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Regularly cleaning your house is very important to protect everyone's health in your family.

No matter you want to clean your entire residence or a part of it like the kitchen or bathroom, doing it yourself may not give you the desired results.

Aside from that, no matter how often you clean your house by yourself, you still need occasional deep home cleaning services, at least every three to four months to keep your home fully sanitized, hygienic, and sparkling clean. The local home cleaning services near you are well-managed. They have a professionally trained crew who performs thorough cleaning chores at your home or office. They have years of experience in delivering quicker, safer, and affordable home cleaning services using the best cleaning tools, supplies, and methods.

That's why; good quality professional house cleaning services are needed. So, are you wondering where to get the best house cleaning service near me at affordable price options?

Well, we have got you covered. Share your house cleaning requirements and we will connect you with the best expert house cleaners near you within minutes. The expert cleaners on board are document verified and offer the best quality cleaning services at surprisingly affordable prices.

By sharing your house cleaning need, you will get free and fair quotes and offers from three of the top house cleaning experts nearby. After comparing their individual rates and charges, you can book a pro as per your needs and cleaning budget.

What are the different types of cleaning services available?

House-cleaning services generally differ according to the level of cleaning a person wants in his or her household. Still, below are the common types of house-cleaning services that you can avail of.

Deep cleaning services

The washrooms, sinks, carpets, curtains, and sofa sets are what accumulate a lot of dust over time. To remove the tough stains and spots from these surfaces, the best professional deep cleaning services are what you must try. Experts will use high-pressure water hoses or steamers to clean each of these things deep inside.

Sweeping and mopping

In particular, mopping is used to clean the microbes and stains off the floor. Similarly, in sweeping, stubborn dust particles and other forms of invisible dirt scattered about your house are removed. Professionals generally use good-quality disinfectants while providing these services, making sure your home looks squeaky clean after that.

Cleaning and dusting

Accumulation of dust on the bookshelves, dining table, or beneath sofa is a common scene in every household mainly due to open windows. Our trained and licensed cleaners have the expertise to eliminate these dust and grime from each of the likely areas, thus, turning your house into a spotless living space.

So, do you need any of these house-cleaning services as well? Then, hire the best house-cleaning agency from our listing of verified and trusted service providers that also at an affordable rate.

Why choose professional house-cleaning services?

We often don't get time to clean the house by ourselves either due to our hectic office routine or the household chores that keep us bogged down for the entire day. The importance of hiring professional house cleaning by expert cleaners arises here.

Some of the reasons why more and more people are availing of professional house cleaning services can be considered below.

Quality service

Hiring a professional house-cleaning company means getting your house cleaned by trained professionals who will clean every nook and cranny of your home up to your complete satisfaction.

Saves time

Professional cleaners will perform the entire cleaning session on your behalf. So that you can sit back and relax, while the cleaning crew takes care of all the dusting, scrubbing, and mopping at your place. This saves you a lot of time that you can otherwise utilize to do something else.

Flexible service

Different types of house-cleaning services are available for different homeowners. So, you can avail of a contractual cleaning service to serve the long-term house-cleaning purpose. Alternatively, you can opt for one-time deep cleaning services.

Spanking clean house

Trained house cleaners generally use advanced cleaning machines such as blowers, vacuum cleaners, and steamers. This way they ensure that both the inside and outside of your living space are cleaned thoroughly.

Want to make the most of these benefits? For that, you need to hire professional house cleaners.

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How much does the house cleaning service cost?

Professional cleaning services start from as low as Rs. 499.00 for bathroom cleaning, and Rs. 2100 to 2400 for empty 1 BHK house cleaning. However, for an occupied 1 BHK house deep cleaning the cost can range between Rs. 1500.00 to Rs. 1700.00 on the lower end and between Rs 2400 to 2900 on the higher end. The thing is, cleaning service prices can greatly vary based on the level of dirt, the quality of cleaning supplies being used, and of course the expertise of the cleaner near you who is taking up the job.

service cost guide
₹1800 ₹2650 ₹3500

Take a look at the Cleaning cost guide below to get a better idea. Also, feel free to call our helpline number 07044123404 to receive no-obligation free quotes and offers from top rated Cleaning near you in Vadodara.


Standard average cost: Rs. 2650
Average cost ranges between Rs. 1800 - 3500
Lowend cost ranges between Rs. 1500 - 7500
Highend cost ranges between Rs. 2500 - 10000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is one time house cleaning?

One time house cleaning is a little different than the daily house cleaning by your maid. One time deep cleaning of house is performed by professional cleaning and housekeeping companies. They clean everything to get rid of already accumulated dirt and spots. The professionals will clean nearly all of the room e.g. kitchen, washroom, living room, furniture, bedroom etc.

When using one time deep home cleaning service make sense?

One time deep home cleaning services can be used to get rid of already accumulated dirt, dusts and spots. One time deep home cleaning services can be used at different occasions like if the house is closed for so many months and years and you want to start living in the house, you can use one time deep home cleaning services. Similarly, you may need one time deep home cleaning post renovation work or interior decorating works. It's always better to use deep cleaning services every six months to keep your home look sparkling clean.

What all rooms are covered in one time deep cleaning services for homes?

One time deep home cleaning service includes all of the major rooms including total washroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning including kitchen selves, cabinets and racks, living room including all the furniture, cupboards, desk etc in the bedroom.

Why deep cleaning is more effective than daily cleaning?

It is very important to keep your home clean and organized and that requires daily cleaning. But no matter how often you clean your house; there are areas and part of your house that will end up accumulating dirt and germs. And therefore, it needs occasional deep cleaning because the professional cleaners will clean each and every corner of your house and the objective here is to get rid of all the spots, dirt and germs completely.

How long does it take for deep cleaning of a standard home?

The professional cleaning companies near you, will ideally end two to three people for deep home cleaning. Depending on the size of your house and level of dirt accumulation, the cleaners will decide how many people to send. Normally it takes anywhere between 4-8 hrs, not more than that.

What are the charges for 1 BHK deep home cleaning services in India?

Charges for deep home cleaning services may vary based on different factors like level of dirt, size of the house, number of furniture etc. Standard service charges for 1 BHK deep home cleaning services in metro cities in India starts from Rs 3000 only.

Do I need to provide the cleaning products to the cleaner?

No, professional house cleaners use their own products to perform the required cleaning services at your place.

Can I get everyday cleaning services?

Yes, both daily and one-time cleaning services are available depending on your individual needs. However, daily cleaning services are available in limited cities. Talk to us to check if the daily cleaning service is available near you.

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