Pest O Zone, Ahmedabad

Pest control services in Ahmedabad

Pest O Zone is a professional pest control company in Ahmedabad with a team of highly skilled technicians and professionals that offers complete pest control service in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. We are available 24x7, we are committed to work with you and help you get rid of any types of pests and bugs. We also work on Sundays because we are committed to perform pest control services according to your convenience days and time.

We use some of the best technologies and hence we don’t ask you to vacate the room or eliminate all of the utensils. In general, we finish the task within hours.

We have transparent rates and we can assure that our rates are best in the industry. From very beginning, we strive to offer long term pest control service at cost effective rates.

Here is an overview of what services we offer:

Cockroach (Baiting)- 4 times per year i.e. after every three months throughout year.

Mosquitoes (Spray) - 8 times per year i.e. after every 11/2 months throughout year.

Housefly (Bait Solution)- Periodically

Ants control (Spray) - On occurrence

Bed bug control - On occurrence

Silver fish - On occurrence

Spicier control - 8 times per year

Rat control - On occurrence

Dust mites - 8 times per year

Qtorechgrain pestuontroi - For aii Cereals and pulses

Services available in:

Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar


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Pest O Zone, Ahmedabad

Pest O Zone, Ahmedabad

No. 101, Sukh Shanti Complex, Anand Nagar
Ahmedabad - 380007

Hours: Monday-Sunday, all day

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