Pest Control Service: Everything You Need to Know About

Pest Control Service: Everything You Need to Know AboutSummer is the season of sun and also the thriving bugs and pests. The pests have a lot in common with you, and here I am talking about their environmental preferences. They need water and food for survival and a proper place to stay. Abandoning the inclement conditions of the wilderness, they prefer your home for their survival and the consequent reproductions of the future generations as well. But there is no quick way to get rid of these unwanted bugs and pests and you have to do proper pest control to get rid of these pests and bugs at home or workplace.

If you are tired of pests and bugs and wondering about the pest control solutions, then here’s the post worth reading. In this post, I will discuss about everything worth knowing about the pests and Pest Control.

What’s pest control and how does it help?

Your home should belong to you, and not some unwanted invaders from outside. When your home is claimed by these unwanted and tiny creatures like bedbugs, termites, cockroaches, lizards, ants etc, then you need proper investigation and treatment. The entire process is called as pest control, and the service of pest control is offered by trained professional called pest exterminators.

Pest exterminators help you eliminate and control pest infestation in several steps. Once the operation is completed, they offer you certain advice to keep the pests away from your home.

The home must be clean and hygienic so that the pests and the insects find no place to hide and thrive. There are various reasons why you need pest control.

Pests are everywhere

Be it the house of a common person or a celebrity, be it a bungalow or an office, pests are simply everywhere. There is an uncanny connection between humans and pests. Both of them require specific suitable conditions to survive, the food, water and shelter. The pests also need these things and they find it in your place. Your place has foods and water, and suitable areas for them to hide. Pest controllers are well aware of the hiding places of these creatures, and they will remove them from their roots. They are professionals and have experience in the field.

Pests can spread germs

The pests are just not there to share your space. They are also capable of spreading germs. The foods that you eat, the water that you drink, the bed where you sleep, all these are the possible ways and means by which the bugs can harm you. The cockroaches or the flies get attracted to foods and they pollute them. You, unaware of their actions, will consume the polluted foods, and this can cause several diseases. Even the insect bites are dangerous; the mosquitoes can cause fatal diseases like malaria and dengue. The pests and the insects have just mastered their expertise in spreading germs and diseases.

Removing the pests permanently

Purchasing chemical products from the market and spraying them on the bugs is a temporary solution. You will spray them on the insects, they will die, and then again, you will new set of creatures crawling the room.

How is this possible? This is possible, as the insects never perform solo; they always have their gang. They even breed generations of insects to torment your space. So just killing the insects here and there will not help much. You need to find their breeding space, and kill all of them. The insects should not be given a chance to multiply. The professionals know where to find their hiding and breeding areas. The experts will remove them from your space permanently or for a very long term.

Professional expert

The pest controllers and the exterminators are professional people. They have the appropriate chemicals, eco-friendly substances too, and they know how to apply them effectively. They have the proper uniform like masks, gloves and boots, which you do not have. Some chemicals cause problems if they are exposed to skin, so it is always safe to call the professionals and remove the pests without hassles.

Most favorite habitats of the pests

The pests can survive in various conditions. Any unclean place, which is not in use for a long time, can be a suitable and comfortable place for the insects and pests. Keeping the space clean is the main mantra to remove all the pests from home.


The kitchen has the perfect conditions, there is warmth, there are foods, there is water, and there are enough places for the pests to hide. All these suitable conditions make the place a very attractive one to the bugs.


The walls of the home or any space can be great hiding place. The walls are dry, and the insects can dwell inside the walls, and then come out from time to time for food and water. If the walls have a crack or a hole, this can serve as a perfect entry point.


The bathroom is a cool place, during the sultry summers the bugs can get some respite here. If the bathroom is dirty, and if there are any holes near the drains, or the windows, the bugs can get easy access to the place.


Pests like termites can find their shelter and wood in the furniture. The furniture serves as a nice hiding place, and a source of their sustenance. The bed bugs can find their habitat in the beds, cushions, mattresses, pillows etc.


Your garden can be the hotbed of hundreds of varieties of insects and pests. They can enter your home from the garden as well. If the garden has weeds, that is, the unwanted plants and bushes, then they can be a suitable den for all kinds of pests.

How to identify the pest infestation?

The pests dwell in your space, but you must identify them first, in order to remove them. Their nests and the breeding grounds are the most important areas. Once you identify the creatures, then you can find ways and means to remove them permanently from your space.

The pests come in groups

You will never find that one insect is roaming here and there. The creatures always come in groups to torture you. If you kill one, another five will appear. The insects are aware that they will need collective power in order to survive in your space. Therefore, you will always find hundreds of them here and there, and spraying common products available in the market is just not enough.

The pests leave signs

The pests leave their signs all over the place. You can find leftovers of food here and there. For example, if the bed is infested with bed bugs, then the stains of blood can be seen all over the place, as they suck blood from you when you are asleep. The termites will leave some marks on the furniture or the walls wherever they have infested.

