Cee Bee Design Studios, Kolkata

Leading interior designer in kolkata

We are one of the leading interior designing company based out of Kolkata and have branches in Bangalore and Goa. Cee Bee Design Studio is possibly one of the largest spread out corporate interior firms which thrives on its pan India presence and coordination between each sector.
The head office is based in Kolkata and acts as a central unit for all systems, processes and executions. Branch offices in Goa and Bangalore
  • Planning and designing the layout of your apartment and offices
  • Customizing flooring, ceiling, wall colors, lights and fittings
  • Providing furniture of choice – modular or fitted
  • Equipping pantries & bathroom with modern fittings
  • Procuring and fitting electronic appliances
  • Manufacturing and installation

Services available in:

Kolkata, Goa, Bangalore


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Cee Bee Design Studios, Kolkata

Cee Bee Design Studios, Kolkata

EB10, 840, Rajdanga Main Rd
Kolkata - 700107

Hours: Monday-Sunday, all day

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