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ROI focused digital marketing services to grow your business

Internet is massive, and it offers huge opportunity to expand and grow your business. There are so many relevant platforms where potential customers are hanging out. And if you want to leverage this huge opportunity to grow your business then you have to be visible at the right platform, at the right time and communicate your message in a way that your potential customer can take an action.

We offer end to end digital marketing and consulting services that includes Google adwords campaign management for lead generation, social media advertising for brand building and to generate sales, search engine optimization to bring in organic customers to your website and content marketing services to communicate the message in a way that build confidence in potential customers to do business with you.

As a customer centric digital marketing service company in Kolkata, we clearly understand that every business is unique, and hence we create digital marketing and advertising strategies that is guaranteed to offer the best result for every penny spent on a digital advertising campaign.

Internet is evolving every day, and today most of your customers are on mobile. Whether your customer is at research stage or they are ready to purchase, our bespoke digital marketing strategies can address them both.

When you want to increase the fan following and likes for your social media page or you want to generate business leads through search engine marketing or facebook advertising, we can create easy to read, engaging campaigns that'll invoke action by your potential customers.

Today, digital marketing and adverting has become main stream. It's evolving very fast and hence you need a digital marketing service company with years of experience in delivering ROI based digital marketing solutions.

We have a team of experienced digital marketers, SEO experts, content writes and graphics designers that work on specific campaign to ensure that the campaign is relevant, easy to understand and inspire the desired action by your potential customer.

If you are looking for a customer focused digital marketing company with specialization in digital marketing consulting services, then we can easily become your digital media partner.

We offer end to end digital marketing and advertising consulting services to our customers across India and abroad.

Listed below are a few of the key digital marketing and advertising services we offer, at the most competitive rates.

Search engine optimization services

Our search engine optimization (SEO) services consists of a number of strategies to ensure that your website appears on top of the search results, when your prospective customers are searching for the specific or related products or services that you offer.

Google being one of the most popular and widely used search engines, we ensure that we follow best SEO practices to make your website search engine friendly. This involves on site contents and page optimization and offsite SEO best practices.

Right from keywords research to key phrase analysis, onsite contents optimization to meta data fixing, setting up sitemap and building relevant links, we'll do it all to improve your organic search ranking. As you already know, different business has different levels of keywords competition, we do extensive research and audit and make required changes across the pages to make your website search engine friendly.

Google evaluates and considers over 200 signals to determine which web page is most relevant to the users query and intent. Google has never revealed about all of the signals it uses to determine the rank of a particular web page or website while displaying search results. But it always gives priority to well designed, light weight and faster web pages that it thinks answers the users question and intent in most relevant way.

With years of experience in search engine optimization for small and big websites, we can ensure faster and better visibility and search result ranking for your website. While performing search engine optimization on your websites, we ensure to follow the best practices as recommended by google and expert search engine marketers. We refrain from using shady SEO practices for quick results and hence even if the results may take time, we ensure that the SEO results will be sustainable.

If you already have a website and want us to optimize so that it appears on google and other search engine results, then feel free to talk to us on +91-7044123404 or submit the quote request form, and we will take it from there.

Google adwords marketing services

Pay per click or PPC advertising on search engine like google or Microsoft Bing is probably the fastest and guaranteed ways to generate leads for your business and to boost sales. Whether you are just starting your business or you are already in to it, if you are not getting enough enquiries or leads then google adwords advertising is the fastest and most effective way to generate qualified leads for your business.

Google adwords is the most used search engine and it gives you the opportunity to advertise your business on google and its search network. You create your adwords campaign and multiple ad variations and choose relevant and targeted keywords to display your advertisement. You can also specify your own daily budget, budget for specific keywords and google will charge you only when the potential customer is clicking on your ads. You pay only when your ads get clicked by the potential customers. Microsoft Bing, the second largest search engine also works like that.

One of the best advantages of using google adwords for pay per click advertisement is that you can actually make yourself visible to the most relevant and targeted potential customers, who are looking to buy the products or the services, you are selling.

Our google adwords advertising services includes end to end adwords solutions. Right from creating and optimizing landing pages that actually converts, to setting up adwords campaign and creating multiple responsive and dynamic ads, our team of google adwords marketers will take care of everything.

