will have the study table, and where they want to keep the dining table etc.

They will be happy to experiment with different layout concepts to free up more space and at the same time make most of the available space.

On approval, they will start designing 3D concepts, which is a time taking process, but worth it. The 3D interior design concepts will help you visualize the project in real through high definition pictures. At 3D design concept stage, you can try with different color finish, lighting etc and the interior designers will be happy to accommodate all your requests.

Once the 3D design is reviewed and approved, the real work of execution will start.

Step 5: Execution and quality check

This is the stage where the real work begins on the concepts that the interior designers created, and you approved. So all the technicians, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, false ceiling people etc will start working on the concepts and as per the specifications.

There will be an interior project in change, who is going to supervise the development and keep you posted on the progress being made with your home or office interior design project. The project supervisor or the in-charge will ensure that each and every work is on schedule and being done professionally.

Once the work is complete and ready to hand over, they will update you and invite you to review, and that's the final stage.

Step 6: Handover and feedback

Before handover, a senior member from the interior designer company will come over to do the final inspection of the project. If there is any glitch or any area that needs attention, they will get that fixed and sorted.

Finally, when the interior design project is complete and ready for handover, they will invite you to review and take handover.

You can review everything, share your feedback with the interior design company and enjoy your space.

You are anyways guaranteed for post project service, so even if you notice some glitch or issue as you start using the facility, you can report it to the project in-charge and they will get it sorted and addressed on priority.

Cost of interior designers and decorators near me

We are working with the famous home and office interior designing companies across all of the major cities in India, including Bangalore, Hyderabad & Secunderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon and other cities in India.

Rates and costs of hiring interior designers in these mega cities are more or less same. But, sometimes rates and cost of interior designers and decorators in your city may vary depending on their experience, expertise and of course because of their credibility.

And therefore, it if you want to find out the exact and most accurate cost of interior designers in your city, then the best way to get it right is by talking to a local interior designer company near you, and discussing your requirements and budget.

Interior design consultancy services charges

But if you are looking to get some ballpark cost estimates, then here you go.

The cost of interior designing services for basic consulting work starts from Rs. 40.00 per square feet to Rs. 70 per square feet, depending on the scope of the interior design project and level of involvement and consulting that will be offered.

Similarly, if you want to work with the premium interior designing consultants in your city, then the cost of interior design consulting services may vary between Rs. 75 per square feet to up to Rs. 150 per square feet.

Interior designing consultancy covers requirements gathering and finalization of scope of work, followed by 2D and 3D interior design concepts. And the deliverable includes detailed specification and drawing in 2D/3D that your contractor can use and work with.

Apart from this, if you want the interior consultant to supervise the execution, they'll charge separately based on the number of visit you may need.

Cost of turnkey interior design services in your city

Another of engaging an interior design company is for full service, on turnkey basis which is the kind of engagement where the interior designing company will take care of everything i.e. from finalizing scope of work, to creating designs, sourcing materials and finishing the project, followed by inspection and handover.

Think of turnkey solution like the total interior designing and execution including materials and labor charges. As I said, this is the best way to go about it, for the interior design company you are working with will have total accountability, and ensure you get the best value.

Cost of turnkey interior design services in your city may start from Rs. 1050 per square feet to Rs. 2150 per square feet of the work area.

Based on these assumptions, it is fair to assume that the cost of decorating a standard 2 bedroom, hall kitchen apartment of around 1000.00 square feet, with good standard materials may cost you are around Rs. 300000 to Rs. 500000.

Here's a tentative rate chart for interior designer services:

Type of interior service
Tentative rates / charges
Rates for standard quality turnkey interior designing charges
Rs. 1050/sq ft - Rs. 2150 /sq ft
Customized wardrobe design charges
Rs. 800/sq ft - Rs. 1800/sq ft
Modular kitchen interior design charges
Rs. 1200/sq ft - Rs. 1900/sq ft
Tv Unit/study table interior design charges
Rs. 500/sq ft - Rs. 1150/sq ft
Standard false ceiling rates and charges
Rs. 55/sq ft - Rs. 225/sq ft
Standard quality wall painting charges
Rs. 16/sq ft - Rs. 55/sq ft
Interior design consultancy charges
Rs. 40/sq ft - Rs. 150/sq ft

As already mentioned, the above rate chart for interior designing services may change depending on which interior company you are working with and what types of materials and quality you are using. But it should certainly help you get some idea of the costs involved in designing and decorating a home or office.

Benefits of hiring interior designer services for home and office

The professional interior designers and interior decorating companies bring plenty of advantages to the table. No mater, whether your office or home interior design project is small or big, once you have a professional team of interior decorators on board, you can literally relax and see your dream home or office turning in to a reality, and that too, within specified time frame and under the allocated budget.

Here are a few of the benefits of hiring interior designer services to design and decorate your home, office or any other space.

Skill and creative ideas

Best of the interior design concepts are available online, and there are many who think that they can quickly search for bedroom interior design ideas, living room design concepts, and kitchen interior design pictures to gather all the designs. Then, they can talk to a local carpentry contractor and get their home designed.

