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Packers and Movers in Madurai for Home and Car Shifting

Are you searching for packers and movers in Madurai (Tamil Nadu) for household shifting needs? If you are tired of randomly calling movers and packers and wondering about their rates and charges, then we can help you. We understand your concern and know that you want to get a movers and packers on board who is competent enough with rates and overall quality of the service.

Finding movers and packers become complicated because there are so many concerns like safety of goods, timely delivery, competitive rates etc. Even if there are a number of locally available movers and packers in Madurai, choosing one of them may become confusing. And the best way to get hold of the best movers and packers in Madurai is to compare the credentials and rates of a couple of them.

We help you do that effortlessly. Just submit the free quote request form as you see in the right hand side of the screen. Within minutes, your requirements will reach to three different movers and packers companies in Madurai. They will call you back to discuss your need and then submit quotations for you to compare, evaluate and choose from. Thankfully, you get quotations from three different companies within just a few minutes and that too for free. There is no compulsion to hire, unless you are fully satisfied with the rates and terms of the movers and packers.

Packers and movers Madurai services

Packers and movers primarily offer shifting services; packing and shifting of all types of household goods and articles like TV, fridge, microwave, washing machine, home furniture, rockeries, kitchen utensils etc. Here are the services for which you can hire movers and packers;

  • Home shifting - local and interstate
  • Local and interstate office shifting
  • Interstate car shifting
  • Industrial goods packing and relocation

If you are wondering about the process of shifting and relocation, then here's what most of the movers and packers do it.


The process of relocation starts with free survey and inspection. A representative will visit your place to take exact stock of the items that is to be packed and moved. You can schedule a date and time as per your convenient for inspection. It helps both the user and the movers, in getting most accurate estimate and avoiding any confusion with items or costs of moving.

Packing, loading and transporting

Packing is crucial step and that's where having experienced and professional movers and packers make more sense. The teams of professional executive who are have the expertise in packing will visit your house and start packing. They bring their own packing materials like cardboard boxes, wraps, cartons, crates etc. if there are anything which has to be disassembled like bed, air conditioner etc then it's better to let the movers know in advance, so they come prepared and bring in the tools and equipments accordingly.

Once everything is packed, they will label the boxes and create a packing list. Their team will load each of the packed items on to the truck and it's ready for the next phase, which is transportation.

Unloading and unpacking

Once the goods are transported, the movers and packers will coordinate and get your goods unloaded and unpacked to a good extent. Unloading is usually done by the same team in case of local shifting. But in case of interstate relocation, the movers and packers appointed associate will unload the materials from the truck. They will also assist with unpacking of heavy items like wardrobes, bed and refrigerator etc.

Insurance and other value added services

Packers and movers companies do their best at every state to minimize the chance of damage during transportation. They pack everything in multiple layers, using best quality packing materials and techniques. Even if it reduces the chance of any sort of damage, but there certain circumstances which is beyond human control. Hence movers and packers offers insurance, so that god forbid, if anything goes wrong, even if you can't get the emotional values back, you can get monitory compensation for any damage. Insurance is seriously important and it for you safety only. Don't underestimate it.

Apart from what we have already discussed, there are a few additional value added services that movers offer like free storage in warehouse for a couple of weeks, reassembling of goods, unpacking each and every item etc.

Obviously charges for these services may not be included in the initial quote, unless you have asked for. But if you plan to use these value added services, make sure you have discussed it and it's included in the quotation.

Why compare quotes when hiring movers and packers?

Safety of goods and overall cost of shifting are probably the top two concerns you may have, when relocating. Unless you compare a couple of available options, you may not get it right. You have no idea about the cost, quality of packing and overall process. But when you speak with a couple of agencies, you get to know the process, associated cost and quality and that's going to help you choose the best movers and packers for the job.

We have got the widest network of moving companies from all of the major cities in India including Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and other cities.

There is no point in taking chances. If you want to get it right, we'll be happy to help you. if you have any other question, you may call us on 07044123404 to speak with an expert.