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Website Design, Promotion and Google Ads PPC Services

Whether you are just starting a business in Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Patna, Ranchi or in any other city and your are planning to get a basic website designed and promoted, or you already have a website that's not working well for your business, we can design and develop fully responsive, SEO optimized static and dynamic website for your business, just at the right price.

Are looking for search engine friendly website that'll generate qualified business leads to help you grow your business? Are you looking for an experienced website design company in Kolkata that can design a fully functional, search engine friendly website that'll boost your sales and brand value?

If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. As a leading website design company based out of Kolkata, we can design fully functional, static or dynamic website that'll actually help you grow your business at cost effective rates.

We are based in Kolkata, but our website design, website promotion and google Ads PPC advertising services are available across the cities in India including Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Patna, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Delhi NCR and other cities.

What's the fun in having a website that does not work as anticipated, and if it's not generating leads and sales for your business? We have experienced website designers on board who have years of experience in designing and developing fully functional static and dynamic website that works exactly as anticipated.

We have experienced website designers in our team, who know what they are doing. While designing and developing the website, we pay attention to every input that is shared by our clients to ensure that the final website will function exactly as it is expected to function. We follow latest website design standard and procedures while building fully responsive websites for our customers.

While designing websites, we take care of basic on page SEO requirements to make it search engine friendly that'll help your website to appear in search results on google, Microsoft Bing and other popular search engines.

We always prefer to have strategically placed lead capture form on the landing pages to ensure that the website captures enquiries and leads that will increase the sales of your organization and boost the efficiency of your sales team.

If you would like to get the best price offers for website design services or website promotion needs, then just submit the quote request form and we'll call you back to discuss your requirements and suggest website design and website promotion strategies that'll work for your business.

We have a team of highly experienced website designers, content writers and developers who have got years of experience in designing and developing static, dynamic and SEO optimized website that is guaranteed to work.

Although, every business may not require a website to run their business, but having a professionally designed website with clear call to action, and a lead capture form can add plenty of value and help you grow your business quickly.

Some of the major benefits of having a professionally designed website are as under:

  • The website helps you showcase your products and services in as much detail as you want.
  • You can use audio and graphics to explain your products and services much effectively.
  • Helps you reduce your marketing budget because online advertising is way more cost effective than other media channels like print and television.
  • Strengthens business credibility, because when you have a professionally designed website, the potential customers will feel confident in dealing with you.

  • It'll widen your each and you'll be able to reach out to national and global potential customers.

  • It'll help your sales team by generating leads for your business.

  • Consider it as an employee that's addressing the concerns of potential customers around the clock.

Today, we are living in a connected world, and if we are not leveraging the benefits of internet, then probably we are not getting it right.

Internet is massive and has huge potential for everyone.

Not having a professionally designed and functional website may have negative consequences on your business. And just having a website is not enough, it has to look and work professionally. And if you don't have a website or your website is not working correctly then, you may not be able to get leads, because the website form is not working. And even if the form is working, may be the lead alerts are going to the junk folder instead of landing to your inbox. So it's seriously important to engage with a professional website design company to design, maintain and promote your website.

Whether you are just starting a new business, or you are already running your business since a while, if you don't have a website, you should seriously consider designing a website. And if you already have a website that needs some improvements here and there, or it needs complete redesign, we can help redesign you website professionally.

And, when you have decided to get a website designed and developed for your business, just make sure that you are getting it designed and developed by a professional website designing company that understands how the business happens.

End to end website design and website promotion solutions

Hundreds of website is getting launched every minute. And as of January 2019, there are over 1,518,207,412 active website worldwide. Out of these many websites, only 10-15% of the websites are updated and used regularly. So, that means nearly 85% of the website are not being used actively. And when such is the scenario, you can't afford to take your website lightly.

Thousands of website is getting launched every day, and if you assume that just launching yet another website is good enough to drive sales, then you may be wrong and you need to rethink.

