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Whether you want to move the entire apartment along with a car, or you just want to move a few of the household belongings, the professional movers and packers on board, will be happy to offer a customized relocation plan, specific to your shifting or storage needs and schedule. You can get tentative quotations over the phone, but it's better to schedule a free home survey. The movers will be able to assess your specific needs quickly and they'll provide you the detailed quotation and complete move plan within hours.

Packers and movers services across India - the hassle free way

We have published a number of do-it-yourself tips and hacks on how to pack and move goods without many hassles, but those tips and hacks are going to work only when you have the time and resources to get it right. And still, the fact is that relocation is still very complicated and you can't afford to take chances, especially when there are professionally managed packers and movers companies available and they are ready to help.

Broadly speaking, the packers and movers companies in India offer following services:

  • Local shifting for all types of household goods, appliances and furniture
  • Interstate shifting services for all types of goods and articles
  • Household storage and warehousing services
  • Car transportation services to physically move your car across India
  • Office shifting services to move locally or to a different state

But there are other relevant services or sub tasks where you can use the packers and movers services, such as only packing for do-it-yourself move. So if you are planning to hire a truck and move everything on your own, instead of hiring a movers and packers, then you may require just the packing and such kind of service is available.

Another important thing to note is about moving single item.

Services of movers and packers will suit you when you want to relocate something which is odd in size or weight. So if you are moving entire 1 BHK or a 2 BHK flat or an office or a Car, using movers and packers services is going to make more sense.

But if you want to move just a single item like a Bike or an AC, then you may not find a service provider and even if you find one, it's going to take lots of time for them to get your goods delivered to your home. The problem is, single items are usually moved on shared basis, and so whenever they get an associate who is sending some goods to the same city where you want to move, then they will be able to do it.

So ideally, if you want to move a single item, you should opt for other mode of transportation like rail parcel or transport or logistic services, because that's the best way to relocate single item.

Movers and packers help you relocate without hassles

There can't be any better ways to relocate your household goods, home appliances or office items like furniture, computers and other office equipments etc than using the movers and packers services. The best part is that you don't even have to bother about the cartons, packing materials, packing etc as they will bring everything that is needed to safely move your goods to the destination.

Here are a few of the key services they offer:

  • Free No Obligation Quotations
  • Household, Office, Car Transportation Services
  • Local, National, Long Distance Relocation
  • Multi Layer Secured Packing
  • Short and Long term Household Storage and Warehousing
  • Full or Part Packing Services
  • Dismantling and Reassembly of Furniture like bed etc
  • Transit Insurance for goods being moved

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Simple Guide to Estimate Packers and Movers Rates and Charges

With over 10 years of experience in the movers and packers industry, we can safely claim that we know the industry inside out. And based on our experience and interaction with users like you from all over India, I can tell you that if you are planning to relocate your household goods or car or you want to avail storage and warehousing services, then you must be wondering about the safety and rates and charges.

Well, we often come across phrases like 'KITNA LAGEGA' or how much does it cost to use movers and packers service for shifting or warehousing services?

There is no sure shot way to estimate the accurate estimate online, because there is no fixed rate chart for these services. Every individual have different requirements and hence the rates depend on the exact list of inventory and several other factors including distance, route, insurance, brand value, quality of packing and overall service.

But I can definitely help you calculate and estimate tentative rates and charges for packers and movers services and this way you can at least get an idea of what to expect from movers, as far as their charges are concerned.

So if you have been wondering about how to calculate and estimate packers and movers rates and charges for household goods shifting and storage services in India, then I have got you covered.

Based on our own experience, interaction with multiple leading movers and packers companies and analyzing tons of data, we have identified some of the major cost heads, which is listed as under:

  • Volume of goods
  • Distance between source and destination
  • Quality of packing
  • Transportation
  • Manpower for handling various tasks
  • Insurance
  • Value added services
  • Applicable taxes

Calculate Rates and Charges of Packers and Movers for Household Shifting

As you already know, local shifting is done usually within city which means the distance will be minimal like within 1 kilometer to up to 15-30 Kilometers. Local shifting can be done within a day and it is easier and hassle free in comparison to interstate shifting.

