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Compare and choose from the list of best interior designers and decorators in Chennai to design and decorate your home, flat and office and save more.

Interior designing is a creative field; there are no definite rules when it comes to interior designing and decorating a house. Thousands of interior designers and decorators in Chennai will have their own design plans and layouts. Rates of Interior designers in Chennai will also be different because of their expertise, experience and overall quality of the work. But finding a good interior designer and decorator in Chennai for a new flat, existing house or an office is not easy, because interior designing services are price sensitive. Costs for interior designing and furnishing services can quickly go up or down based on the scope of work, quality of materials and the agency.

It may be simple and easy to find name, contact number and websites of some of the good interior designers in Chennai, it is going to be a nightmare to call them up and request quotations. You can't hire an interior designer company just by browsing their website. You need some substantial information to hire a professional interior designer who is open to listen, discuss and make best of design suggestions that suits you and your budget.

ServiceSutra helps you get rid of such confusion by connecting you to three of the best home interior designers in Chennai, within minutes and for free. Just tell us your interior design and decoration requirements in brief to receive interior design quotes and consultations from a couple of pre-screened and locally available interior designers in Chennai. You can discuss the basic requirements over the phone and schedule a face to face meeting to discuss various design ideas, costs involves, time required and everything else. And when you are ready, go ahead with the designer you liked the most and work directly and independently.

FAQ on interior designers and decorators in Chennai

Interior designing is a long term thing and hence it requires good planning. You may get tempted with one design today and feel it does not suit the overall theme the other day. And that's when a professional interior designer can help you. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked question on interior design and decoration in Chennai.

How do I find an interior designer to design my home in Chennai?
Be it a home or office, Interior designing should be done with proper planning and keeping the long term objective in mind. Every penny spent should be spent wisely. Your money is precious, and it is best for you to invest judiciously only after substantial research about the designer, designs and materials being used. In this life of rat race, will you get time to visit door to door and look for the company that suits you best? If the answer is NO, then investing time and money randomly can never be a feasible solution. Talk to a couple of interior design agencies and get very good understanding of the process, terms and costs involved. Evaluate all of the options and then take a call.

How would I know which interior designer is best for my project
Interior designing is the scientific evaluation of a space based on utilization and aesthetic value. There are many interior designers in Chennai for designing small houses and offices. Some concentrate on residential projects like homes and apartments, while others in offices and commercial sectors. Chennai is the hotbed of many good interior designers and decorators. Ideally, you should look for the specialist based on your specific design and decoration needs. If it's for home, look for home interior designers and if you want to decorate a office space, you should look for interior designers who specialize in handling commercial projects like offices. ServiceSutra can be used to get matched with best interior designers and decorators who are relevant for your project.

How do I budget the cost of interior design for 1500 sq ft flat in Chennai?
So there is no specific thumb rule to budget for interior design and decoration of home. But still, you can figure out tentative budget based on key requirements. Assuming out of 1500, you will have around 1200 square feet space that is to be designed. Now you can get the entire house designed and furnished within 10L or end up spending more. Cost of material can actually impact the cost. If you talk about costs, there are shower sets that you can buy for Rs. 15000 and even spend Rs 55000 because there are many options. But in general you can get your space designed and decorated well within an allocated budget.

Can I hire interior designer only for consulting?
Yes. If you have purchased a new home or office and have the basic idea of what you want and how you want it to look, you may simply hire an interior designer for consulting. Ideally it is better to award the entire project so there will be some accountability and professional supervision, but if you want, you can hire interior designers as a design consultant too. When you contract the interior design company on turnkey basis, they will take care of everything from sourcing of the materials to complete execution and finishing the interior decorating project in due time.

I need interior design of only kitchen and living area, is it possible?
Yes. If you already have a bed, sofa and dining table then there is no point redoing it all over again. But at times we just get carried away and get the entire living room re-done. But to put it straight, yes. You can do interior designing of only specific rooms like having a modular kitchen is a must. But having a new sofa or a dining table is not a must. It's always better to think of your need, priority and budget and then go for it.