Good quality business website requires strategic planning and execution. Right from design layout, to graphics and contents, everything is equally important.

So just getting a mediocre website is not going to cut it for you and you need a professional website design company that has got the experience and resource to make it work for you.

We clearly understand that, just launching a fancy looking website with duplicate contents and errors is not going to work. The website has to be conceptualized and designed as per the needs and nature of your business. It's seriously important to define the target audience and potential customers and then design the website that'll will add value to your business, boost your sales and increase the efficiency of your organization.

Every business has its own objective, your primary goal may be lead generation for your business, but for other businesses, their primary goal may be to showcase the work they have been doing.

Our website designers have years of experience in designing and launching both static and dynamic website of different scales. They will have a detailed discussion with you to understand your primary objective of having the website and then make strategies for website design and website promotion strategies that'll suit your business needs.

Our team of experienced website designers and developers have designed and developed static and dynamic websites with different features. Right from designing basic website with lead capture forms to, photo gallery, product catalogue, shopping cart and so on.

If you are looking for the best website design company with years of experience in designing websites for small business and corporate, then we can easily fit the bill. Feel free to talk to us if you have any of the following requirements.

  • Corporate website design services
  • Web design services for small business
  • Static website design services
  • Dynamic website design with CMS
  • Website promotion and social media marketing
  • Ad-words account setup and monitoring to drive better ROI

We're one of the leading website design company in Kolkata, with years of experience in website designing and website promotion solutions. Apart from designing static and dynamic website with different features like gallery, lead capture form, image slider, product catalogue, shopping cart etc. We can also help you with other bespoke website design and related services such as:

  • Logo design and end to end branding services including visiting cards, letter heads, envelope, service catalogue, brochure etc.
  • website promotion solution like social media account management and pay per click add management for Facebook, Google Adwords and Bing advertising.
  • Domain and hosting solutions including shared hosting, cloud, VPS and dedicated server.
  • Email hosting for business and small enterprise.
  • SMS gateway and API solutions.
  • Content writing services.

Whether you are looking for a professional and cost effective website design company in Kolkata, Patna, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, Lucknow, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara or in any other city in India, we can easily be your preferred website design and website promotion service provider.

And our website design and website promotion services are available across India and abroad.

We look forward to help you with your website design and website promotion requirements.

FAQ on website design and website promotion

After interacting with thousands of customers and completing so many projects, we clearly understand that the potential customer may have unique queries and we'll be happy to address it all. Listed below are a few of the most frequently asked question and answer, and if you have any other question related to our website design and website promotion services, then feel free to talk to us on 07044123404.

What's the starting price for basic but functional website design and website promotion solutions?

Different customer have different functional requirements, but if you are after a basic website with standard web pages like a home page, about us, services, contact us with lead capture form, gallery and a couple of other pages and a couple of email address, then we consider this as a standard website.

Rates and charges of SEO optimized static website with above mentioned pages can be designed and launched for as low as Rs. 5999.00. This includes free domain, hosting and email for one year. Next year onwards you have to pay the annual renewal charges for domain and hosting only to continue using your domain and website.

For website promotion solutions, the rates and charges are not fixed and it's going to depend on the individual requirements of the customer. Depending on which platform (facebook, google adwords, Microsoft Bing advertising etc) you want us to work on, we can quote you the prices for website promotion services.

Our pricing for website design and digital media marketing is very competent and transparent. There will be a minimal one time account setup fees and then based on your monthly budget for the pay per click campaign; we'll charge account management fee, which is usually between 10-15% of your monthly budget.

So for example, if you want to spend Rs. 100 daily on google adwords campaign, that means Rs. 3000 every month, then our monthly campaign management fees will be Rs. 4500.00 only. We'll setup adwords campaign, create ad groups, research for well performing keywords and manage the overall campaign to ensure better ROI. With years of experience in managing google adwords campaign, we will help you generate better CTR and conversion for your campaign.

What's the next step once we hire you to design our website?

