Allergy Proof Homes: 11 Best Ways to Make a Home Allergy Proof Easily

One of the biggest concerns for all of us today is to fight out the pollution. Even if fighting out the outside pollution is not easy, unless every one of us become sensitive and sincere towards the nature and environment, you can individually make your own home allergy proof. And if you are wondering about what are the allergy proof homes and how you can make your own home allergy proof then, here’s the post worth checking. Today I will be talking about allergy proof homes and how to make your home allergy proof in winter.

The chilly days and the falling of the leaves from the trees signal the beginning of the season of winter, which is also the season of cold and flu. With winter, comes the fear of getting common winter allergies. Therefore, you must be prepared to fight it out. The allergies in winter are mainly due to the indoor allergens and so, you must try out ways to make your home allergy proof. Do not let the dust, pet, mold, pollen or other allergens affect you. The good thing is while controlling all of the outdoor allergens is not practically possible by an individual; it is easy to control the indoor ones as they are in an enclosed space.

Allergy Proof Homes: 11 Best Ways to Make a Home Allergy Proof Easily
Allergy Proof Homes: 11 Best Ways to Make a Home Allergy Proof Easily

Home is undoubtedly the safest place on Earth but even it is not free from the germs and allergens. And especially in winter when most of us prefer staying indoors in the warmth, we have to be sure that there are no allergens around otherwise we may fall sick any time. But, you know when there is a problem, there is always a solution and in this case also, there are ways to get rid of the indoor allergens. After all, the health of you and your family members can never be compromised, so taking a little effort on your part is completely worth it.

The problem of indoor allergens needs to be fixed as early as possible as winter has already arrived. So, let us not wait much and start with our today’s discussion on the easy ways to keep your home allergy proof in winter.

Easy ways to make your home allergy proof in winter

You may find your home clean but it does contain many allergens that are not always visible to human eyes. But, they are strong enough to make you fall sick. So, to fight these indoor allergens besides keeping your home clean, you need to do something extra. Well, they also form a part of the cleaning itself but also include some additional work that needs to be done. Listed below are a few of the most effective ways to make your home allergy free easily.

Declutter your home

The first and the foremost thing that you should do is, to remove all of the excess items from your home and keep only the ones that are essential for you. This is necessary as this will make your cleaning very easy as you will be able to reach out the hidden corners of your home and clean them. Moreover, too much clutter makes the house environment very suffocating and so, if you declutter, the indoor air will become much more refreshing.

Change air filters

One of the best ways to keep your home allergy proof during winter is by changing the air filters time to time. This in fact, not just improves the quality of the indoor air but also helps in extending the life of the system.

Moreover, the dirty air fillers prevent the system from trapping the airborne allergens as well as often blow out very dangerous particles through the vents that can easily make you and your family members sick, so the filers must be changed.

If you have plans to use the heating unit all through the winter months, then do not forget to change the furnace filters as well. This will prevent the pet dander, dust mite feces, mold and other allergens from circulating in the indoor air. So, please change the air filters through the winter months and keep your home free of the allergens.

Clean and sundry bedding

Since you spend a lot of time in the bed, you should make sure that your bedding is absolutely clean. In fact, you should make it a habit of changing your bed sheets, pillow cases every week so that it does not get too filled with dust and other allergens that can easily make you fall sick.

I will also suggest you to encase the mattress, pillows and box springs in dust-mite-proof covers. You may even replace the feather or wool bedding with synthetic materials. Also, make sure that the comforter you use is always covered and is washed frequently.

Clean the floors

There is lot of germs hidden on the floors, especially if your floors are covered with carpets. So, you must make sure that you are vacuuming the carpets weekly in order to get rid of the dust, dirt and the germs. You may like to use a vacuum cleaner that has high efficiency, particulate air filter or one having small particle. However, simply vacuuming will not be sufficient, so you must also shampoo the carpet time to time.

If you find that cleaning and maintaining carpet is difficult, then you may remove carpets and use linoleum or hardwood flooring and place washable area rugs to enhance the look. Else it is advisable that you go for low pile instead of going for high-pile carpeting. And, hiring a professional cleaning companies for full house or carpet cleaning is always an option.

Clean the windows

It is preferable if you keep your windows close and rely more on air-conditioning during the pollen season. This will minimize the entry of the allergens from the outside. If you live in a country that experiences severe winter, you may go for double paned windows. And, to get rid of the allergens, make it a habit to clean the condensation and mold from the window sills and frames.

To make your cleansing task easier, replace your curtains with washable ones made of synthetic fabric or plain cotton. The horizontal blinds may also be replaced with washable roller type shades.

