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Moving to Ahmedabad?

Once the Capital of Gujarat, Ahmadabad is so far considered the largest city in the state with a population of almost 74 lakhs. Besides, it nestles across the banks of River Sabarmati and is home to a thriving textile industry, as a result of which the city has also earned the Pseudonym 'The Manchester of India'.

In fact, ever since the province of Gujarat has come into being in 1960, Ahmadabad has gone on to become a political as well as commercially significant metropolis in the entire state. Coming to the Ahmadabadi populace, the people out here are extremely vivacious and high-spirited and relish every moment of their lives to the full.

Not only this, but you will get to see a lot of renowned educational institutions in Ahmadabad and over time the city has become the hub of information and technology and various scientific industries as well.

That apart, the sight of skyscrapers, multiplexes and shopping malls in every nook and cranny of Ahmadabad will simply boggle your mind. However, if you are a history buff, then spots like the Roza of Sarkhej, Jama Masjid, Siddi Saiyad's Jali and of Kankaria Lake will certainly amaze you more than anything else.

Amidst all this, Ahmadabad has also become a place of gastronomy with time. So, don't miss out on visiting the revered restaurants and eateries while you are in the heart of Gujarat. Dig into the mouthwatering Keema chops and Mutton chaps at Baghdad Fry Center or just give a whirl to the famous dish, Sri Bajrang Chole Kulche in the Municipal Market, if not then indulge in a Khakra binge for sure at Induben Khakra and relish the authentic flavour of Ahmadabadi cuisine every step of the way.

Have a fondness for Kulfi? Then you cannot finish your eating spree in Ahmadabad without gorging on that delectable Mango Kulfi, Badam Pesta Kulfi or Malai Kulfi for that matter. All in all, the city has become a notable culinary centre in the whole of Gujarat with an option to satisfy every person's appetite to the full.

On top of all this, Ahmadabad is not lagging behind in terms of providing quality services to its residents too. So, whether you are looking for first-rate home cleaning services, pest control solutions, services related to car transportation or packing and moving, Ahmadabad has it all, and you will surely get the service provider of your choice to meet your tailored needs and requirements in the best way possible.

So, are you also pondering over the fact to move to Ahmadabad or indulge in a getaway trip to the city? If you say yes, then there are plenty of reasons to do that as the ones mentioned above.

In case you are considering these points not enough, then there are a few perks as well that a booming city like Ahmadabad has to offer you. Exuberant festivities, friendly locals, lesser power cuts, numerous food joints, and convenient traffic rules are the most striking of them.

In the evening, a romantic drive along the Kankari Lake or a stroll through the banks of the Sabarmati river is enough to make your day. Ahmadabad is indeed a ravishing place to settle in or to spend a couple of days with your friends or family, and that's for sure.