But you know what? It does not work like that. So once again you should repeat it after me and say that it does not work like that. No matter how many interior design concepts you review and look at, if you try and copy the same, it's more likely to fail.

The reason is, it's not just about the design and copying it, it's more about doing what suits your lifestyle, preference and most importantly the layout and size of the space.

And that's where the local and famous interior designers come in to picture. With their experience and expertise ad after assessing your requirements, lifestyle and budget, the interior experts can create best of design concepts that you can choose from. And you know what; it will fit in your budget too.

Total solution and accountability

The moment you start an interior design project for home, office, and if you don't have a professional interior design company on board, soon you will realize that how overwhelming and time consuming the entire process is.

From sourcing the right set of materials, in accurate quantity in timely manner to getting the work executed by different contractors (carpenter, plumber, electricians, false ceiling labors etc) is no easy task. And on top of that, no will have any accountability, for any mistake they will blame one another and needless to say it will cause a lot of delay in finishing the project.

But when you have a professional interior design company and a team of expert interior designers working on your home or office interior design projects, you won't have to worry about anything. The expert team of interior designers will take care of every aspect of the project from designing to sourcing and coordinating with different technicians to get things crafted and installed in best possible ways. And that's another reason why you should hire and work with professional interior designers and contractors available locally in your city.

Access to best craftsmanship and team

As the interior designing companies work on several types of interior designing projects, they have a wide network of technicians like carpenters, painters, false ceiling technicians, flooring experts, plumbers, electricians etc they can make people available on a call. They all work together and that results in faster execution, better coordination and accountability.

Now imagine if you have to find each of these contractors on your own, you are going to have a real tough time managing everything. And yet at the end, the outcome may not be as expected because there will be lack of coordination and understanding among them all.

Helps save money in decorating

There is a misconception that hiring and using professional interior designer will be a costly affair, but the fact of the matter is, when you work independently and all alone without proper guideline, you will be wasting ore time and money.

But the interior designer source different types of materials from different suppliers and they both have a long business relationship. And therefore, they always get the best rate offers from the materials, the quality of supplied materials will be really high, and if there is any left-over, the interior designers can return it.

Hassle free designing and decorating experience

This is the best part of hiring and using professional interior designers. They will take all the hassle out of your interior design project and deliver you the best of home and office designing experience. At the end of the day, they just change a small percentage of the fees as their profit, and rest of the money is spent wisely on your projects, after your approval.

In fact, the interior designers on servicesutra will be happy to take you along when they go for shopping, and you will have total control over which brand of materials and what price range you want to use for your home or office decorating project.

Frequently asked questions about interior designing

As you already know, we have worked with thousands of users like you and hundreds of professional interior designers and architectural firms from all across India; we face different types of questions every now and then.

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions for you to see if you wanted to ask any of these questions.

What is interior designing and decorating?

Interior designing primarily involves proper space planning and designing functional and efficient layout as per the lifestyle and needs of the client. The focus remains on creating ambience and luxury and ensuring best use of the space. Interior decorating is more focused towards making the space look luxurious and efficient for the client.

What are the areas of specialization of interior designers?

Broadly speaking the area of specialization of interior designers can be commercial and residential. Commercial interior designers are more focused towards designing commercial spaces like shop interior, hotels and restaurant interior design, designing of other commercial properties and space like shopping mall etc. Residential interior designers as the name suggest has the specialization in designing and decorating residential properties like bedroom interior, living room, modular kitchen interior and so on. Apart from that, some interior designers may have specialization in certain theme like modern, classy, ethnic etc.

What kind of services do interior designers provide?

Interior designers primarily provide space planning, layout designing and execution services. It also involves understanding lifestyle needs of a customer, surveying and measuring the space and then creating creative interior design concepts that is going to suit the client. Once the design is approved, they can help with actual execution of the project that is crafting everything as per the specification, followed by quality check and handover of the fully designed and decorated space to the customer.

Why should I hire professional interior designers?

Professional interior designers can help you get the most out of your space, right from proper space planning to design multiple layout, floor plans and 2D/3D design concepts; they can help you with sourcing of materials and getting your space fully furnished within specified budget and time.

What should I consider before hiring an interior designer?

There are many things to consider when hiring an interior designer for home interior or office interior designing. From checking relevant experience, to number of design concepts the share, number of times they allow changes and tweaking to overall cost and delivery timeline, you should look for everything when hiring interior designers.

How much do professional interior designers charge?

Charges of professional interior designers in your city may vary, but usually a professional interior designer may charge you anywhere from Rs. 40/sq ft to Rs. 70/ sq ft for basic interior designing consultancy. Premium interior consultant may charge Rs.75/sq ft to Rs. 150/sq ft for interior designing consulting services. And charges of interior designers in your city for standard quality turnkey projects may vary between Rs. 1050/sq ft to up to Rs. 2150/sq ft.

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