Use a humidifier

During the winter, humidifiers are one of the best appliances that you can keep at home. The reason behind this is because in order to stay warm, you turn on the heater which leads to drier air inside the home which in turn, many a times leads to a lot of problems starting from dry skin, to allergies to asthma issues etc.

Basically, the humidity levels inside the home get too much low during the winter (due to constant use of heater) than they need to be in order to keep the allergens at bay. Therefore, it is advisable that you keep a humidifier that will help to maintain the humidity levels inside the home. Your nasal passages will get the required moisture to naturally get rid of any allergens that you may have probably breathed in. Thus, you can stay healthy and free from the allergies. I think it is one of the best ways to keep your home allergy proof in winter.

Use air purifying house plants

You know that plants have the ability to purify the air and when there are household plants that not just purify indoor air, but also enhances the beauty of your interior space then you must take full advantage of such indoor plants.

I have already written a post on air purifying house plants and explained things in details. Just refer to that and choose your favorite indoor house plants and keep it in your home to get rid of the most common allergens.

Take care of the pets

If you have pets at home, you have a higher risk of having lot of allergens inside your home. So you may consider the option of making a separate and new home for your pet. But, if you are too attached to your pet and want him/her to be around you all the time, you should take up the responsibility to keep him/her clean. Bathing your pet at least once a week will help you remove the foul odor and keep them free of the germs.

See, keeping your home clean all the time when pets are around is not easy but definitely not impossible. I have already written a post on how to take care of pets at home. If you want you may refer to it to get some ideas.

Clean the bathrooms

Bathroom is certainly one of the most prominent spaces in the home which contains a lot of germs and thus, keeping it unclean might lead to the spread of the germs and allergens and make everyone in the home fall sick. So, you must make it a habit to clean the bathroom every day and go for deep cleaning of it once every week. This will help in keeping the washroom clean and fresh and make your home free from allergies.

The bathroom must be smelling good and must have proper ventilation facilities. These are the basic things that you must take note of while enforcing various ways to keep your bathroom neat and clean.

Also, if you have wallpaper in your bathroom, make sure that molds do not grow on it due to too much of moisture there. In order to do that, you may even take down the wallpaper to create an environment that is less favorable to the growth of the molds. The shower curtains must also be washed and replaced on a monthly basis to avoid the growth of molds.

Kitchen cleaning is a must

The kitchen is the heart of the home so you can never miss it out while trying out easy ways to keep your home allergy proof in winter or any other season for that matter. It is the space where foods are kept and cooked, so if it contains allergens, that may contaminate the food and easily make you and your family members fall sick. So, you must take efforts to keep your kitchen clean and free from foul smell and germs at any cost. While you are cleaning the kitchen, make sure to clean all the kitchen appliances as well And, yes, proper ventilation facilities are mandatory here also.

Another important thing to note is that, kitchens will have food residues or oil and grease stains everywhere. Make sure you clean them as otherwise they will contribute to an unfavorable environment for the individuals suffering from allergies. If you have a backsplash to prevent water from seeping in the walls, make sure you clean it frequently otherwise mold and mildew may grow up there.

In addition to all of these, do not miss out cleaning the space underneath the refrigerator as that often gets neglected and becomes the favorite breeding ground for the mold.

Avoid using chemical cleansers

When it comes to cleaning your home, many a times we use the commercial cleaners available in the market. But, all of these cleansers may not be safe, especially so when it contain chemicals that are harmful. These chemicals not just lead to immediate allergic reaction it may even pollute the indoor air causing breathing troubles and may also have long term consequences on human health. So, please choose the cleanser carefully.

You may also like to use the natural ingredients to keep your home clean and free of any stains. These natural cleansers like vinegar, baking soda, lemon etc. are safe to be used and are also most of the time readily available in your home. So, you do not even need to rush to the market every time you think of cleaning your home. Also, they are very cost effective unlike the commercial cleansers which are expensive as well as lead to a lot of degradation in the environment.

Over to you: how do you make your home allergy free?

Winter is the time to be aware of the indoor allergens and so to protect yourself and your family members, you must keep your home free of allergens. Keeping your home clutter free and clean is the main thing. You may maintain a proper cleaning schedule to reduce your cleaning loads. If you can involve all your family members in keeping the house clean, then that will be even better.

However, today I have tried focusing on areas of your home that must not be neglected. I also shared a few of the most easy but effective ways to keep your home allergy proof during winter. These are basically the basics that need to be followed and if you follow these hacks carefully, I am sure you will be able to make allergy free home and keep yourself and your family protected from common allergy symptoms.

So, that is all I had to share about how to keep your home allergy proof during winter. But before closing this post I would like to hear your hacks and ideas on how to make a home allergy free. What do you do and what else do you think one should do to make allergy free home?

