5 Must things to do during Home Shifting in India

Packing and shifting of household goods involve lots of complications, because there are several layers and involvement of the third party on which, you may not have any control. But fortunately, there are professional moving and relocation companies who can look after everything, and ensure that your household goods are packed and moved safely to its destination. But this does not mean that, no complications will arise while relocating a house. Infact, one of the most complicated thing is to find a trustworthy moving company, who understands what they are doing, and have access to tools, equipment, and other resources which is required for household shifting in India.

In this post, we’ll discuss about some of the most important things that you must consider while shifting your home, along with all your household goods and other stuffs. Let’s look at what are those must to do things, that you’ll have to do one by one during home shifting in India.

5 Must thing to do during home shifting in India

1. Plan early and build a checklist

Waiting for the last week moment will be the biggest mistake that you may commit while shifting a house. There are several things to look after, and obviously you are busy looking after your day to day activities. But shifting a house is also one of the tasks in your hand, and it is as important as any other task.

Planning early is going to help you stay away from unnecessary hassles. When you start planning 3-4 weeks prior your scheduled date of shifting, you’ll get much time to look after everything right from finding a mover, to scheduling every tasks which are to be performed during your move. Hence, take a decision and create a schedule with deadline.

Having a home shifting checklist is the best way to track all the activities, and get things done properly with perfection. Thinking what should be mentioned in the checklist? Without thinking much, just mention everything related to the shifting process. Some of the tasks that you may like to track are as follows:

  • Find contact number of movers and packers companies.
  • Check and verify their profile.
  • Finalize a movers and packers.
  • Discuss about transit insurance.
  • Schedule dates for packing, transporting, delivery and etc.
  • Make payments for bills and other essentials.
  • Arrange tickets for yourself and your family.

These were some essential things that has to be added in the list, but you can add  everything that you consider is essential, and tick each of the task as you perform, or complete them. This will help you in monitoring and tracking all that matters during home shifting in India.

2. Organize your Essential Household Goods and get rid of unwanted stuff

Movers and packers companies usually charge you based on the distance which you can’t alter, and also according to the volume/weight of household materials that you want to get packed and moved. There are other costs heads, but volume of the goods is essentially the major factor that can be controlled. Therefore, take a good look around your rooms, and list down the goods which are supposed to be packed and moved.

Try and downsize your move in order to keep the moving cost low. There may be a few items in your house, which are not usable as per its current state. Give it a thought, and be sure whether you really want to move them or not. If you don’t want to carry them, just sell them out or give it to someone who needs them.

3. Hire a Home Shifting Service Provider

Once you have the list, it’s safe to approach movers and packers, and ask them to come over and do an in-house survey of goods that you want to move. Movers and packers companies in India offer free survey. Based on their survey, and after understanding your requirements, a moving company will give you estimates for packing and shifting all your goods.

Talk to three or four relocation service providers so that you can evaluate all of them, and take a decision after comparing their offers, terms and conditions, and most importantly their credentials. If you know about such relocation companies, then you are good to go. Or else just tell us your home shifting requirements, and we’ll help you connect to relevant and qualified service providers in your city.

4. Buy Adequate Transit Insurance

Even if the movers and packers companies will do everything they could, to ensure that your appliances and furniture are being packed using good quality packing materials, there is no guarantee that something may not go wrong during the move. Hence, it’s better to be prepared for any such hazards. A Transit insurance protects you in such cases. Discuss with your mover, and get your insurance done. Usually they will never discourage you from insuring your goods, and they will be happy to help you in buying transit insurance. Make sure you buy it for your own good.

5. Prepare for post move activities

You are going to remain fully occupied till your goods are packed and moved, and you may not get time to think about the post-move activities. Once your goods have been delivered, depending on the kind of deal you have signed with the movers and packers, they may unpack and re-arrange your goods. But this is a value added service which you may require and you may opt-out to keep the costs of moving down.

So according the situation you should have a proper plan for post move activities. Unpacking and re-arranging is one such activity. Also since you are moving to a new house, you should check out that all essential utilities and supplies are arranged, and if not, then how are you going to arrange that, for e.g. drinking water, LPG gas and so on.

Over to you

Irrespective of the complications and complexities, you should have fun during your move. That is only possible, when you deal with a truly reliable and professionally managed packers and movers service provider. Saving a few money is fine, and you should do that whenever possible, but not at the cost of your  good’s safety, and your own peace of mind. Choose a mover very wisely, because that one decision is going to make or break the situations.

What according to you is the most important thing to do, while moving a house in India? Do let us know. Waiting for your reply.

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