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ROI Focused Google Ads (Adwords) PPC Advertising Services in Kolkata

We put the right message in front of the right users, at the right time to boost your profit.

Are you looking for high quality targeted leads that can help boost your sales, increase visibility in google search results, drive targeted traffic to your website and improve brand recognition? If yes, then you need a professional google adwords expert who offer ROI focused Google Ads (Adwords) PPC advertising services. As a google certified search engine marketer, we can put your business right there, on top, in front of your potential customers.

We have years of experience in running google adwords PPC campaigns successfully, and we are ready and available to help you get high quality business leads, top rank in google search results and drive highly targeted business leads to boost your sales and brand recognition. And we do so by using well researched keywords and appropriate targeting e.g. location, demographics, and much more.

Today, no one goes online to search for information, they are always online. According to google, users all over the world are making over 100 billion collective searches every month on its search engine. And that's a massive opportunity for business worldwide to be there, when the people are searching for the products or services that you offer.

Google Ads is not just about putting a bunch of keywords and bidding high to gain top ad rank. With strategic planning and analysis, you can easily win higher ad position, at a lower price than your competitor by using highly relevant keywords, Ads and landing page experience.

It's seriously important for a business to know what happens after someone clicks on your Ads. With smart conversion tracking, we'll help you figure out the actual worth of sales from the Google Ads campaigns. Based on the conversion tracking data, we continue tweaking the campaign, including budget and targeting and drive better ROI for your business.

Proven adwords strategies that simply works

With years of experiences in managing and running google adwords PPC campaign for our customers, we have been able to generate high quality targeted leads and bring top visibility in google search results.

Backed by proven adwords strategies, we offer you 7 days trial and if you are not satisfied with the results in seven days, you can opt out and get full refund of our service fees.

And here's why you should engage us to manage your google Ads (Adwords) PPC campaigns.

ROI based approach

Whether your goal is to generate targeted leads, or you want to drive relevant traffic on your website, we're always going to stay focused on the ROI. Because at the end of the day, every penny spent should be spent wisely to ensure that you get maximum return on your investment.

Personalized solution

We know that different customers may have different goals and hence we discuss your ultimate goal before setting up the campaign. Based on your business goals, we'll find the KPI's that need to be tracked and monitored, and accordingly make strategies that will work for your business, and help you to achieve the goal within your budget.

Keywords research and budgeting

Once we have understood your ultimate goal and nature of business, the next step is to do keywords research and budgeting. We do extensive research on keywords and phrase to target and then group them together to form thematic ad groups and budget. Not only it'll show relevant ads to people who are more likely to convert and become your customers, but it'll help achieve the ultimate goal within your budget.

Landing page optimization

No matter how well crafted campaign and advertisement you may have, if your landing page is not totally optimized with relevant contents and clear call to action forms and buttons, it's not going to work for you. We'll optimize your landing page to ensure better ad rand and relevance.

100% transparent process

Transparency is one of the biggest issue for many advertisers as they don't know how much and where the money is being spent. We have a 100 transparent process where nothing is hidden from you. You will have access to all the live reports and stats on google to see results and where exactly the money is being spent.

Google ad certified team

We have years of experience in managing google Ad campaign of all size. You can never go wrong when Google ad certified team with years of experience in managing adwords will manage your Google ad campaigns. We are accessible 7 days a week to answer your queries and concern via email and phone.

Well researched keywords that works and converts

Building right keywords list for google adwords advertising is very important. With right keywords you can target people that are most likely to become a customer. And if you end up with wrong keyword list, you may end up spending total ad budget, without any sale or realizing your advertising goal.

We do extensive keywords research to make right keywords list for your goggle adwords campaign, that helps us meet the ultimate goal of the campaign. Here's a three step process we follow to build the most extensive, targeted and right keyword list for your google adwords campaign.

1. We start by thinking like your potential customer to figure out what keywords or phrase they'll use to search for the product or service.

2. Once we have a list of many keywords, we divide them into groups based on theme and properties. So for instance, if you are selling handbags then we may create different keyword groups e.g. "office handbags", "party wear handbags" and may be "shoulder bags". By creating such refined groups, it helps show relevant ads and brings targeted people to your website that can place the order. The keywords list will have anywhere between 5 to 15 or even 20 keywords at times.

3. We also identify negative keywords to ensure you don't end up spending money on displaying ads that has no chance of conversion. For instance, if you are an interior designer, then you may not like to show your add to people who are using keywords like "Interior designer career scope" or "Interior designers job in city name"

Choosing right set of keywords can make or break your adwords campaign and hence it is important to allow a professionally experienced and informed google adwords expert to work on your google adwords campaign that can bring sales and boost traffic and brand recognition.

ROI focused budget strategy for maximum return

One of the best things about google adwords advertising is that, it gives you total control over the budget. It allows you to decide how much you want to spend, each day for the results you want from your google adwords advertising campaign.

While running google adwords advertising campaign for our customers, we always remain focused to ensure that we bring real sales and value to your campaign. And hence, we won't just setup your campaign and leave it to run automatically, we keep on analyzing and tweaking strategies to boost your ROI.

We bid for ROI. We keep on analyzing keywords performance and click through rates. Based on the conversion ratio and click through rates, we tweak the bid for the specific keywords every fortnight to ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment.

Our bid adjustment strategies are based on several factors like the location of the user, device they are using, time of the day and so on.

So we may bid more competitively on users who are nearby, searching on a mobile device and during shop hours to drive more profitable conversions for a local jewellery store. And similarly, the bidding strategy for a consulting service will be different, based on their service area and season.

Conversions happen only when your ads get displayed to the most relevant people, at the right time and place with high chance of conversion and sale.

There are various types of budgeting strategies we use and it depends on the type of campaign and business goals. Even if there are automatic bidding options in google adwords, we opt to bid manually. Manual bidding gives total control over the budget and how we pay for views, clicks or conversions for your business.

FAQ on Google Ad (Adwords) PPC advertising services
What are the keywords and how would you know which keyword is right for my business?

Google is number one search engine and more than 85% of the search on internet happens on There are thousands of customers out there who are looking for the products or services you offer. And keywords and key phrase help you reach those customers. Strategically selected list of keywords and phrase can help you reach the most interested people, who are more likely to become your customer.

Since it's a pay per click advertising, you will pay for every click on your advertisement, and that's why it's seriously important to select the right set of keywords and phrase.

With years of experience in managing Google adwords PPC advertising campaigns, we clearly understand that by selecting the right set of keywords, we'll be able to bring the most targeted people to your website that can easily become your customer.

To understand which keyword is right for you and which keywords should be included in your google adwords PPC campaign, we start by understanding your ultimate business goal and based on your goal, we do extensive research to finalize the set of keywords for specific campaign and ads.

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