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How much does it cost to paint a house in India

While the Asian Royal Luxury interior wall painting costs can range between Rs. 19-21 per sq ft, best quality Asian Royal Matt or Royal shine interior house painting can cost between Rs. 22-24 per sq ft in India. The thing is, house painting costs primarily depend on the quality of the paint, paint brand and range you want to use and the overall surface area being painted. Also, painting cost depends on whether it's a fresh painting or repainting. The standard house painting service starts from Rs. 10000 onward..


service cost guide
₹15000 ₹25000 ₹35000

What's Average Painters Charges in Bangalore?

Although the actual Painters charges in Bangalore may vary based on your specific service requirements, the scope of work and other factors, the standard average charge ranges between Rs. 15000 to 35000 only.

Take a look at the Painters cost guide below to get a better idea. Also, feel free to call our helpline number 07044123404 to receive no-obligation free quotes and offers from top rated Painters near you in Bangalore.


Standard average cost: Rs. 25000
Average cost ranges between Rs. 15000 - 35000
Lowend cost ranges between Rs. 10000 - 25000
Highend cost ranges between Rs. 20000 - 45000

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to paint a house in India?

The cost of painting a house depends on the size of the house and the type of paint you want to apply. So, for a 3 BHK, 1000 sq ft carpet area house, the surface area for the paint comes around 2500 sq ft. If you choose to apply Asian Royale Shine paints (Costs Rs. 22-24 per sq ft), then the cost to paint the house comes at around Rs. 55000 only.

Which brand of paint is best for home painting in India?

Asian paints, Berger paints and kansai nerolac paints are the top three best paint brands of paints for interior and exterior home painting in India.

What is the cost of painting one wall?

The cost of painting one wall depends on the size of the wall and the brand of paint you want to use. For instance if the size of the wall is 10x9=90 sq ft then the cost to paint the wall with Asian Royale Shyne will be around 90x22= Rs. 1980 only.

How much do painters charge in India?

The good quality house painters can charge approx Rs. 8 per sq ft for emulsion paints to Rs. 22 per sq ft for Asian Royale Shyne in case of repainting, and Rs. 20 (emulsion paints) to Rs. 32 per sq ft for Asian Royale Shyne across major cities in India.

How much does it cost to hire a House Painter to paint a room?

The cost to hire a house painter to paint a room ranges between Rs. 9-12 per sq ft, depending on the size of the building and expertise of the painter. The cost is excluding the painting materials.

What do people look for in a painter?

Some of the most crucial qualities to look out for in a professional painter for house painting is the experience of the applicator, quality and finish of the painting and of course the pricing structure.

Can you live in the house while painting work is going on?

Normally, paints are not harmful. However, scrubbing and surface preparation may lead to dust and application of paints may also result in paint smell. Therefore, people with breathing issues should limit the time of exposure to the fumes from interior painting.

Can house paint go bad?

Normally, when the house is painted using proper application methods like putty, primer and double coat paint, the paint does not go bad. However, when the paint is not applied correctly, then it may go bad.

How much does a professional house painting cost?

A good quality professional house painting service may cost anywhere between Rs. 20 to 34 per sq ft for interior house painting, and Rs 11 - 21 per sq ft for exterior house painting with Asian paints.

How often does a house need to be painted?

Ideally, a house should be painted every 6-8 years depending on the surface type, quality of paint that has been applied and most importantly the signs of wear and tear on the walls.

Which exterior house paint is the best?

The best exterior house paint in India is undoubtedly the Asian Ultima Protek which is one of the most advanced exterior painting systems that offer longer durability and best finish.

How to tell when your house needs painting?

It’s easy to know when your house needs painting. Just look for the sign of peeling and fading of painted colours and minor cracks, sign of damp etc in the wall.

Why do we paint our houses?

There are many reasons we paint our house but the top three reasons can be to protect the house from natural elements (sun, heat, snow, rain etc), increase the value of the property and to personalize the house and make it look good and appealing.

Do you offer house painting in Asian Paints?

Yes, absolutely. Asian Paints is one of the most popular paints brands in India. With over 2200 color shades and a wide range of paints to choose from, most of our interior and exterior house painting is done using Asian paints products.

Why do we use primer before painting?

We apply primer before painting the wall to ensure that the paint does not peel or crack easily. Proper surface preparation with putty and primer is important, especially in humid conditions. Besides, the primer helps get a better finish and increase the longevity of the paint.

All About Exterior and Interior House Painting Services

Whether you are moving to a new home or renovating your existing adobe, getting a fresh coat of wall and ceiling paints can magically transform the looks and aesthetics of your home.

While the right wall paints colour combination can add life to the walls, wrong colour combination can break the overall decor of your space. For instance, our expert painters say that the warm color shades can make your space more playful, energized and thoughtful. However, if you want your space to look more relaxing and peaceful, the cool color shades can be your best friend. And by striking the right balance between the cool and warm colour combination, you can smartly convey both the moods.

Luckily, our expert painters are readily available to help you pick the best colour combination for master bedrooms, kid's bedrooms, living and drawing rooms, kitchen and other spaces in your home. They will also share a variety of wall painting designs and stencil painting ideas to help you choose the right paint combination and inspire you. In fact, you can choose from the wide variety of beautiful wall painting designs and wall colour combinations for bedroom, living room, kitchen, washroom and other interior and exterior spaces.

So,whether you are planning to colour the interior of your house or looking for the best quality exterior painting service, our expert painters near you can help get your house painted affordably and without hassles.

