How to do Interior Design for Flats and Apartments

Are you planning to get interior designing done for your new flat before you finally move in your sweet home? I am sure you have planned everything and still have many questions about interior designing of your flat or apartment. I am here to help you get it right so that once the interior design is over you have an awesome home ready for you to occupy. Are you ready to learn it all? then check them all.

Create a Floor Layout of your flat

The most important aspect of any interior design and Decoration project is the floor plan. You must have a clear idea of the layout of the rooms. This includes the dimension, location of the room itself, windows, main door, switchboards etc. This Floor and room layout will really help you in planning rest of the interior design process. For example If you want to hang a Painting in front of the Bed, you should have a clear measurement of that area so that it can fit there.

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Choose a Theme or Design of the flat

Your overall Interior design revolves around a theme. For example your kids room have a different theme, your bedroom will have a different theme and living room can have a different theme. Read interior design magazines, or take input from friends or a Professional Interior Designer, they will help you finalize themes. Another important thing to remember while you finalize a theme is to consider your own tastes, like and dislikes. You will be staying there, so whatever theme you choose, it must be as per your taste.

Finalize Color Shades

Since you have a theme for your Interior Design, its time to select your favorite color. You have to select a base color and a couple of secondary colors for patterns and borders etc. of course color shades must be based on the theme you have selected.

Select Fabrics for your flat

Now you have to choose fabrics for curtains, sofa, cushions etc. You may again base it on the color that you have selected, or go mix and match. Whatever you do, try to keep it balanced with the overall color shades to make it look magical.

Decorative Elements for your flat

Think about the decorative elements like Paintings, decorative lamps, flower pots etc. When selecting or buying lamps, try to get a dimmer installed to control how much light you want.

Hire Professional Interior Designers

You won’t design your home every now and then. Before investing lots of money on those decorative elements and putting them as you like, you should hire a professional and creative Interior designer. Interior Designers can help you get best results for whatever budget you have for your interior design project.

Once Interior Design and Decorating is over, you can always buy elements that you like, but to make your room look good, it must be planned and designed under a professional Interior Designer.

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