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Household Goods Storage and Warehousing Services in India

Household goods storage and warehousing service is yet another service, offered by moving companies in India and around the world. You can use household goods storage and warehousing services to store all types of household goods and articles including household furniture, home appliances, kitchen items, clothes etc.

Warehousing services usually refers to self storage facilities in a warehouse. A warehouse is a stand alone building, generally located at the outskirts of the city because of the high real-estate costs in prime locations. Such warehousing facilities are mostly used by the business and industries to store different types of raw materials and finished products. But, industrial warehousing facility is different than the household goods storage facilities we are discussing here.

The household goods storage and warehousing services we are talking about is specifically to store all types of household goods and items. You can use the household storage and warehousing services to safely store your goods for weeks, months or even years, as required.

So, what the best use case to avail household goods services?

Well, you can use household storage and warehousing services in different cases, including:

  • When you are moving abroad temporarily for a few months
  • When you're relocating to a different city on a temporary work assignment
  • When you are renovating your home and vacating it for a couple of months
  • When you don't have enough of storage space at your home
  • When your rental agreement has expired and you are yet to find a home
  • When you have moved, but you are yet to get the possession of your house

As you can see, the idea is to enable you to store your household articles, safe and sound for as long as you want.

So whether you are moving abroad, or just renovating your current home or you want to simply free-up some space in your current home, you can use household goods storage services.

How does it work - the process of household goods storage

Moving companies offers end to end household goods storage services, which means right from packing to transportation and storing, they are going to take care every aspect of goods storage. One of the biggest advantages of using household goods storage over self storage service is that, you don't have to bother about anything, the moving and storage companies are going to take care of everything for you.

Here's how it all works:

  • The moving companies are going to schedule a pre-estimate survey. It helps them get the real picture of the goods to be stored.
  • Once they know about the goods that are to be stored, they can easily estimate the volume of packing materials required for safe and secured packing and storing.
  • After surveying, they submit the detailed quotation that includes costs of packing, loading, unloading and local transportation from your home to the warehouse.
  • After taking quotations, once you confirm the service provider, they will come over to your place, pack everything and move it to their warehouse to store all your goods.

A very important thing to note about household good storage service is that it's not only the cost of storage, but there are other costs as well:

  • Costs of packing, includes packing materials
  • Cost of handling - i.e. lifting, loading, unloading etc
  • Monthly/weekly charges for storage
  • Both way transportation costs -from your home to the warehouse

So, if you are planning to store your goods for short term or long term, you should always ask for detailed and itemized quotations from a few of the local moving and storage companies, and only after comparing their offers you should take a call and choose a service provider.

Get best rates and offers for household goods storage services

Irrespective of the reasons, if you are planning to store your goods for a few weeks or months and wondering where to find the best household goods and storage service providers in town, then we can help you.

One of the biggest concerns while storing your goods in a household storage facility in India would be the safety of your goods. And second major concern while using storage service is always the rent or costs of storage service. Obviously you want to find one of the most secured storage facilities to store your household goods, at the lowest possible rates.

And, we can help you get it right. We can quickly connect you with the best and most affordable storage and warehousing service providers in your city.

All that you have to do is create a request for free estimate, by submitting your storage and warehousing service needs. Just tell briefly about your requirements, the city where you need the storage service and tentative duration of storage.

Once submitted, you will be contacted by up to three of the leading moving companies that offer safe, secure and cost-effective household goods storage services in your city.

The storage companies are professional; they speak your language and offer end to end storage and warehousing services. They'll call you back to understand your storage needs, tentative schedule etc and then give you tentative estimates over the phone.

To get the most accurate and all inclusive costs (packing, transporting and storage), you should ask them to do pre-storage survey. This will help you judge them better and also avoid any pricing dispute because of volume of goods.

Household goods storage and warehousing services are offered by some of the most experienced, and professionally managed moving and storage companies near you. Safe, Affordable and hassle-free storage and warehousing service is available across all of the major cities in India including Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Goa, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Patna, Ranchi, Goa and other cities. These storage services are backed by years of experience in delivery safe, secured and cost effective storage facilities to store all types of household goods for shorter span or longer duration as per the needs and requirements of the customers.

What is self storage facility?

Self storage facilities allow you rent out storage space for any length of time depending on your storage needs. You can rent a portion of space like 100 square feet, 300 square feet or 500 square feet or more and have access to that portion of the storage space to store all types of permitted goods and articles.

