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Interior Hub, Ahmedabad

Interior Hub

1, Vinay Complex, Near Apex Honda, Ahmedabad - 380022

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Verma And Verma  Associates, Ahmedabad

Verma And Verma Associates

7/3, Maruti Nandan Apartment, Maninagar East, Ahmedabad - 380008

Verma and Verma Associates

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All About Interior Designer Near You

Designing and decorating a space becomes fun when you have a professional interior designer to help you design and execute your home or office interior design project. An interior designer can easily figure out how to make your home or office space more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Besides, an experienced interior designer can help select the right kinds of materials. And ensure, that your project gets completed with the best quality finish, well under your budget.

Whatever your budget, lifestyle and interior designing requirements are, you can always find the best possible interior designer near you who can design and decorate your home or office as per your lifestyle and under your budget.

One of the biggest advantages of using interior designing services for home and office interior design projects is that the interior designer is going to take care of everything. All that you have to do is to meet with the interior designing team, preferably at the site.

The interior designing services by leading interior companies includes everything that's crucial for getting your home or office interior designing done, in your style and budget.

Best turnkey interior design solutions

  • Requirements gathering and finalizing the scope of work
  • Budget planning and bill of materials preparation
  • Any type of civil works, as may be required
  • Complete decor and lighting
  • Electrical works like moving switch boards etc
  • False ceiling works
  • Bathrooms remodeling

The team of interior designers will discuss all your requirements, and lifestyle, and take design inputs (yes you can share your idea, in case you have anything in mind). They will ask all sorts of questions to understand your interior design requirements and ideas perfectly.

Based on the discussion, they will take the measurement of the site and start preparing the bill of materials (BOM) and quotations. Once the quotation is approved, they will start working on design concepts and further execution.

Once you have a professional interior design team on board, you can see your home or office come to life. The interior designer will work closely with you, right from the designing step, to the final delivery of the project. They are going to deal with all types of work that is involved, from carpentry to plumbing and electrical, they will take care of everything, including

  • Proper space planning as per your lifestyle
  • Layout designing of the space
  • 3D interior design concepts
  • Complete visualization of the design
  • Sourcing of materials, and
  • Overall execution of the interior design

Whether you are looking to design your dream home or an office, the expert residential and commercial interior designer near you can help you get it right.

Hire best-rated interior designers near you - fast and affordably

Are you looking for the top-rated interior designers near you for a home or office interior design project? Compare and choose from the top-rated professional interior designers for the best budget home interior design and interior decoration near you.

The interior designers have got years of experience in conceptualizing, designing, and executing both residential and commercial properties. Whatever interior designing requirements you may have if you are looking for the best and high rated professional interior designers near you, you can check them all right here.

Whether you are looking for a low-budget interior designer near you or a premium interior designer near you, if you are looking for the best home or office interior designer options near you, find them all in one place.

Request a free consultation or schedule a site visit

Here's how you can receive no-obligation interior designing quotes from leading interior designing firms in Kolkata. You can even schedule a free consultation and site inspection and further discussion.

  • Submit the free quote request form or call our helpline no: 7044123404
  • Receive call back and replies from three of the best-rated interior designer firms near you available near you.
  • Discuss your design requirements, budget, and delivery schedule.
  • Compare and evaluate all the offers and options and get your project completed within budget and without any hassles.

Here are some of the reasons why so many customers are using this service network to select the interior designer of their choice across India.

  • Affordable prices
  • Proactive response
  • Expert advice
  • Price comparison
  • Save time and money

Also, it is not mandatory that you have to hire an interior designer from us every time you make a service request. Do it only if you like the professionals, their approach, and their service offers. More so, you need not pay us anything at all against the assistance we render you. Pay straightaway to the interior design expert you've selected to work with.

Factors to consider when hiring professional interior designer

Take things like your budget and interior design needs into consideration before hiring an interior designer for your home or office interior project. Share your ideas and thoughts with your interior designing professional and appoint the person accordingly. So, to hire only the best interior designer, here are some of the factors worth paying attention to.


Always hire an experienced interior designer to ensure a service that is timely, flawless, and cost-effective at the same time.

Design needs

Appoint an interior designer who has the knowledge and expertise to meet your unique design needs properly.

Costs and expenses

Interior design projects can often be expensive, especially when everything is not planned in advance. And the interior designer you are working with can play a very crucial role in completing the project within the specified budget and timeline.

Note, not every interior designer will have the same skills and expertise. So, reflect upon your design requirement, special needs, and overall budget first. Then, start sorting through the listing of top-rated interior designers near you. This is the fail-proof way of getting the best value for your interior design project.

How much does an interior designer charge?