Interior painting service

As a leading house painting contractor, the painters and applicators near you are fully committed to deliver the best interior painting experience at surprisingly affordable rates. The Interior painting service includes free colour guide and design consultation. And it covers all the interior walls and ceiling including the kitchen, balcony area, washrooms walls and ceiling. Whether you want fresh interior wall painting or repainting the walls, if you are after the best interior house painting services near you, then we have got you covered.

Exterior painting service

Our end to end exterior house painting service near you includes free colour combination advice and consultation to pick the best quality paint that will suit your exterior painting budget. Exterior house and building painting service can be availed for fresh painting as well as for repainting the house without hassles.

Wall texture painting service

As the name suggests, wall texture painting is the process of application of wall paints with different tools to create beautiful design and texture on the wall. The overall finish of wall texture painting is almost like a 3D effect on the wall. When done correctly with the right colour combination, wall texture paints can help create a beautiful accent wall in your living room, bedroom or any other space. The wall texture painting can be the best alternative to applying wallpapers.

Wall stencils design

Wall stencil designs are an in thing, and our wall stencil design offers hundreds of designs and patterns to choose from. Wall stencil design and painting service can be used to create beautiful accent walls in your living rooms and bedrooms and other areas in your house.

Wood painting

If you are already painting the entire house, then why leave the wooden doors and windows? Well, there are many material options available today for doors and windows. But, if you have wooden doors and windows in your house and you are wondering about how to get it painted correctly with the right colour, our wood painting service near you is the answer.

Metallic painting

Wondering how to get the best metallic effects out of the paint job on a particular object? Our metallic painting finish is the answer. We offer great quality metallic painting service near you that can be applied to walls, arts objects, furniture and other objects in your house.

Work with the best house painters near you

Whether you are looking for exterior residential or commercial painting or interior wall painting, our best professional exterior and interior painters near you can help you get the house painted effortlessly. With years of experience in delivering the best quality exterior and interior painting services near you and nearby cities, you can count on our expertise and commitments towards delivering the safe, affordable and hassle-free building and house painting services.

It all starts with raising a painting service request by submitting the quote request form or calling our helpline no: 7044123404. Our expert exterior and interior painters near you will call you back to understand your requirements, inspect the site and even answer your questions.

The next step is to schedule a site visit as per your convenience. Also, you can discuss different wall color designs, wall paint ideas and best color combinations for each of the rooms and spaces in your home. Based on the colour combinations and brand specifications like Asian paints, Berger Paints, ICICI Dulux etc you choose, the house painters will be able to give you the detailed itemized quotations.

Once you confirm the order, the painters will start painting the house as per the design and specifications you choose. They will also keep you updated on the progress along the way. Besides they can also help with waterproofing services, wood painting, metallic painting and wall texture painting related needs. The exterior and interior painting service also includes proper cleaning of your space after the completion of the painting job.

Why hire a professional painter to paint your house?

There are many benefits of hiring a professional painter near you to paint the exterior and interior of your house over doing it yourself. Painters are professionally trained to paint. They do the job flawlessly and make your space look beautiful and aesthetically appealing. They have skilled team members and applicators and have access to all the tools and resources.

Besides the house painters and home painting contractors offers end to end painting service which include:

  • Sourcing the house painting materials like liquid and dust putty, primer, paints, enamel etc
  • Arranging all the tools and equipments like brushes, sand paper (emery paper), ladders
  • Scrubbing and applying putty and primer for surface preparation
  • Application of single or multiple coats of Asian paints or other paints as applicable
  • Deep cleaning the premises after completion of paint
  • Expertise in creating beautiful textured designs on the walls

So, irrespective of how much effort you put on your own, there is a very thin chance of matching the exquisite finishes, and colour combinations like a professional painter.

When you have a professional house painter on board, all that you have to do is to choose the best paint brand i.e. house painting in Asian paints, Berger paints or ICICI Dulux, pick the best house painting designs and colors and leave the application on them.

Interior and exterior house painting may sound like an easy and simple task that anyone can complete. But that is not the case. Beautiful house painting and creating stunning designs and color combinations require skills, access to the right set of tools and years of experience.

Luckily, the professional painters on servicesutra have all the tools, knowledge and resources to help paint the exterior and interior of your home and commercial buildings respectively.

Best house painting with latest design and color combinations

If you have already made up your mind to paint the house exterior and interior, but you are wondering about which painting design and colour combination will work well on your walls, then we have got you covered. As a leading house painting company near you, we offer end to end service which includes

  • Understanding your house painting requirements and colour preference if any
  • Sharing wall painting design and colour combination ideas
  • Finalizing the design and colours for each of the rooms, walls, ceiling and space
  • Sharing texture and stencil painting designs and ideas
  • Paint colour combination for exterior and interior of the building

With our end to end exterior and interior house painting service near you, you are fully covered! Talk to us on 7044123404 and schedule a site inspection and free house paint consultation now.

Different types of paints and options

While painting the house, one of the first things to decide is the type of paint you want to apply. When it comes to painting the exterior and interior of the house, you will have multiple paint options such as.

Distemper paint offers water based painting options. It is one of the most economical and cost effective house painting options available. In early days, the distemper paints were the most favored options to paint both interior and exterior walls of a house.

Emulsion paints are the matte finish, washable paints which can be applied on the interior walls. The paint offers long term durability after application.

Enamel Paints
Enamel paints are like oil paints and therefore it offers glows. These paint options are best suited for the kitchen and other interior and exterior areas.

Our painting experts can easily help you choose the best paint type and brand as per your need and budget.

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