Some of the storage and warehousing companies also offer private storage area, where you and only you will store your goods and no one else can access your goods. Such storage facilities may not be available in all cities, but mostly it's available in metro cities.

Needless to say, self storage facilities are way more costly than the household goods storage facilities being offered by the moving companies. And therefore, it makes more sense to opt self storage facility when you want to rent out smaller space, to keep high value goods and not for storing household articles and furniture.

General FAQ about household goods storage and warehousing

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and their answer based on our interaction with thousands of users and hundreds of storage service providers in India. Take a look at these FAQs and see what other peoples are asking:

What is household goods storage service, is it safe?

Household goods storage service is yet another service being offered by moving and storage companies. You can use household storage facilities to safely store your goods for weeks and months. Household warehousing units are usually safe and insured, but still before choosing a storage facility, one should check everything carefully like security arrangement, water logging etc.

What's the average cost for household goods storage in India?

Cost of household goods storage services are not fixed and it usually depends on the volume of goods that is to be packed and stored and period of storage. Pricing for storage services can be dynamic and hence it's better to check current storage rates with potential storage companies. On an average, household storage service can costs you from Rs. 50 per day to up to Rs. 250 per day based on the volume of goods and size it may require.

Apart from the actual costs of storage, there are costs involved in packing, handling and local transportation from your home to the warehouse. It's always better to get the all-inclusive storage service costs when moving your goods to a warehousing facility.

Do I have to pack my goods before sending it to the warehouse?

Each and every item has to be packed safely and the moving companies that offer household goods storage services can take care of packing. In fact, it's always recommended to get the packing done by the moving companies, for they can do multi layer, water proof and weather proof packing, which is a must before sending your goods to the warehouse for storage.

When should I move my goods to storage facilities?

Storage facilities can be used when you are moving out and you don't have a place to safely store your goods. For instance, if you are living in a rented apartment and you are moving out for say six months, it's better to move your goods to a nearby storage facility than occupying your rented apartment and pay monthly rental. Moreover, your rented apartment may not be safe, unless it's guarded by security.

For how long can I store my goods in household storage facilities?

Yu can store your goods for as long as you want. Temporary storage facilities allows storage for few weeks and long term storage can be used to store your household goods for months and even years. There is no specific duration rule, so feel free to use it as per your needs.

What precautions one should take when using household storage services?

Since in most cases, people move their goods to storage units for longer period of time like 9 months to up to one year or even more. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are choosing a reliable and established warehousing company. As for precaution, do everything possible to ensure that the storage company is genuine, registered, insured and managed professionally.

What to look for when hiring household storage services?

Since your household goods are supposed to be stored for longer period of time, it's a must for you to ensure that you are dealing with the right kind of service provider. We from our end do everything possible to ensure that only the best service provider join the servicesutra network. And that's why, we do check documents, referrals etc, but that may not be enough. So, irrespective of where you are searching and how you get connected to a storage service provider, you should be a little careful and make sure to verify each and every claim of the potential service provider you intend to deal with.

Storage service in most cases is a long term contract, be ready to go to any length, but ensure that you are dealing with a truly reliable and established storage and warehousing service provider. It's worth to spend some time in researching and evaluating before finalizing a service provider.

Here's quick checklist you can use to screen and evaluate a storage service provider before hiring.

  • Make sure to meet a storage service provider face to face for discussing your requirements.
  • Ask all sorts of questions and ensure that there is no doubt what so ever in your mind.
  • Do a surprise visit to the warehouse (godown) and take a good look at the storage facility yourself.
  • Rent out a storage facility only after comparing a few options.
  • Do some background check like since how long the company exists, about the key managements persons and their background.
  • Ask clearly about insurance and accessibility of your goods.
  • Know clearly what's covered in insurance and what's not.
  • Check business registration papers, license, tax registration papers etc.
  • Irrespective of the source of recommendations, do proper verification of the company before dealing with them.
  • In sort, it's your goods, verify everything and be satisfied by yourself before you deal with a storage service provider.

Whether it's long term storage or storing for just a couple of weeks, it's always better to work with well placed and well managed moving and storage companies. If there is a need of storage and warehousing services, and you are still unsure as where to start and how to get it right, then feel free to call us on 07044123404 and talk to an expert.