DIY Home Cleaning Tools and Equipments to Make Home Cleaning Easy

Everyone like a clean and tidy house, but keeping your house clean and tidy on your own is no easy task. But, cleaning a house will become fun and easy with these essential do it yourself house cleaning tools and equipments. If you are a do it yourself person and you clean your house on your own, then here’s the list of the most essential home cleaning tools and equipments that’s is going to make house cleaning fun and easy for you.

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17 Essential Things Needed for a Perfect Master Bedroom

So what is needed to setup a perfect master bedroom? What are the most essentials and important things that every bedroom must have to offer both aesthetic and a comfortable living? While I was planning the interior for my master bedroom, these were the questions that needed a clear answer. And I am sure if you are decorating or planning to decorate bedroom, you may have similar question staring at you. And if that’s the case, then here’s all you need to know about the most essential things needed to setup a perfect master bedroom.

Bedrooms are always special in every house because it is one of the space where you wish spend the quality time. It is like a sanctuary that helps you escape from the outside world and live the moment. The bedroom should give you the comfort when you come home tired after a long hectic day.

And, if you are planning to set up your new bedroom or renovate your bedroom then it’s seriously important to think about the things you need in your bedroom. You have to make sure to keep all those items that will make the space even more serene, relaxing and comforting for you.

Of course if you are hiring interior designer or consultant, then they will be happy to help you with these essentials, but it’s better to have a readily available list to avoid missing on anything essential while decorating your bedroom.

What are the things needed for a master bedroom?

Some of the bedroom things like bed, pillow etc. are obvious and it’s a must for every bedroom. But, these are not the only things that your bedroom requires, and therefore you should make a list of essential things needed to setup a bedroom for to make it ambient and comfortable for living.

Moreover, it is easy to forget things without a proper bedroom essentials list. So, to help you set up your bedroom perfectly, I have made a list of important things you should keep in your bedroom that you may like to check and use.

Bed and mattress

Let’s start with the most obvious thing and that is a bed. Many a times, we try to replace it with a comforting sofa but if you really want to enjoy a comfortable night sleep, then a cozy bed is something that should be your top priority.

Make sure you buy good quality mattress. And, if you do not want to lay your bed on the ground, go for a good bed frame.

And while we are discussing about bed, it’s important to choose the size of the bed carefully, because you are not going to replace it soon, so choose the size that you don’t have to replace in next few years. Different sizes are available today like single bed, double bed, king size, queen size, so choose according to the availability of space and your current and future requirements.

Pillows and cushions

Once you are done buying a comforting bed, now you need to buy pillows and cushions. There are two main types of pillows used for bedding – one, the regular pillows for sleeping and the other decorative pillows. Decorative pillows (cushions), just as the name suggests, are mainly to make your bed look pretty.

It is advisable that you buy pillows of both types. You may use the regular pillows while sleeping and use the decorative ones to keep your bed decorated during other times of the day or when guests come.

The pillows come in variety of sizes and in a variety of materials. You do your own research and find the right pillow for you, especially if you have neck related issues.

Bed sheets and linen

Bed sheets, comforter, mattress cover etc. are obviously essential and one has to buy a few pairs of these bedroom essentials. If you do a little research you can actually get good quality bedding at reasonable rates, especially the combo packs. You may also buy the bed linens by opting for a bed-in-a-bag. Here, each set comes with a variety of coordinated pieces for a lower rate that you would pay to buy each individual piece.

Bedside table and stands

According to me, there should be space that is within your arms reach where you can keep your mobile phone, your coffee, your specs, your wet wipes and other things that you may require while resting on your bed.

And, a bedside table or nightstand definitely serves the purpose. So, it definitely falls in the list of things you should keep in your bedroom and you must have at least one or two bedside tables.


Every bedroom must have a closet. Trust me; it is very much needed for storing all your essential stuffs starting from clothes to shoes to bags etc. So, make sure you set up your bedroom in such a way that you have enough space for your closet.

Storage space

If you have too many stuff to store, then besides the closet, you need to go for extra storage options like, you may plan to buy a chest of drawers or go for a under the bed storage option. Extra storage also includes wall hangers, shoe organizers, jewelry organizers, clothes or garments racks etc.  

Night lamps

If you are a bedtime reader, then a night lamp close to your bed is a must have for the bedroom. This will save you from getting out of the bed to switch off the overhead light when you are ready for sleep.

