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Jardine Henderson Limited
Jardine Henderson Limited
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About Jardine Henderson Limited

Jardine Henderson ltd  is a 60 year old company providing Integrated pest management solutions to commercial and residential properties in India. We are using our vast experience to make use of only safe and environment friendly odourless chemicals, and yet produce the desired result. With our proven expertise we have made quite an impact amongst our esteemed clients from: Residence/Offices, Pharma, Hotels, Food processing Industries, Reputed companies of Tobacco Industries, Turmeric Industries, MNCs of Hybrid seed industries, Retail Stores, Collateral Management Companies, Paper Industries, Government Organizations, Temples, Schools, Societies, etc.

We are members of IPCA, BAI and NPMA

Our Services Include:

  • General Pest Management solutions
  • Rodent Management solutions
  • Bed Bug Management solutions
  • Flying Pest Management solutions
  • Termite Management solutions
  • Wood Borer Management solutions
  • Weed Management solutions
  • Snake Management solutions
  • Container Fumigation
  • Warehouse Fumigation
  • Stack Fumigation
  • Ship Fumigation 

Our offices are approved by the Plant Protection Department, Govt. of India and our work force are backed by well trained fumigation operators, having over five decades of experience in scientific fumigation matching the International Standards.

We follow tailor-made protocols to meet the requirements our clients. We are flexible and adaptable to the ever changing expectation of our clients.  



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