Feel free to share your tips, ideas feedbacks.

And finally, if you like my post, please like, comment and share with others and help me reach out to as many people as possible.

Until then, stay safe and do not let the indoor allergens ruin your winter fun.

How to Remove Oil and Grease Stains from Clothes Fast and Easily

Most of us love oily and spicy food, but when that one bit of food falls on our favorite dress by mistake, the oil mixed with turmeric and other spices is enough to ruin the full dress. Still, it is a relief if the oil stains are tiny, because if it has covered a larger area, then it is really going to be frustrating to get the stains removed from clothes. In fact, too much of rubbing and washing often fades away the color of your cloth and also destroys the fabric. So you have to be extra careful while removing the oil and grease stains from clothes. Luckily, there are some ingredients that do the job pretty well without hampering the original color and the fabric. Maybe you will have to take repeated actions but over the course of time, in most cases, you will be able to remove oil and grease stains from clothes or at least lighten it to a great extent where it will easily get hidden when you wear it the next time. Now, since this problem is so common, I thought of sharing some tips on how to get the stains removed from clothing. If you are wondering about how to remove oil and grease stains from clothes, then here’s the post worth checking. Today I am sharing some quick and simple tips that’ll help you to remove oil and grease stains from clothes fast and easily.

How to Remove Oil and Grease Stains from Clothes Fast and Easily
How to Remove Oil and Grease Stains from Clothes Fast and Easily

I generally recommend immediate action on oil stains which you can do when you are at home. But if it happens outside your home, then that is not always possible which makes situation even worse. This is because the oil or the grease mark dries out thereby making the stain too stubborn to be removed quickly. However, the lists of ingredients that I will shortly share with you are quite good enough to get the oil and grease stains removed from your clothes.  So read the post till the end and try some of these clothes cleaning hacks to get rid of all types of oil and grease stains from your clothing.

So, are you ready to explore the tips and ingredients? I heard you saying yes, so let’s begin with our discussion on how to remove oil and grease stains from clothes easily.

7 Tips to remove oil and grease stains from clothes

Oil and grease stains on your favorite dress are not at all a happy sight and so the faster you are able to get rid of it, the better for you. But, at times, the oil marks cover so much area, that it often causes a permanent mark. However, there are some ingredients that can be used to remove these stains from clothes. Even if the mark does not go fully, at least the stain will get much faded and you will be able to wear the cloth again. And as you repeat the cleaning process, you may be able to remove the stains completely or to a great extent, in case the stains are old and hard.

Listed below are the ingredients which will come to your rescue in case you get oil or grease stain on your cloth. So check them out and use them to your advantage.

Act immediately on stains

Just as I was saying, the faster you are able to get rid of the oil from your cloth, the better for you. Else, the stains will dry and then it won’t be easy to remove it from your clothes. Well, I completely understand what you are thinking right now. It is true that washing the dress immediately is not always possible when you are out, but if possible, at least try to grab a paper towel or a tissue and try to press the stain gently from both sides. This is a quick step or you may call it a first aid remedy as it will enable you to get rid of the excess oil and the grease and not make the stain too stubborn to get properly removed once you go back home. Sprinkling a little bit of water is also a great hack, but the point is to act swiftly on it.

Use baby powder to remove oil and grease stains

One of the effective ways to remove oil and grease stains from clothes is by using baby powder. See, most of us have got baby powder at home, especially if you have little kids at home, so using it will not be much of a problem for you.

You just have to soak the excess oil from the cloth using a tissue or paper towel. Then generously pour some baby powder on the stain. After a while, use a spoon to remove the baby powder carefully without spilling it on other areas of your cloth. Post that, put a little amount of hand dishwashing detergent and water on it and then using an old toothbrush, try to rub the stain in circular motions. At the end, wash your cloth following the washing instructions that is generally given at the label of every cloth. As far as the drying goes, it is preferable to let it air dry as using a very hot mechanical dryer often leads to the setting up of the lingering grease or oil into the cloth.

Use cornstarch to remove oil and grease stains

If you do not have baby powder at home or is not interested in using it, then cornstarch is the perfect alternate option for you, as it is equally efficient in removing all of the oil marks from your clothes without hampering the quality or the color of the fabric.

Here, what you need to do is to first sprinkle the cornstarch on the stain. Let it soak for at least half an hour, although I personally prefer keeping it for an hour. After that, use a good dish soap to rub on your stain. I will recommend you to use a nail brush in case you want to go inside the fibers. Post that follows the washing instructions from the label and wash your dress accordingly, and leave it to get air dried.

Spot remover and boiling water to remove stains

If you have a spot remover in your home, you can use it to remove the oil and grease stains.