Let's take a look at how much it may cost to hire movers and packers for local shifting in your city.

Transportation charges

Based on the volume of goods you want to shift, you may just need a small tempo like a TATA Ace or if you are shifting a fully furnished 3 BHK household goods, then you may need a TATA 407 or a DCM kind of a mid size truck.

The cost for transportation could go from Rs. 1500.00 to up to Rs. 4000.00

Packing Charges

There are many who think that packing is not required for local shifting. But based on our experience, we advise packing, especially for fragile items like TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Desktop Computers, Wardrobes, Crockery items and utensils etc.

If you want, you can opt for packing of these items and you can ignore hardy items like furniture etc. The cost of packing could range from Rs. 1600.00 to 4000.00, depending on the number of items and quality of packing and packing materials being used.

Handling Charges

The movers and packers you have hired will send their own people to pack and handle everything smoothly. You don't have to bother about anything. Again based on the number of items or the size of the move, it may require 2, 3, 4 or more people to handle everything.

The manpower is charged at the rate of Rs. 500 to Rs. 600.00 per person.

To pack and move 1 BHK goods, 2 people should be enough, which means it will cost around Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1200.00. Similarly, for 2BHK household goods, it will require 3-4 people and for a 3 BHK, it may require 4-5 people.

Value-added Service Charges

Part from packing, loading, unloading and transportation, the movers and packers also offer certain value added services. These services are charged additionally. So if you want them to unpack and re-arrange all the furniture etc in your new home, they can do so for a nominal fee. Usually, unpacking and re-arranging services are offered by movers in case of intercity move. But in case of long distance relocation, sometimes, these value added services may not be available.

Charges for such value added services, which is optional and you may not require this may be anywhere between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000.00

Now the process remains nearly the same for interstate and long distance household goods shifting, except that in case of long distance move, the cost of packing and transportation will be a little more, as that requires industry grade multi layer packing using premium quality packing materials. And secondly, the cost of insurance will be added to the overall relocation cost in case of interstate or long distance move which is charged @3% of the declared value of the goods.

Storage Charges

Process of storage and warehousing is similar to the local shifting. The movers and packers will come over to you place, they will pack everything and move your goods to their storage facility. They will store your goods for whatever period you want them to store and once you want your goods back, they will bring it to your place.

The cost of packing, transportation and manpower will be similar to local shifting. In addition to that the service providers are going to charge you for storing your goods, which can be Rs. 50 to Rs. 200 per day, based on the goods and time period for which you want to store.

Also in case of storage there will be two way transports, once when they move to the storage and again when you want your goods back at your place.

Miscellaneous expenses

Now apart from what the movers and packers are going to charge for the various services they are offering, there are a few other miscellaneous expenses that you may like to consider. For instance, once the work is over, the labours will ask for some tip or 'BAKHSISH' as they call it. Paying a tip to the manpower working on your move is not mandatory, but they are going to demand some tip anyway. And whether you want to pay and how much is your call.

Tentative rates for intercity household shifting

As I have already said, rates and charges for various services offered by movers and packers depends on several parameters including the brand of the company you have chosen to work with, quality of packing, volume of goods and so on. But still, you can get a fair idea of how the movers and packers companies estimate the moving costs for household shifting and storage services. So here's a tentative rate chart to help you get started.

House Type
Packing charges
Labour charges
Transport charges
Total Cost
1 BHK Shifting
Rs 1600 - 3000
Rs 1200 - 1800
Rs 1000 - 3500
Rs 3800 - 8300
2 BHK Shifting
Rs 2000 - 4000
Rs 2000 - 2400
Rs 1500 - 4000
Rs 5500 - 10400
3 BHK Shifting
Rs 2500 - 4500
Rs 2000 - 3000
Rs 3000 - 5500
Rs 7500 - 13000
Get accurate charges of leading movers and packers in Town

Now that you know about the various costs heads and how much does the movers and packers charge for various services, this chart should give you a starting point.

But as you know, the rates and charges of movers and packers primarily depends on volume of goods and transportation costs i.e. distance, it is better to compare rates from a few of the leading movers and packers before finalizing the move and the service provider.

You can call us on our helpline number or simply submit the quote request form (on top of this page) to get started!