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Movers and Packers Patna for Home Shifting

Patna is one of the largest city in Bihar and second largest city in eastern India after Kolkata. Patna was awarded as the second best city for ease of doing business by the World Bank in the year 2009. To fulfill the growing demands of home shifting and relocation service needs, there are over a hundred movers and packers in Patna. The moving companies are operating in and around Patna and helping people with cost effective home relocation services in Patna and nearby cities in Bihar including Hazipur, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga etc. If you plan to hire movers and packers in Patna for home shifting services, and wondering how to find movers who can pack and move your household goods safely with insurance then here's how we can help.

You can request quick and free estimates for home and vehicle shifting services from a couple of top rated movers and packers based in Patna. They are well connected and have services across all localities in Patna and adjoining towns. One of the best thing about movers and packers companies serving Patna, Bihar is most of them covers nearly all of the major cities in Bihar including Hajipur, Danapur, Muzaffarpur, Arrah, Sonepur, Darbhanga and other cities.

Rates of movers and packers for shifting services in Patna

If you are wondering about rates of movers and packers in Patna, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga or other cities in Bihar then let me tell you that there is no one fit all pricing for movers and packers services. Rates of movers and packers services depends on overall packing quality, volume of goods to be packed and moved and, distance among many other factors.

Rates of movers and packers in Patna for local shifting starts from Rs. 3000.00 for 1 bed room flat and it can easily shoot up to Rs. 15000 -17000 for a fully furnished 4 bedroom flat. Similarly, rates for domestic shifting or moving to another state like Delhi can go from Rs. 6000.00 for 1 bedroom household goods to up to Rs. 40000.00 for a fully furnished 4 bedroom flat.

Different people will move to different places, and obviously the distance will be different and so will be the number of items they want to pack and pick and move. That is why it's always better to talk to locally available top moving companies in Patna, discuss your requirements and then get the most accurate quotations for packing and shifting.

On top of that, the rates also vary on volume of goods, types of packing materials, cost of insurance etc. And hence, it'll makes moore sense if you check rates from a couple of moving companies who are available.

You can easily use ServiceSutra to request no-obligation quotes and estimates from leading movers and packers companies in Patna. The movers and packers on board are offering end to end packing, shifting and storage services for all types of household goods and articles, and some of them also offer car transportation services that you can avail to ship your car from Patna to any other state in India.

Packers and movers Patna service catalogue

We all know that movers and packers are meant to pack, pick and transport all types of household goods, office materials, car, motorbike and other industrial goods that require delicate packing for safe and sound delivery.

Take a look at the service catalogue of packers and movers companies in Patna, Bihar:

  • Local home relocation within Patna or to a nearby town
  • Interstate shifting of household goods
  • Interstate car transportation from Patna using open/closed containers
  • local and long distance office shifting
  • Packing and shifting for industrial goods

But you know what; the moving companies are going to take care of everything in between. Right from arranging suitable quality packing materials, to packing every item safely, when they are around, you can simply relax, as they will do everything to ensure your goods get delivered in safe and sound condition.

FAQ on using movers and packers services in Patna

We often receive different types of questions related to home and vehicle shifting services about the process, costs, safety, insurance etc and here are the most commonly asked questions and their answers;

1. Who will be packing the goods, me, or the moving company I am hiring?

Movers and packers will do all of the packing for you. In fact even if you have put some of the stuff into carton and packed it on your own, movers would double check and if needed re-pack to ensure the goods remain safe inside. They bring all of the packing materials, cartons, wraps, tape etc and pack everything under the supervision of experienced supervisor or senior team member. They will also bring their own vehicle and load everything and get it moved.

2. Can I ask the movers to disassemble the split AC while moving?

Well, the movers and packers offer assembling and disassembling services. They can easily disassemble the dish antenna, water purifier, double bed, ceiling fan, tube light fittings etc. But disassembling AC requires train technicians and hence it'll make more sense, if you talk to AC technicians. If you insist, the movers and packers can disassemble or uninstall the split ACs or window ACs, but there are issues like gas leakage etc and you certainly don't want that. So anything that requires special skill or technique, you should stick with the specialist instead of relying on the movers and packers.

3. How do the movers and packers ensure safety of goods?

The whole idea of using packers and movers service is to ensure safety and hassle-free relocation. And to ensure the safety of your goods, the movers and packers offer multi-layer safe and secured packing. On top of that, all interstate shipping is covered with insurance that protects you against any damage. Movers and packers companies take every precaution to ensure safety of your goods. But at times damage may happen due to calamities that may be beyond their control. And in such cases, they can help you get insurance claim from the insurance company.

4. What should I do to avoid moving frauds by local relocation companies?

Hiring a moving company is more or less like hiring any other service provider. The service provider should be capable, credible and must offer good quality packing and shifting services. And to avoid shocking surprises, you should check the documents of the moving companies you are considering to hire. Also ask the movers for a detailed quotation, with no hidden charges. You should also clarify about the payment terms and take everything in writing. And last but not the least; be careful with moving companies that offer hard to believe rates, because they may surprise you later on.

5. Can I avail storage service for 10 days at the destination?

Most of the moving companies offer short term and long-term storage facilities. If you are yet to get your home, you can avail short term-storage facility to store your goods at their storage facility. But, you should discuss this up front, because they can help you with storage only if they have empty space in their warehouse. Sometimes, they get fully occupied and then they may not be able to help. So discuss about your storage needs up-front to make required arrangements.

6. Why there is so much difference in cost between various moving companies?

The reason of difference in cost is the quality. If the mover is using brand new packing materials of good quality Vs cheap quality wraps, the cost of overall packing will vary. Also the mover with better infrastructure would command a little premium service charge and delver experience than their mediocre counterparts.

If you are ready to enquire about the rates and charges of movers and packers or have any other question that needs clarification, then feel free to call us on 07044123404 and talk to one of our relocation expert.

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