A comprehensive interior design cost includes everything from space and layout planning, and 2D and 3D design concepts to material selection, execution, and project supervision charges. While there is no thumb rule and project costs can greatly vary based on the size of the space, quality of finish, and expertise of the interior designer you are working with, the basic thumb rule to calculate a preliminary budget is to estimate it at the rate of Rs. 1000 to 1200 per sq feet of the space with standard quality materials and finish. Aside from that, there is no lower limit or upper limit, a good interior designer should have the expertise to design your house as per your needs and budget. And therefore, it is always better to have an initial budget in mind and then do the reverse calculation to make a budget.

service cost guide
₹350000 ₹450000 ₹550000

Take a look at the Interior Designer cost guide below to get a better idea. Also, feel free to call our helpline number 07044123404 to receive no-obligation free quotes and offers from top rated Interior Designer near you in Ahmedabad.


Standard average cost: Rs. 450000
Average cost ranges between Rs. 350000 - 550000
Lowend cost ranges between Rs. 250000 - 400000
Highend cost ranges between Rs. 125000 - 1500000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tentative cost of 1 BHK interior design in India?

As you know, the cost of interior designing services can drastically changed based on the scope of work and materials being used. Depending on our specific requirements and budget, interior designers can prepare the scope of work and bill of materials.

Scope of work can easily change because if you are decorating a new flat, then most likely, you may not require any flooring work. But if in case you want flooring work like tiles, marbles or may be wooden flooring, the overall cost of 1 BHK interior design will change.

For standard rates, the cost of 1 BHK interior designing can vary from Rs. 200000 to Rs. 450000. But that’s a tentative cost of interior designing services in major Indian cities in India. Hence, it’s always recommended to get the accurate quotes from local interior designing companies in your city. They can easily help you get your home designed and furnished in your budget.

Can interior designers design my flat as per the designs that I have collected over the years?

Yes. The interior designing starts with understanding the design and functional requirements of the customers. So, the team of interior designers will meet you multiple times to understand your design and functional requirements. They will be happy to see all the designs that you might have collected over the years for your dream home or office.

When they will start designing your rooms or space, they will accommodate all those design ideas in to the design of your home or office. In fact, they will do multiple brainstorming session and design revisions to get the final design approved and selected by you before starting work on that part.

What are the best branded materials for interior designing in India?

As you already know, when designing hoe or offices, the interior contractors are going to use different types of raw materials from plywood and laminates to hinges and knobs. And choosing a brand can be overwhelming at times. So, here are some of the best and popular brands for different types of materials you may like to consider when design a flat in India.

Plywood- In kitchen, you should use IS710 BWP plywood or marine plywood, for rest of the work, you can use IS303 grade or above like greenply etc. Internal laminates should be 0.8mm of any brand. For external laminates, always go with 1MM or 1.3mm from Royal or century. Hinges and channels from Hettich or EBCO are great. For locks, you can always use Godrej or similar brands. For adhesive, always go with Fevicol or Pidilite.

What is turnkey interior designing solution?

If you have ever interacted with any interior designing company, I am sure you have heard this term. Turnkey interior solution is used by interior designing companies to refer the mode of engagement. When they say that offer turnkey solution, then that means, they offer end to end service. Right from conceptualization, to designing, sourcing of all the materials, to execution, they will do everything. You don't have to chase different contractors or technicians like plumber or civil workers to get things done. They'll take all the hassles and hand over your home or office after furnishing it completely, as per the contract.

Can I hire interior designing companies for design consultation only?

Yes. If you are a DIY person and have the skills, time and resource, then you can hire an expert interior designer as a consultant. The designer will help you with budgeting, layout and space planning, design elevation and develop designs high definition 3D designs. They'll also provide all the measurements and specs, which can be handed over to the technicians and contractors to work on. But, just be sure that you are ready to take all the hassles and you can pull it off successfully. If yes, you can always get interior design consultancy from a local interior expert.

How long does a residential interior design project take?

The amount of time needed to complete a residential interior design project will depend on factors like your interior design needs, the size of your home or office, and the design strategy devised. If everything goes as planned, it shouldnt take more than six to eight weeks inclusive of a step-by-step procedure. The duration may again lengthen up to a month or so, depending on the intricacy of your interior design and the alterations you want in it.

What is the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer?

An interior decorator furnishes one's living space with the already existing furnishings to make it look more aesthetically pleasing than before. On the contrary, the work of an interior designer is to create structural and functional work or living spaces in tandem with the varying needs and requirements of their customers.

What are the different services interior designers offers?

Starting from office interiors, home interiors, bedroom interiors, and living room interiors to that customized modular kitchen renovation, professional interior designers offer a wide range of services to their customers.

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