Using spot remover with boiling water to remove stain is very easy. Simply spray a spot remover like for example Shout liberally on your stain. Then while it is getting set, boil some water. Scrub the cloth using an old toothbrush. Then once the water is hot, splatter it over the stain. Try to lift up the pot of water as high as possible while pouring water so that the water hit the cloth surface with a lot of force. This is because the force will enable better breaking of the grease or oil bonds thereby leading to more effective removal of the oil or grease mark. You must repeat this process on both sides of the garment for best results.

While washing the garment after that, make sure you follow the proper washing instructions and for drying, leave it to get naturally dried.

However, please be careful during this remedy and avoid hot water getting spilled over you. For more safety, it is better if you place the cloth inside a tub or basin instead of placing it on the floor as that might lead to you accidently pouring water on your feet and hurting yourself.

Use laundry soaps to remove oil and grease stains

Using laundry soap is the next best option you may like to consider to remove oil and grease stains. This is because they are mainly meant for washing the clothes and so will be quite effective in removing the stubborn stains from your dress.

At first, you need to dampen the stain area with water (in case you want to remove extra oil, you may use ammonia). After that, rub the soap bar on the stain generously until you get enough foam there. Alternatively, you may even grate your soap and then apply the resulting powder on your wet cloth. Then use a small scrub brush or an old toothbrush or simply use your hands to rub the stained area on your cloth properly. After that, wash your cloth and let it air dry.

Use shampoo to remove stains from clothes

Shampoos are considered to be the great cleansers. They are very effective in removing the excess oil and grease from our hairs, so we can definitely experiment with them to get rid of the oil stains from your clothes as well. You can just pick up your regular shampoo or choose something that is especially potent in removing oil from an oily scalp.

Simply grab some and rub it on the oil stain. Then wash your cloth as per instructions given in the label and then let it air dry.

Use vinegar rinse to remove oil and grease stains

Vinegar is like an all-purpose cleaner and you can also use it to get rid of the stubborn oil or grease stains from the clothes. A vinegar rinse will be good enough for your cloth. Just take 1 part of vinegar and mix it with 2 parts of water and soak your cloth in it for a while and then wash off the vinegar.

However, always remember that vinegar may reduce the alkalinity of the soaps or detergents, rendering them less effective. So it is advisable that you do not use these along with vinegar. Once you have rinsed the vinegar out of the clothes then you may use the detergent, soap or shampoo for the finishing touch.

Over to you: how do you remove oil and grease stains from your clothes?

Stubborn oil or grease stains on your favorite cloth is no less than a nightmare. While being a little careful is the only advice I can give you to avoid such a situation, you should always be mentally ready to take up measures to get rid of the oil stain swiftly.

Well, the faster you can act upon the oil mixed with turmeric and other spices, the easier its going for you to get rid of these stains. But, many a times, we are outside and such a thing occurs, so we often have to work on the stain once it has dried that further increases the difficulty level of removing the stains. However, in such a case, all I can say is to use a paper towel or a tissue if possible as a first aid remedy to remove the excess oil from the cloth and later on go on to using the hacks we have discussed above.

As far as the other cleansing ingredients are concerned, I have already given you a list of some names as I feel these are the most effective ways to get rid of oil stains or grease stains from your clothes. And, the best thing is that all of the ingredients mentioned in my list are very easily available in the market and most of the time, we have it readily available in our home. So you can easily start with the cleansing work with any one of your preferred ingredients whenever you get the time and the opportunity. And, for getting the washing done at the end, I will suggest you to use the washing techniques that are specifically instructed to you in the labels and then let it air dry.

Well, this is pretty much the list of methods I prefer using when I have to get rid of oil and grease stains from my clothes. Which is your favorite hack to remove such stains? Share with me your favorite tricks to remove oil and grease stains from clothes. Also, let me know whether you like my today’s article or not and in case you have suggestions, feel free to share it by commenting below. And, if you love my posts, please keep supporting me by liking, commenting and sharing my posts and help me reach out to as many people as possible.

I will be back soon with some other useful home improvement topics. Until then, keep your clothes clean and do not let oil and grease stain ruin it.

Packers and Movers Bangalore Rate Chart: Get Shifting Charges and Rate List

If you are planning to shift your home in Bangalore, then in high probability, you must be having plans to take the help of the packers and movers companies. I mean it is very obvious, because professional packers and movers make our home relocation hassle free and safe. Once we engage a movers and packers, we do not have to take any pain other guiding them with the inventory that is to be packed and moved and paying their professional fees. Well, talking about their professional (rates and charges), it is obvious that since you have planned to shift your home, you would like to know about the packers and movers Bangalore rate and charges, won’t you? After all, having a tentative rate list of movers and packers companies can help you setup your moving budget. So it is absolutely normal to be curious about the rates and charges of moving companies in Bangalore. However, there can never be any fixed rate of the packers and movers (because rate of moving services depends on various factors) but I can surely help you get tentative ideas and explain on it all works. So, if you are looking for tentative rate list or rate chart of movers and packers in Bangalore to plan your relocation, then here’s the post worth checking. I am going to share all the insider information on how the rates and charges are calculated and what could be the tentative rates for house and car shifting services in Bangalore.

