ISO Certification: Process and Benefits of ISO Certification in India

International Organization for Standardization(ISO), has developed several quality assurance process and systems for different kinds of companies across the globe. ISO have developed several series of ISO certifications such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 22000 and so on. Each of these ISO series represents different quality assurance processes, which suits different industries. For instance, ISO 9000 series deals with the quality management standards. It would be safe to assume that companies who are certified with ISO 9000 series maintain same standards for management, and delivering quality deliverable and services.

ISO 9000 quality management certification, is one of the most widely used certification across the globe. It is estimated that, over a million industries are certified with ISO 9000 series worldwide. ISO 9001 certification helps you build quality management standards. It also helps you create an impression in the eyes of your customers and associates.

ISO certification and Growth of business

How to get your Organization ISO certified in India?

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) does not certify any organization directly. But there are ISO certification bodies across India, who can help you get your company or organization ISO certified. So, if you are based in India and want to implement ISO 9001:2008 quality management certifications, then all that you need to do is find an ISO certification Body, or an ISO consultant and apply for a certification. Their appointed auditors will come over and conduct an in-house audit of the overall operation and the process. And upon successful completion of the audit if they find everything to be correct, then they’ll issue ISO 9001 compliance certificate to your organization. During the ISO audit, the auditor may identify problems and issues that they call as non-conformity, which they hand over to the management. If there is much nonconformity, then they won’t issue a certification unless it is sorted out. Otherwise they will issue an ISO certificate that the organization is applying for.

ISO certification bodies are appointed by accreditation bodies. Accreditation bodies and certification bodies work closely with each other, to ensure that every ISO certificate that they issue meets the international quality standards.

How does ISO certification help your Organization

Apart from the improvements in your day to day business process and delivery, getting an ISO certified has many other benefits. I have enlisted a few of the key benefits of getting ISO certification below:

  • Helps you build a process to improve efficiency in overall operation of the business.
  • Helps you improve customer satisfaction and retain customers.
  • Makes you eligible for contracts where ISO certification is a must.
  • Customers can trust you easily when they have a choice to choose between organizations which are not ISO certified vs the one who is certified.
  • Helps in communicating and marketing, because all of your team will follow the same process.

There are many other benefits of getting ISO certified depending on the type of industry, such as better waste management, evaluation of raw materials, efficiency in planning with the help of data, and many other benefits.

We’ll help you find best ISO certification bodies in Kolkata and rest of India

At ServiceSutra we keep on adding various service categories, and today we are happy to announce that we can help you find best ISO Certification bodies and ISO consultants in Kolkata. They are competent enough and will be happy to offer free advice about various ISO series certification, and quality compliance certificates. ISO consultants in Kolkata can play an important role and help you through the process of obtaining an appropriate ISO certification for your organization.

All that you have to do is submit your contact details along with your ISO certification needs, and they will call you back to clarify your certification needs. After understanding your needs, they will be happy to come over to your office and advice you about which certification should be implemented, to help you improve efficiency and performance of your team and the organization.

We’ll be helping you to choose the best ISO consultants from all across India, in days to come. If you have any query related to ISO certification process, then feel free to get in touch for free consultation and advices.

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