With continuous campaign optimization, keywords analysis and research, we'll ensure to bring best click through rates and conversion numbers for your campaign. You will have total control of your daily and monthly budget for google adwords advertising, and hence based on ROI, you can tweak the budget as and when needed.

With years of experience in managing adwords and Bing campaigns, we'll ensure that you get maximum return on your investment in google adwords or on other pay per click advertising platforms.

If you are ready to leverage the opportunity that google adwords advertising offers, then feel free to call us +91-7044123404 or submit the quote request form. We'll be happy to create ROI focused google adwords strategies for your business.

Social media advertising services

Social media advertising is the next big thing. Majority of your potential customers are hanging out on different social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other such social networking platforms. By leveraging the social media advertising, you can geo target your potential customers and reach out to them at cost effective rates.

Social networking platforms like facebook offer a number unique advantages over traditional pay per click search engine advertising.

One of the biggest advantages that it offers to the business is that you can minutely refine your potential customers, and target them based on their location, age group, gender, language preferences, interests etc.

You can also control the maxim daily budget and can get started with even small budget and see how it works for your business. Whether you want to increase the likes and fan followers or you want to drive traffic to your product sales page, or service booking page, social media advertising can help you all of these end goals.

Social media advertising is equally effective for brand building, creating buzz for a specific product, offers, and for generating sales leads. And while we are discussing it, it is safe to say that click through rates on social media advertising platform is way less than that of search engine advertising.

But then, every penny you spend on social media advertising has to be spent wisely, or else all efforts will be wasted if the customer profiling and targeting goes wrong.

So, you can't rely on an average social media advertising agency to pull off your social media advertising campaigns successfully.

With years of experience in managing end to end social media marketing and advertising campaigns, we can ensure that you'll get the best ROI on every penny you spend on social media advertising.

We'll setup the campaign, keep your pages updated, analyze the data on weekly basis and take required action to ensure best visibility and maximum return on your investment.

And, if you are ready to take the advantages of social media advertising, then feel free to call us +91-7044123404 or submit the quote request form. We'll be happy to create ROI focused social media advertising strategies for your business.

Engaging content writing service in India

Are you looking for a reliable content writing service provider who can write the most engaging contents that educate, inform and drive conversion on your website, social networking pages and ad copies? Are you planning to outsource your creative content writing requirements to a reliable content writing service provider in India that is creative, professional, prompt and responsive? If yes, then we can help you with end to end content writing service.

As they say, "content is king", unless you have well written engaging contents on your website, in your ad copies or on your blog or in catalogue or product description, it's going to be really hard to drive traffic and convert potential customers into sales.

Due to lack of well written, engaging and converting contents on your page, you may be losing sales every day. Your website copies and contents have to be well crafted and engaging to help you convert. And with our content writing services, you can get it right at the most competent rates.

We have a team of highly experienced content writers who can produce long form and short forms contents that can educate, engage and convert. Whether you are looking for fresh contents for your website, blog or social networking pages, we do it all.

We have expert content writers on board who have years of experience in writing SEO friendly, engaging contents that educate and inform your potential customers, just the way you want.

Whether you are looking for fresh and engaging contents for your website or blog, smaller copies like 500-550 words or you are looking for well researched, extensive and detailed SEO friendly blog posts of above 2500 words, we can write engaging and SEO friendly contents and blog posts for you.

With over years of experience in writing all types of contents from SEO optimized web page copies to well researched long form articles and blog posts for different industries; we have refined our process to ensure that we succeed your expectation.

We clearly understand that different business has different goals. And, whether your goal is to educate your readers or you want to drive relevant organic traffic to your website through well research contents and blog posts, with our content writing services, you can easily get it right.

Once you decide to engage us for content writing services, we will discuss your requirements in detail to understand your ultimate objective, and accordingly we'll create a content strategy that is guaranteed to work for your business.

We can produce all types of contents - from seo friendly web page copies to blog posts and writing product description and technical writing, you can use our contents writing services to get it right. There is no minimum order and no limits on number of words. Whatever content writing requirements you may have, we can help you get it right.

Getting started is quick and easy. Just submit the quote request form or call us on +91-7044123404 to discuss your copy writing needs.

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