Packers and Movers Bangalore Rate Chart for House Shifting

The demand for packers and movers has increased a lot, and why not, they make our home shifting so easy and hassle free. And, when it comes to the evolving city of Bangalore, the demands for the packers and movers out there is even higher. Not just for local house shifting in Bangalore, people all over India relocates there mostly in search of better career opportunities. Therefore, the number of movers and packers companies in Bangalore is way more than other smaller cities. And because of high competition, most of the good and licensed packers and movers companies in Bangalore charge reasonably. So, whenever you plan to hire packers and movers, make sure you do proper research and compare the rates and then go for the best deal.

However, to get the goods rates from packers and movers, you need to have some basic idea about the rates and charges and how they are charged and that is what exactly I will be sharing with you today. So, get your pen and paper ready while I start with my discussion.

Packers and movers Bangalore rate chart for local home shifting

For primary home shifting in Bangalore, the rates include packing materials, transportation costs, labor charges, goods and service tax, road tax, toll tax etc. Depending on how many items approximately you plan to carry or in other words how many rooms of your old home you plan to shift, the packers and movers will bring the packing materials needed for the packing and will also arrange for the labor to pack, load, unload your items. In case you are carrying specialized items, then the company may charge you extra for that. In other words, if you have something which is very delicate and requires packing of top quality or maybe multilayered packing, then your prices will definitely increase.

Also, the distance you plan to travel is a factor behind the rates charged but many of the packers and movers might have a fixed charge for distance in case of local shifting in Bangalore.

However, even the company brand and the types of service that the company has provided over the years are also a deciding factor. Like for example, if the packer and mover you choose is very experienced and use highly upgraded techniques to ensure maximum security to your goods while transporting and handling, then their charges are bound to be a little more than the other companies. On the other hand, if any particular company is new in this field and is trying to make a name here, then they may charge less to get more customers.

Choosing whom to go for is completely your decision but just remember that you cannot compromise with the safety of your goods, so you must consider the efficiency of the packers and movers that you want to hire. Maybe you can go for a company who charges are decent that is not too high or too low. However, try to not get too influenced with companies that charge too less as in all probability, that company will not be efficient and may also fall in the hands of fraud companies who may be trying to lure you with very low charges.

I would also like to request you to contact some packers and movers and then call them for free survey. Talk to them face to face and then compare all the quotations and make the decision. This is a much better way than making deals over the phone.

Here is an approximate rate chart of the packers and movers in Bangalore for local home shifting within Bangalore:

Tentative rates for up to 12 km distance

•          1BHK Home: 3,500 – 7,000

•          2BHK Home: 5,000 – 8,000

•          3BHK Home: 6,000 – 12,000

•          4BHK Home: 8,000 – 16,000

Tentative rates for up to 13-30 km distance

•          1BHK Home: 4,000 – 8,000

•          2BHK Home: 6,000 – 10,000

•          3BHK Home: 8,000 – 16,000

•          4BHK Home: 10,000 – 20,000

Tentative rates for above 31 km distance

•          1BHK Home: 5,000 – 9,000

•          2BHK Home: 7,000 – 14,000

•          3BHK Home: 9,000 – 18,000

•          4BHK Home: 12,000 – 21,000

Home relocation involves many risks and so the work the packers and movers do is often very challenging. After all, who knows what can happen while loading or unloading or while transporting? In that case, if your packer and mover is experienced, then it must have the idea of tackling difficult situations and will hopefully be able to handle the situation, which is good for you. So, it is very important that you make the decision very carefully. And, yes, do not forget to do the insurance of your goods that most of the licensed packers and movers in Bangalore will offer you. This is necessary to combat accidental losses.

Tentative rate of packers and movers Bangalore for interstate home relocation

Prices are definitely higher in comparison to the local shifting when it comes to interstate relocation but here also the prices are not fixed and that it depends on various criteria which I have already explained to you. However, I can help you with some tentative rate details that the packers and movers of Bangalore charge depending on the city you plan to travel.

Tentative shifting charges from Bangalore to Delhi

If you are shifting with just a few essential household items, then the shifting charges may be between 9,000-18,000. In case of complete household goods, it may vary from 15,000 to 30,000 (standard size home).