We have a very streamlined and smooth process for website designing and website promotion solutions. It does not matter where you are based and irrespective of your physical location, we can get it right for you.

It all starts with submitting the quote request form. Once you submit the form, we'll get back to you to discuss your requirements and then quote you the most competent rates for the website designing or website promotion solution you need.

Once you agree to hire us, we will send you the pro forma invoice to make advance payment and we'll start working on the design. In the mean time, you have to send the logo, contents, pictures etc, whatever you may have and you want us to use in the website design.

Once the design is ready, we will send it to you for feedback and suggestion. Based on your feedback, we will make required changes and continue the feedback gathering and making changes till you are fully satisfied with the design.

Once the design is approved, you will have to make the final payments and we'll host the website on our test server. You can review the website and once approved, we will make it live on actual domain.

Do we need to have physical meeting to discuss the requirements?

As you know, India is the outsourcing partner to the world. We work from the city of joy - Kolkata, but we have customers across all of the major cities in India and abroad. Internet is very powerful and it has decreased the distance. Today, you may be based in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Indore, Ranchi, Patna, Bhubaneswar, Thane, Mumbai Noida or anywhere in India or abroad, and still work with us without any hassles.

We have a solid process in place and that allows us to design and launch great websites without having to meet with our client physically. All that you have to do is to forward your requirements and we'll figure out the rest of the process.

We like communicating though emails, because it helps keep track of each and every feedback and conversation. But if there is something that has to be discussed over the phone, you can always call us and explain. Whenever we'll have a doubt, we can call you to discuss and move forward.

I don't have a logo; do you include logo design in the website design package?

If you don't have a logo, then you may consider our complete branding package that includes logo design, visiting card design, mailing envelope and letter head design. The complete branding package helps you getting your branding right from early on.

But if you don't want the branding services at the moment, then we can include a basic logo in the website design package itself. And you don't have to pay anything extra for that, unless you have any specific logo design need. It's just that the logo will be the part of the website itself and as per the design; we'll create a nice web friendly logo for your brand.

I am looking for unique design, so how many number of iteration do you offer to get it right?

We understand that design taste varies from people to people. Every client has different design and color preferences. Some of the client may like bright and vibrant color scheme and another client may like to have soothing and calm color scheme. And that's okay, because we all have different design taste and color preference.

Every website that we design is going to have a unique custom design based on any design input and specs shared by our client. And offer you as many iterations as you may need to get the designing right. After all, it's about your business and you must be satisfied with the final outcome and hence there is no point worrying about the number of iterations you get to get the design right. It starts with understanding your requirements, followed by home page design, and once the design is approved, we'll start creating the pages.

I am starting my business and need a basic website with lead capture forms. Can you do it?

Yes we can. We know that every business starts small. And it's always fun to work with startup and businesses from early days. And we always look at it from long term perspective and that's the reason why we have managed to work with small and early stage companies to growing and emerging companies.

We always think long term and we understand that your business may be small today, but your business is going to grow within a couple of years and if we can add real value to your business today, you will consider us even when your business will outgrow.

So, irrespective of the size of the website, small or big, we'll be more than happy to collaborate with you to get your website designed, launched and marketed and ensure best ROI.

Don't you have standard website design packages so that I can choose one that suits me?

We seriously believe that every client has different requirements and since we offer services, it's always better to do what works best for the client. Website design packages may include many features that you may not need at all and hence we have kept it simple.

As far as setting up a basic and functional website is concerned, our website designing package starts from as low as Rs. 5999.00 only, and this fits most of the customers' requirements. But, if you have any specific requirements, then we are open to discuss your website requirements in detail, and make appropriate strategies that'll will be cost effective and work for you.

I need a website, that's mostly static, but one of the pages needs monthly or weekly updates. How much does it cost for such website?

Static websites usually does not have a content management system (CMS), so these changes have to be made manually. If the anticipated changes are limited to a few changes like updating of a phone number or adding your new branch information or something similar, which is not frequent, then we can take care of those changes.