Moreover, night lamps are also very useful when you sleep with a roommate or a partner. This is because the lamps provide you with enough light to read or to move around without disturbing the other person by keeping on the glaring overhead light.


Irrespective of whichever bedroom you go out, it is actually hard to imagine a bedroom without a good quality rug. I will definitely suggest you to go for a cozy and fluffy bedside rug to enjoy the gentle touch every time you step on it while going to bed or stepping down from your bed.

By choosing and using right rugs and curtains, you can simply transform the look and feel of the entire bedroom.


You may already have a bathroom mirror. But, if you have a habit of checking yourself before going out of the bedroom, then a bedroom mirror is an essential thing to have in your bedroom.

Moreover, bedroom mirrors are also very useful for small bedrooms because they do help create the illusion of bigger space and also helps make the room brighter. A stylish mirror also contributes a lot in decorating your bedroom and creating good ambience.

In fact, you may go for a dresser. It is actually a chest of drawers topped off with a mirror. This way you may use the mirror as well as use the drawers to store your beauty and makeup essentials.


Sitting on your cozy bed for too long may lead to back pain, so I usually do not recommend it. And therefore, it will be a good idea to keep a chair in your bedroom. In fact, if you write or use your computer a lot, you may think of going for a desk chair. For an avid reader, a comfy armchair in the bedroom is always great.  


You will obviously require privacy when in the bedroom and so make sure you buy floor to ceiling curtains. If you do not want them to touch the ground, then you can hang the curtains an inch above the ground.

However, besides giving you privacy, curtains are good for various reasons. For example, a good quality curtain can make the entire room look beautiful and elegant, and it also elongate the height of the bedroom. Thick and two layer curtains are good to shield the sun from waking you up early in the morning as well.

Wall arts

Of course, your bedroom needs to be decorated a little, and wall decoration is definitely a part of it. So, you may go for various wall hangings or any other wall art to make the space very beautiful.

However, it is best to buy art and works for wall that is very calming and relaxing. In other words, go for pieces that help you stay in a serene state of mind. These actually help a lot in getting proper night sleep as well.

Ceiling fan

If you live in a hot and humid country, then having a fan in your bedroom might of great help. Now, it is true that you can keep an AC but many have health issues where turning the AC on nightlong might lead to complications, so fan is better for them. Also, fan is a great energy saver option. So, if you have a fan in your bedroom, you will not have to turn your central unit every time you feel hot.

Convenient sockets

If you want to save yourself from untangling extension cords all the time, then make sure that you go for convenient sockets while planning your new bedroom layout and design.

We often need some extra sockets for charging or many other purpose like to use hair dryer, or just to light decorative lights during Diwali, I mean it may depend on your needs, but a few extra convenient sockets and plug points is always worthy.

Natural decoration

If you are planning to go for a high-tech style for your bedroom, you should remember that bedroom is a space to relax. So, it will be a good thing if you keep something natural in your bedroom which will serve as an energy source. There are various options like keeping indoor house plants, having an aquarium, organic fabrics etc. Go for whatever suits your style.

Scent diffuser

Air fresheners are very common and popular addictions to the bedroom. It helps masking the unpleasant smells as well as helps refresh you up. In fact, some of the fragrances also help in sleeping better.

So, whatever be the reason, there are various options to alter the smell in your bedroom. Some of the most popular air freshener products are candles, oil warmers and diffuser etc. You can surely keep them in your bedroom.

Garbage bin

You may have a dustbin in some other room but for throwing away bedroom trash, it will be convenient if you keep a small dustbin in your bedroom. This will save you from getting out of your bedroom every time you need to throw any bedroom trash.

Over to you

Investing in your bedroom is something that you should definitely consider.  But buying unnecessary or non-essential stuffs for your bedroom will simply turn it into a clutter. So, it is important that you invest in the right things which are absolutely necessary for a convenient and comfortable living.

I have already share the list of top 17 most essential things you need keep in your bedroom. Even if you may have different priorities, but the list above contains the most basic bedroom essentials that you must have in your main bedroom.

I hope my article has been helpful. What are your views on it? Do share your feedback and suggestions if you have any. And, if you found it interesting and valuable, then do show your support from liking and sharing the article with others.

Until then, hope you are able to set up your bedroom just the way you want to.

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