1BHK home: 12,000-22,000

2-3BHK home: 14,000-30,000

4-5BHK home: 25,000-45,000

Car transportation cost is around 5,000-10,000. In case you want to shift the household items along with the car transport, then the charges will be around 20,000-40,000.

Tentative shifting charges from Bangalore to Gurgaon

The charges here are quite similar to that of Bangalore to Delhi. It ranges from 9,000-45,000 depending on the size of house, number of items to carry etc.

Tentative shifting charges from Bangalore to Noida

Since Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida are all part of the same Delhi NCR, so here also the charges will be between Rs. 9,000 to 4,500 depending on the criteria.

Tentative shifting charges from Bangalore to Mumbai

If you have less number of household items, then the price of home relocation will be around Rs.7,000-12,000 and for shifting of complete household items, the charges will be around 13,000 to 25,000 (standard home size).

1BHK home: Rs.10,000-25,000

2-3 BHK home: 13,000-30,000

4-5 BHK home: 18,000-40,000

For car shifting, the charges are 4,000-7000 and if you want to shift the household items along with the car, then the rates will be around 15,000-30,000.

Tentative shifting charges from Bangalore to Pune

For residential relocation, the shifting charges from Bangalore to Pune will be around 6,000 to 38,000.

1BHK home: 9,000-18,000

2-3 BHK home: 13,000-23,000

4-5 BHK home: 18,000-38,000

For shifting your car from Bangalore to Pune, you may require around 4,000 to 7,000 and if you want to shift the household items along with your car, then the rates will be around 14,000-26,000.

Tentative relocation charges from Bangalore to Chennai

For few household items, the charges will be around 5,000 to 10,000 and in case you are looking for complete home shifting then 12,000 to 22,000 (standard house size).

1 BHK home: 8,000-15,000

2 BHK home: 10,000-18,000

3 BHK home: 15,000-25,000

4 BHK home: 17,000-28,000

5 BHK home: 20,000-30,000

If you just want to move your car, the charges will be around 3,000-5,000 and if you also want to shift your household items along with your car, then the charges may vary from 14,000 to 26,000.

Tentative relocation charges from Bangalore to Hyderabad

In case of shifting only few household items, the charges may vary from 6,000 to 11,000 and in case of complete home shifting, the rates are generally between 13,000 to 23,000 (standard house size).

1 BHK home: 9,000-18,000

2 BHK home: 12,000-24,000

3 BHK home: 16,000-26,000

4 BHK home: 18,000-32,000

5 BHK home: 24,000-38,000

For car transportation, the prices are generally between 4,000-7,000. For both car and home shifting, the charges will be around 14,000-28,000.

How to reduce the charges of packers and movers of Bangalore

See, generally, due to high demand you will have to pay them whatever they charge otherwise there are always other clients willing to pay them their due amount. But, if you do want to lessen the charges and want to do some bargaining, then it is advisable that you choose an off season for your home relocation. This is because their demands will be comparatively less during that time and you may have an upper hand over them. At least, you will get a chance to do some bargaining and crack a good deal with them. Plus, you will be able to choose the relocation date as per your convenience which in most cases, is not possible during peak seasons.

The other thing that you can do to reduce the rates is to handle the packing part on your own that is arrange for all the packing materials and then pack the items on your own and leave only the loading, transporting and the unloading part to the packers and movers. This will save your packing costs and will overall lessen your bill.

Over to you: how do you find the rate of packers and movers in Bangalore?

Bangalore is evolving rapidly and the existence of so many companies there makes many people relocate to Bangalore. And, whenever it comes to home shifting the packers and movers are always there to help you relocate both locally and from Bangalore to elsewhere.

But, knowing their rates before hiring them or at least having some idea of rates of packers and movers Bangalore will definitely help you in choosing the best packers and movers at fair rates.

Usually the best practice to find rates of packers movers in Bangalore or anywhere for that matter is to take quotations from the movers themselves, that too after survey. But since we have interacted with so many relocation companies, I have tried to give you a ballpark idea of rates and charges of movers and packers in Bangalore for shifting services.

Of course, this rate chart or the rate list is not final one, as there is no fixed rate chart and that the rates are charged depends on various factors like size of the home, number of good to carry, distance, worth of insurance, company brand etc. But, from what I have told you, you should get a fair idea of standard rates of packers and movers companies in Bangalore for various shifting needs. This rate list may help you in cracking good deals while negotiating with the movers and packers companies in Bangalore.

However, if you are traveling to some other city like Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai etc., I have mentioned the tentative rates of such interstate shifting and relocation as well. Hence, you may start saving your budget from now on if you have any plans to hire the packers and movers in Bangalore for home relocation in the near future.

