Vastu for Home Construction in India: All you want to know

Proper vastu for home is essential for the well being of your family. Vastu of the interiors of your home plays an important role in contributing to the well being of the residents in the house. Proper Vastu also make your office environment serine and suitable for doing business properly. Vastu is basically a set of principles and rules that contribute to the health, wealth and prosperity of the inhabitants.

The Vastu is not a baseless theory; rather it is a set of scientific phenomenon that make us live in harmony with nature taking the advantage of magnetic fields, gravitational force of earth, rainfall, the galaxy etc. If few basic rules of vastu for home are not followed then it might lead into misfortunes and problems for the residents. I am sharing a few of the basic vastu tips for home to help you understand all about vastu and how you can get it right at your house.

Vastu for Home Construction in India

Vastu for home: the basics

There are a few basic factors like the color of your wall, location of the mirror, window and doors. Let us check the important arrangements that form the foundation according to Vastu for home construction practices in India:

  • Furniture placement in various rooms
  • Accessories placement in kitchen and bathroom
  • Color choice for paints on different rooms
  • Color choice of the drapery and choice of materials for different rooms and exteriors wall color
  • Arrangement of electronic appliances like invertors, washing machine, microwave in proper places
  • Choice of plants to be put inside or outside your home and plants to be avoided in the building

Vastu for home: how to get it right

If you trust in vastu and want to do it right at your home then here are a few basic but most important rules. Right from color to lighting and placement of decor elements like plants, everything should be according to vastu.

Avoid placing a toilet or tap in the center of the house

A toilet or tap in the middle of the room is considered unlucky. It implies that it drains the wealth. Repairing the leaked taps immediately will ensure that every thing will remain intact that is related to your wealth and prosperity.

Kitchen, toilet and prayer room

The kitchen, toilet and the prayer room should not be next to each other. As these rooms represent energies that should be kept apart at all times. Hence if you are building a house, you should make sure to not have these rooms next to each other.


Placing the mirror, sink and tap along the north or east wall may yield better results in terms of you and your families health. Never build a washroom that is exactly below a staircase, as it believed to bring bad luck.


The gas burner or microwave should not be placed directly at the entrance of the kitchen.


The toilet seat should align such that it is along the North-south axis. As people who worship the rising Sun facing the East. It is ideal to avoid aligning the toilet seat to the East west axis.

Electrical and heat generating appliances

All these appliances and gadgets producing heat should be kept in a way such that they are in the South-east, or at least energy source (plug points) should be on that direction.

Choice of plants

A tulsi or neem plant in or around the house is considered holy and auspicious. Do avoid thrown plants like cactus, as it is believed that these thrown plants may result in friction between the residents. Also avoid large plant or trees in the north east side of your house.

Vaastu and interior designing

Vaastu for interiors according to modern architecture needs a lot of proper planning and strategic effort to make the interiors of your house or office decent and classy at the same time. If you are thinking of remodeling or designing the interiors of an office, then it should be both soothing and matching with the kind of business you deal with. In case of residential interiors, if your bedroom is not following the proper Vaastu principles then it might lead into spoiling of health of the inmates, or it might also affect the relationship of the inmates. Hence it is very important that you discuss with a professional Vaastu advisor or hire a professional interior designer before dealing with the architecture of the house or starting the interior designing work, as they can suggest you proper Vaastu rules to be followed in order to maintain the harmony in the house.

Synchronization between designing and Vastu

Interior designing relates to a lot of things and it is a vast area that defines the tranquility in the house, office, industry, or any similar structures / buildings. But the Vaastu should also be considered while interior designing, decoration and architecture planning. It includes the internal structure, texture, ceiling and wall designs, false ceiling work, different light arrangements, light tones adjustments, chandeliers, curtain, chairs, sofa, tables for dinning, drawing room tables, beds, wall drawings etc. All these things invariably contribute to the look, feel and Vaastu of your room. Proper combinations of all these things ensure that the environment inside your home is filled with positive vibes, protects you from misfortunes and also take care of your mental and physical health.

Vaastu for Mirrors

Mirrors are the proper reflection and contrast of the standard and way of life you are leading. Hence if you align your mirrors in the right direction it will fill your entire room with positive vibes, on the other hand doing it in the wrong way might lead into creating a negative and dark vibes inside the room. SO place your mirrors in the east or north facing so the negative energies may flush out from your house. Never place a mirror in front of the bed as it might lead into disagreements or quarrel between the inhabitants (likely couples) sleeping on the bed, do avoid placing them opposite to the bed or  in the study rooms.

Colors and floor of house

A light color is always the best for Vastu; you may prefer to use cream white, other light colors like light sky blue, coral green, light pinkish paints for your walls both on the interior and exterior of your house, or office. Similarly the flooring should also reflect Vastu friendly colors, the slope, texture and material of the flooring should also taken into consideration. This is a very important thing and you should take help of a proper Vastu professional to determine the floor planning of the rooms that includes internal designs and tints of colors are to be advised by the Vastu consultants that matches with the date of birth, rooms direction energy related rules etc. It is believed that wooden floors are best as far as proper Vastu Shastra is concerned. Clay, mosaic and marble are also good matches though.


Lightings are a vital part of interior designing as well as Vaastu Shastra. Hence lighting should be bright in the house, dim light is not a good sign as it makes our mood gloomy and attract dark and unpleasant forces into your house. Also make sure that your lights are placed in such a way so that the fixtures or your head shadow does not fall on the paper while reading or writing on it on the table.

Over to you

No matter whether you believe in Vaastu Shastra or not, it is a good practice to follow it for leading a good quality of life and also ensuring the health, wealth and well being of your family. Remember a Vastu consultant can make all the difference so before planning to hire a professional interior designer, don’t forget to ask them if they can provide Vastu consultancy as well.

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