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Warehousing and Household storage services in Pune

Are you moving out of Pune for a few months or a year and you are wondering if you could find a safe, secured and cost effective warehousing facility for household items storage in Pune? Here's all you need to know about using household storage and warehousing services in Pune.

Household storage and warehousing services are offered by leading moving companies near you in Pune. They offer end to end packing and storage services to store your goods temporarily for short term and long term. The duration of storage can be as per your requirements so you can store your goods for short terms like a few weeks or for long term like months or a year or even for longer duration.

Typically, there are two types of storage facility, one that is offered by the moving and storage companies in Pune which is best suited for individuals to store all sorts of household materials. And, the other one is self storage, widely suited for industrial goods storage (raw materials and finished goods).

When to use household storage and warehousing service in Pune?

Household storage services can be considered as a tailor-made storage and warehousing solutions for individuals. As you already know, there are so many complications in moving and relocating with all the household goods. And, when you are relocating temporarily for a few months or under a year, then the costs involved in moving your household materials both ways, may be higher than the storage costs.

Therefore, using warehousing facilities for household storage in Pune makes more sense. But that's not the only reason to use household storage services in Pune. People in Pune are using storage and warehousing services for different reasons, including:

  • When they are temporarily moving out of Pune and they don't want the hassles of moving their goods along with them.
  • When they simply want to downsize their current home and free up some space by storing some items in a safe and secured warehousing facility.
  • They also use storage and warehousing facilities in Pune to store their goods for short terms - like when renovating their home, or when their rental lease has expired, and they are still searching for a new home.
  • Storage facilities in Pune can also be used if you want to store some extra furniture that you might have purchased for future use like a marriage gift .

As you can see, one can use storage and warehousing facilities in Pune for household goods storage for various reasons.

But, whatever the reason is, if you find the reason to move some or all of your household goods in to storage for short time or longer period, you can always use the warehousing services. And, if you are wondering about rates, charges, flexibility or have any other concerns, then feel free to call us on 07044123404 and talk to a storage expert.

Find rates for short term or long term household storage in Pune

If you are considering moving part of or all of household goods in to a safe and secured storage facility in Pune, but you are unsure about the storage charges of leading moving and storage companies in Pune and wondering how and where to look for one, then we can help you get it right.

We can help you get the most competitive rates and quotations from leading storage service providers in Pune, Maharashtra. Here's how you can get started and be ready to choose a moving and storage company near you in Pune for short term or longer terms household storage needs.

  1. Submit the quote request form - provider basic information like what you want to store, for how long, and tentatively from when you may need the service.
  2. Receive best rate offers and quotations - get quick estimates and offers from top rated storage and moving companies near you in Pune.
  3. Compare, hire and save - Once you have the quotations, you can quickly compare each of the offers, and choose a storage partner that suits your need and budget.

Moving and storage is considered to be a little tricky, especially when you have no prior experience of using moving and storage services in the past.

Finding moving companies, scheduling pre-storage survey, packing of goods, safe and careful handling in transit and most importantly safety of goods and overall moving and storage charges - it can easily be an overwhelming experience.

We have helped thousands of users like you in moving and storing their goods. And, we are all the way with you, and ready to help you get it right.

General FAQ on household storage facilities in Pune

Every day, we interact with hundreds of users like you and they ask different types of questions about household storage and warehousing services; from safety and quality of packing and sealing, to rates and payment terms for storage services. Based on our interaction with users and moving and storage companies, we have prepared the list of FAQs commonly asked by other users.

Take a look and see if you wanted to ask any of these questions.

Is it safe to use storage and warehousing services?

Yes, storage and warehousing services to store household items like TV, Fridge, washing machine, kitchen items etc is generally safe. And to make it even safer for you, you should always work with moving and storage companies that offers transit insurance and storage insurance to protect your interest from other forms of mishaps and damages like accident and fire etc.

What are the standard storage charges for household goods in Pune?

As far as standard storage charges for household goods storage in Pune is concerned, the charges can be anywhere between Rs. 50 per day for 1 Bedroom goods to up to Rs. 250 plus for 3BHK household items. But when budgeting for storage charges, you should also consider charges for local transportation from your home to the warehouse and delivering charges from the warehouse to your home. Storage charges depend on volume of goods, period of storage and quality of the storage facility and the service provider.

What's the usual payment term for household storage services?

The moving and storage companies in Pune that offers household goods storage and warehousing facilities are flexible with payment terms. The standard is to pay the packing charges and one way local transportation charges at the time of moving your goods to the warehouse. Then, pay monthly storage charges as agreed up on by every month end.

Who'll do the packing for moving my goods to storage?

Of course the storage service provider is going to do the packing for you. In fact, they will also load and transport your goods from your house to their warehouse. Then they store it, and when you are back and you want your goods, they will deliver it to your home. They offer complete set of services to their customers.

Hope, you have got the answer to most of your questions. But, if you are still unsure and want to speak with us, then feel free to call our helpline number: 07044123404 and talk to an expert from our storage team. We'll be happy to help you.