And by the way, if you are planning to relocate from Bangalore and still wondering about how to get the most competent rates and offers from the local movers and packers in Bangalore, then we have made it easier than ever for you.

You can request for free estimates and get quotations from up to three different movers and packers to compare, hire and save. ServiceSutra generally helps you get quotations from 3 of the best packers and movers in your area and then you just have to talk to all of them, compare their rates and then choose the best company for you. Comparing helps your save money and get rid of mediocre service providers easily, because we enlist the movers after checking their documents.

So, that is all I had to tell you regarding the rates of the packers and movers of Bangalore. What do you think of the above rate list? Have you hired movers and packers in Bangalore recently? What is your favorite hack to find rates of movers and packers in Bangalore?  Feel free to share your experience by commenting below.

Until then, we wish you a happy home relocation!

Packers and Movers Delhi Rate Chart: Find House Shifting Rates and Charges

If you are planning to shift your home in Delhi NCR then the very first thing that may come to your mind would be the packers and movers Delhi rates and charges for home shifting service. Well, we get to speak to thousands of users like you every month, and most of the time; the very firth thing they want to know is the packers and movers rate chart for home shifting services. Obviously, everyone want to find out the rates of movers and packers before they decide to hire one. Knowing rates of moving companies for shifting helps them budget their move conveniently. So if you are wondering about rates for home shifting services in Delhi or want to see tentative rate chart, then here’s the post worth checking. I am going to give you a good overview of everything worth knowing about rates and charges of movers and packers in Deli NCR. And you can safely make it work for other cities as well, to get a ballpark idea of overall cost.

Packers and Movers Delhi Rate Chart: Find House Shifting Rates and Charges
Tentative rate chart for local shifting in Delhi NCR

But as you know, the movers and packers do not usually work on fixed rate model. Rates and charges packers and movers in Delhi could easily vary from Rs. 4000.00 to Rs. 25000 for local home shifting within Delhi NCR, based on the volume of household goods, distance and quality packing materials and overall service. But even if finding absolutely accurate home shifting rates may not be possible unless the movers and packers take a look at the overall household goods you want to shift, you can get a ballpark idea of home shifting rates through the packers and movers rate charts, I am going to share right here in this post.

Packers and movers Delhi rate chart (tentative) for local home shifting

For local home shifting, the primary costs heads include packing materials, labor charges, transportation costs and goods and service tax. Depending on the number rooms you may have to pack and shift, the movers and packers will bring packing materials, labor for packing, loading, unloading, there is transportation charge and GST as applicable.

Here’s a tentative packers and movers rate chart for local home shifting in Delhi NCR

Type of house to move Packing material Labor charges Transportation Tentative shifting charges
1 BHK shifting Rs. 1200-2200 Rs. 1500-1800 Rs. 1300-3000 Rs. 4000-7000
2 BHK shifting Rs. 2000-3500 Rs. 2500-3000 Rs. 1500-3500 Rs. 6000-10000
3 BHK shifting Rs. 3500-4500 Rs. 3000-4000 Rs. 3000-5500 Rs. 9500-14000
4 BHK shifting Rs. 4000-5500 Rs. 3500-5000 Rs. 4000-8500 Rs. 11500-19000
Bungalow shifting Rs. 5000-8000 Rs. 5000-7000 Rs. 5500-10000 Rs. 15500-25000

The above rate chart shows the tentative rates for local home shifting in Delhi, excluding GST which is charged @5% only.

This packers and movers rate chart should give you a fair idea of how much it would cost to avail packers and movers service in Delhi for Local home shifting in Delhi or within neighborhood cities like Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Noida.

But just a gentle reminder here, that it’s always best to ask a couple of movers for a free survey, and then compare quotations and offers that you receive to take the final call. There is no fixed rate and hence, they charge based on the quality of packing materials and overall service quality.

There are different types of packing materials and different ways to pack household goods. For local home shifting, basic quality wrapping using cardboard, foam and bubble wraps is good enough. But then depending on the delicacy of the item, house of the floor and distance, you should take a call. When you want top quality, multi layer packing, the costs are going to be a little higher than the basic packing. But then, that offers the peace of mid.

Packers and Movers Rates and Charges for house shifting within Delhi NCR region

FAQ about house shifting rates in Delhi NCR

No matter what, a person who is relocating and paying the relocation costs from his own pocket, is mostly concerned about the overall home shifting rate and costs. We interact with thousands of users like you and based on our experience, we have created this frequently asked questions that should help you understand the rates and pricing of movers and packers services in Delhi.

So are you ready?

Here is the most frequently asked question with answer for your reference:

Question: I don’t have even a 1 BHK of goods, and just want to move one Cupboard or just a fridge or an Air Conditioner only. What would be the shifting charges for local move in Delhi?