But if you require frequent changes, then developing a website with integrated content management system will suit you the most. We can integrate content management system in your proposed website so that you can login to the admin console and make required changes as and when needed.

But if you don't want to take those hassles of login and updating the contents on your own, because at times you may end up messing what is already working. In such cases, we can mutually agree on an annual maintenance contract that starts from Rs. 2500 per year only.

With us, you can be rest assured of getting all the flexibility so that you stay focused on your business growth and we'll continue taking care of your website and branding needs.

I need a website to showcase some products (10-20 products) can you do that in less cost?

We have designed and developed website of all types, including one to showcase the products and even take on line orders. Whether you want a catalogue website to showcase your products and generate online leads and enquiries from prospective customers, or you want complete end to end product listing, shopping card to place order and back end module to manage it all, we'll be happy to discuss your requirements and offer suitable quote for such website development. With regard to the cost, our prices are always going to be competitive, so be rest assured about that.

What about the emails, we need basic website with 2-3 email addresses.

For every website that we design, you get a couple of email accounts for free. These email accounts can be configured on your laptop/desktop and mobile device. There will be some limitation of space like, but this is going to suit most of the basic business needs.

But if you are looking for high bandwidth emails or enterprise grade email solutions, then we suggest you to take special email packages that starts from as low as Rs. 750 per user per year with 5GB of email space, free webmail client and the email can be configured on your mobile and other devices.

If we hire you to design and host our website then can you share website access details so that we can make changes as we like?

Yes, absolutely. It's your website and you have all the right to access and manage your website the way you want.

Once the website is hosted, you can ask us for the user ID and password to access and manage your website on your own. We'll be happy to share cpanel or ftp access details with you, but once we share the access details with you, you will be liable to manage your website. If anything goes wrong, we can't be held responsible for that.

I am looking for custom website development with ecommerce and shopping cart, what's the best way to get it right?

We can help you with ecommerce website design and development. Depending on the kind of products and inventory you want to sale, we can design and develop your website with best possible ecommerce platform. Right from catalogue management to shopping cart, payment gateway integration and order management, we can develop and launch your ecommerce website without hassles and within 30 days.

The best way to get started with your ecommerce website is to submit the quote request form and then we take it forward from there.

I am not looking for a website, but we want to have the domain and email address to begin with, is that possible and how much does it cost?

Yes. If you don't need a website then you can just buy domain and email hosting.

There are many companies, who don't need a website to begin with but they need email with their brand name. And we offer specific email solution with 5GB and 30 GB space, per email account.

We have different email hosting options that starts from Rs. 750 per user per year. Prices of domain booking may change based on the extension (TLD), but for .com/.net/in/.org charges are well below Rs. 1000. And by the way, we are a domain reseller, so we have all the extension .net, .in, org., and so on.

What if, I already have a domain and hosting and I want you design my website?

If you already have a domain and hosting, even then we can design and develop a website for your organization. The process will remain nearly the same, but the only difference is that the website will be hosted on a third party server, as provided by you.

In that case, we'll require the FTP login id and password to upload website files to your server. You can ask your hosting partner to share the FTP access detail.

Access to the Cpanel may not be required, unless your website involves database management. But, just to ensure that the hosting and launch of your website does not get delayed, you should have the Cpanel access with you, so that when needed, you can share it with us.

I would like to speak with your team, how can I contact your website designers?

The best way to reach out to our team for website design, customized web application development or for digital media solution is to submit the quote request form above. But if you want to speak with us, you can direct call our helpline number 07044123404 throughout the day i.e. from 9:30 Am to 9:30 PM IST.

The website can seriously become one of the key channels to bring in new prospect and customers for your business and hence it's seriously important to think of it as a crucial channel. And we can assure you that our website designing services and website promotion solutions can add value to your business. And if you are still unsure and have any question or concern, feel free call us on 07044123404 and speak with expert website designers.

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