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Sparkle Services Pvt. Ltd, Pune

Sparkle Services Pvt. Ltd

UNIT NO. 101, MALHAR S.NO. 17/1/2, PLOT NO 9 , Pune - 400045

Residential & commercial housekeeping

Not rated
Maxwell Facilities, Pune

Maxwell Facilities

Satav Nagar, Handewadi Road, Pune - 411028

Professional facility management services

Not rated
Diksha Enterprises, Pune

Diksha Enterprises

Ward No. 6/2, Ganesh Nagar, Yerwada, Pune, Pune - 411006

Housekeeping and cleaning contractor

Not rated

Carpet Cleaning Services Near You

Carpets have many benefits to offer. Right from insulating the floors, and creating a noise-proof environment to preventing slips and falls, they can do you any favors.

So, regular care and maintenance are essential for your carpets to ensure a longer. And therefore, professional carpet cleaning services are worth the investment.

If you also need expert carpet cleaning services and wondering where to find the best carpet cleaners near me then we can help you right away. We have screened and onboarded the best-reputed carpet cleaners near you that offer all kinds of carpet cleaning services, including steaming, carpet shampooing and dry carpet cleaning, etc.

In fact, hiring the best carpet cleaning service near you is a matter of a click now. Just share your carpet cleaning needs along with your contact details, to receive a quick callback and offers from the most competent carpet cleaning experts nearby for free.

Compare the costs and rates for carpet cleaning services, understand the prices and schedule the cleaning at the right price, at a convenient day and time of your choice.

What are the different types of carpet cleaning services available?

The different types of carpet cleaning services available in India include:

Carpet shampooing

Detergent, heat, and water are used via steam cleaning to remove the tough spillages, odors, and stains from your carpets.

Carpet steaming

High-quality steam cleaning equipment is used to infuse boiling water into the carpets. Thereafter, these jets of water are sucked out to eliminate dirt, dust, and grime.

Dry carpet cleaning

Specialized machines along with advanced technologies are used to pre-heat the fibers and break down the dirt into smaller units after which a session of machine cleaning is conducted to remove the dirt and grime permanently from your carpets.

If you need any of these carpet cleaning services, hire a verified carpet cleaner and leave your home with a spic and span carpeting for sure.

Domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services are available near you. Whether you are looking for deep carpet wash, steam cleaning or dry carpet cleaning, our professional carpet cleaners can help you with all types of carpet cleaning solutions.

How are steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning different?

In steam carpet cleaning, the chemical is sprayed and the carpet is vacuumed. Then, water is infused into the carpet and the remaining water is vacuumed out by using a high-jet pressure. Dry carpet cleaning on the other end is suitable for areas that get a lot of foot traffic, so fast drying is important.

Professional carpet cleaners generally use compound cleaning agents to perform this type of cleaning. It helps to break down the dirt and pre-heat the fibers followed by a session of machine cleaning to accomplish the task.

This ensures spotless carpets for your home that would remain stain-free for years to come.

What are the advantages of hiring professional carpet cleaning services?

There are various benefits to hiring professional carpet cleaners. Take a look at these reasons.

  • Restore the spanking-new appearance of your carpets
  • Save your time and money
  • Detailed and effective carpet cleaning followed by post-cleaning inspections as well.
  • Expect a longer lifespan and maximum protection for your carpets
  • Carpet cleaning by expert and knowledgeable professionals

You too can get each of these plus points if you employ a reputed carpet-cleaning agency from us. Send us your queries and get custom quotes and estimates in minutes.

How much time does carpet cleaning take?

The total time taken for carpet cleaning will depend on factors like the number of furnishings that need to be moved, the carpet cleaning technique used, and the size of the carpet. Still, professional cleaners should not take more than 3-4 hours to complete the cleaning spree. However, a period of 6-8 hours or more might be required to dry the carpets properly in case you have opted for the steam carpet cleaning option.

How much do professional carpet cleaners charge?

In the case of residential spaces, professional carpet cleaners may charge you anywhere between Rs. 700 to Rs. 15,00. However, if you need carpet cleaning services for your commercial setup, then the prices vary between Rs. 1,500 - Rs. 2,000. For bigger commercial spaces, the charges can range between Rs. 5-7 per sq ft of carpet.

service cost guide
₹700 ₹750 ₹800

Take a look at the Carpet cleaning cost guide below to get a better idea. Also, feel free to call our helpline number 07044123404 to receive no-obligation free quotes and offers from top rated Carpet cleaning near you in Pune.


Standard average cost: Rs. 750
Average cost ranges between Rs. 700 - 800
Lowend cost ranges between Rs. 600 - 700
Highend cost ranges between Rs. 800 - 900

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges for carpet cleaning services?

Average carpet cleaning service may cost you between Rs. 700 -1000 for home carpets. However, the charges can vary between Rs. 6 to 7 per sq ft for commercial carpet cleaning services.

How much time do professionals take to clean the carpets?

On average, it takes 30 to 60 minutes for professionals to clean home carpets. However, this time can vary depending on the method used and the size of the carpet and therefore can extend up to 2-4 hrs in some cases.

Can I expect complete stain removal from my carpets?

The quality of stain removal from your carpets will totally depend on the type of stain and fiber of the carpets.

Do professional carpet cleaners use pet and child-friendly chemicals?

Yes, professional carpet cleaners generally use pet and child-friendly cleaning agents while cleaning the carpets.

How often should I get my carpets professionally cleaned?

Generally, experts recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 9 months. However, this frequency may vary according to the usage and the circumstances.

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