Answer: We come across people who have already relocated or sold out old household goods, but want to relocate just one single time of odd dimension that need professional help. Some time it could be a fridge, a bed or wardrobe. Unfortunately, most of the movers and packers in Delhi NCR or anywhere else in India for that matter, won’t take such single item moving assignment. And if a movers and packers company agrees to take such assignment, then the prices can be at higher side. The best thing to do in such situation is to use man and van service. That’s cost effective way to move single items within a city.

Question: I have already packed most of the household items and I just want to relocate these to another area which is less than 5 Kms from my current house. What could be the cost of movers and packers service in Delhi?

Answer: Ideally, when you are hiring a movers and packers company, you should let them handle packing. They are professionally trained and have all the packing materials which are required to pack your used but costly household items securely. There is high chance that the movers will suggest to pack those heavier household appliances and furniture securely, but if you don’t even want that, then you can reduce the cost of packing materials and a bit of labor charge to get tentative idea of shifting charges.

Question: Can I request for just a van like a TATA Ace and a couple of labor from movers and packers?

Answer: No. Usually hiring movers and packers make sense when you need complete service. If you are looking for just a mini truck with a couple of labour, you can easily find them in your neighborhood. But beware those labours may not be professionally trained to handle odd size household materials like a cupboard or steel almirah with mirror. Even a minor mistake could lead to damages and scratches, even if your are shifting locally within Delhi NCR.

Question: What if I am currently living on 3rd floor and my new house is on 4th floor in different area. Do I get charged more for floor escalation?

Answer: Usually first, second floor does not matter in smaller shifting. But when you are moving plenty of items like a fully furnished 3 BHK house, and you live of 4th or above floor, with no lift access for moving goods, then it’s going to affect the overall cost to some extent. Naturally, it requires more effort and number of man hours and hence the increase in rates. But this increase should not be a significant one.

Question: what are the factors that affect the overall shifting rates and charges in Delhi NCR?

Answer: There are many factors that may affect the overall shifting rates and charges. Some of the key factors that affect the rates of packers and movers are listed hereunder:

  • The volume of inventory and nature of goods. the quantity and type of items which is to be packed and moved can affect the costs of packing, handling, transportation and insurance. So this is one of the primary factor that could affect the costs of shifting – both locally and for interstate relocation.
  • Next is the kind and quality of packing materials being used for packing.
  • Distance between your current house and the new house (in same city or different city) certainly affect the transportation cost.
  • Insurance charges – Value of goods being packed and moved could affect the insurance charges which is normally charge based on value of goods.
  • Applicable Taxes including GST and other state and road tax like toll etc.

Question: Why different packers and movers in Delhi quote different rates for same distance?

Answer: The main reason for variation in rates of different movers packers companies in Delhi (or elsewhere in India) is the service quality, packing materials being used and of course the brand value. There are a few renowned moving companies who have large infrastructure followed by superior branch network and their own fleet. Naturally they are capable of handling the overall relocation much smoothly and hence they charge heavenly. There are mid size companies, who offer neat service and they charge accordingly. And then there are mediocre moving companies, who start by quoting hard to believe low price and they start extorting money as they progress. So, you need to be very careful while hiring a moving company for local or domestic shifting services.

Get best home shifting rates in Delhi NCR in one click

The demands for home shifting services in Delhi NCR region have increased many folds in recent years. Thousands of people including working men and women, students and professionals are relocating to and from Delhi NCR region every day. Naturally, there are plenty of demands for services offered by various packers and movers companies in Delhi.

Due to the high demands and no barrier to entry in this business, hundreds of new movers and packers companies are coming up every month in Delhi NCR region, especially in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad city. There are all types of moving companies in Delhi NCR – the best, mediocre, shady and all and that makes it really difficult for a consumer like you to choose the best movers with affordable rates.

In fact if you talk to three or four different companies and analyze their quotations, you will be surprised to note that difference in rates could be anywhere between 25% to up to 35% and that’s a lot of money, especially when you are moving your complete house or an office.

We can help you get best rates for home shifting and here’s how:
  • Tell us about your home or office shifting requirements by submitting the quote request form or by calling us on 07044123404.
  • Receive call back and offers from 3 local movers and packers in Delhi, who are pre-verified
  • Schedule a time for free in-house survey or request quotation over phone or email
  • Compare their prices, payment terms and other terms of services and hire the movers that you like the most, directly

Requesting quotes is easier than you can imagine and it’s completely free. There is obligation to hire movers and packers unless you like the offer they make to you.

And if you have any other question related to rates and service charges of movers and packers then please feel free to write us back or directly call us on 07044123404 to speak with a moving expert.

Here’s a related video that you may like to check.

Happy relocation!

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