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A G Enterprise Kolkata

Pest management and fumigation service

AG Group of industries is established in 1986. We are specialized in solving pest problems; we stand tall by countering every modern environmental challenge’s that we face today. We strive to provide you with our proven methods of prevention and cure. We use latest technologies and means to treat the pest problems, ensuring the desired result without any adverse economical effect.  

We have a proven record of providing flawless service to its clients from all around the world. We have been recognized as an expert advisor on Fumigation and Pest Control matter on delegations abroad by Govt. companies.  Our team consists of entomologists, trained and certified personal staff who understand the critical environments & improvise accordingly.

We can fulfill unique pest management and fumigation needs of:

  • Residential Premises for Complex and individual residence.
  • Warehouse & Factory (Paper, Tea and Rice).
  • Food / Agri Processing facilities
  • Mills (Wheat and Rice)
  • Beverage Processing
  • Style Corporate
  • Pharmaceuticals & Research Institution
  • Hospital / Diagnostic Center & Nursing Home
  • Hotel / Restaurant / Bar & Banquet
  • Airport & Flight Kitchen
  • Corporate / Industrial & Private Office premises.
  • Ships / Containers & Rigs
  • Bagged / Break Bulk Cargo

Services available across:

Kolkata, Howrah, Burdwan


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