The breeding pests

The pests have their breeding areas, where they reproduce generations of pests. This is how they can continue their habitat in your space. You need to locate the breeding grounds and destroy all the eggs, so that the creatures cannot multiply in your house.

How to know if you need professional pest control service?

The pest control is a very necessary activity, and you must get it done regularly, at least very frequently. The pest infestation may not be always visible to you. If you find one cockroach in your home, then it implies that there are hundreds of them in your home hiding somewhere.

Pests everywhere

Sometimes, the pests are so annoying and they can spread in your space like the wild fire. The pests can torture your life by spreading germs and causing diseases. The pests can roam about here and there, in your rooms, kitchen, bathroom, garden. If you find that you can see the creatures wherever you are going, then the time has most probably arrived of calling the pest controllers.

Pests destroying your items

The pest can destroy your furniture, the clothes and other objects of your home and office. The pests can eat away the items, thus causing serious troubles to you.

Harmful bites

The insect bites are very dangerous and painful. Rashes, swellings, skin irritations can be caused due to the insect bites. In order to get rid of the painful insect bites, you must do the pest control.

Role of pest exterminators in pest control

The pest controllers are the professional experts who follow the scientific methods of exterminating the pests from any space, it can be your home or office, or garden. The pests are literally everywhere, and you need specialists to treat the pest infestations.

Mode of work

The pest controllers are professionals, and they are generally a part of the company. There are several pest control companies in the country, with branches all over the major cities. The company assigns the professionals to come to your home or office, and do the task. Each company has a license under the Indian government.

Method of work

The pest controllers have their own equipments to spray the appropriate chemicals and pesticides. They also have uniforms, with special kinds of gloves, boots and masks. Some pesticides are not suitable for the skin, so taking necessary precautions is mandatory. Sometimes, the pest controllers also use baits to catch the pests and the insects.

Mode of payment and the packages

Most of the companies have options of packages, for example, you can hire them on occasions when you see that your space is infested with pests. You can also hire them on an annual basis, monthly basis, or quarterly basis. A full inspection of your space on a regular basis is important as the pests may appear any time. It is better not to wait for the pest infestation to happen; so you must always ensure that the pests are away from your space. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

You can make the payment in cheque or card. Most of the companies prefer all the three methods of cash, cheque and card. You may have to pay a little advance, but then you will have to charge full after the completion of the task.

How to reach the pest controllers of your city

There are pest control companies all over the country, with branches in all the major cities and towns. You can find the pest control companies of your city very easily.

The Yellow Pages

There are yellow pages directories over Internet. You can search there and find out the websites of various pest control companies of your cities or towns. The pages can give you list of all the companies, and you can browse through them and get the contacts and the websites.

The Google

Those who have none, they have Google. Google is the ultimate search engine nowadays, thanks to Sundar Pichai. You can just type the pest control company, write your city, and then press enter. Google will give you hundreds of pages of websites, names and contacts of pest control companies. You can collect as many names you want, and then contact them one by one.


You can ask for reference from your friends, or relatives or acquaintances. If there is any company that is hired by your acquaintances, then you can get the first hand review of them. Hiring a company through reference is safe as well.

Call them up and fix an appointment

You have collected few names and contacts of some of the pest control companies of your city or locality. Now it is time to call them up and fix an appointment. It is mandatory to have a face-to-face conversation with them before hiring one. You must also talk to few companies, so that you can decide which one to choose after comparing all of them.

How to find and hire the best pest control service in India

While you are planning to hire a pest control company, you may have to face some shortcomings in the process. The pest control is also a business, everyone is looking for profit. So, before you sign the contract and hire a company, you must check the background of the company.

Tedious task

After you have gathered the names and the contacts of the various pest control companies, now it is time to call them up, one by one. Calling up the companies and then meeting them in their offices is the next step for you. Sometimes, the companies do not pick up the phones for reasons unknown. During these times, it becomes more annoying. You will have to manage your work, and then sit with these callings.

Authenticity of the companies

There are certain companies that are frauds, and not at all trustworthy. They may be irresponsible in their works, and may vanish after taking the advance from you. If you are contacting the companies from the Google or any other Yellow Page Directories, then the question of their authenticity remains unanswered.

Check the working methods

Each and every company has their own method of working, and you must be aware of them before you proceed with them. The professionals have their own working equipments, own chemical and pesticide supplies. They will first inspect the full space, and then apply the pesticides according to the need. The staff should have the enough experience to complete the job properly.


There are so many companies around you, that you will feel baffled. Confusion is normal to prevail. You need to check each and every company and then invest judiciously.

One time Vs Annual contract

Pest exterminators or pest control companies offers one time treatment as well as annual contract.

What is the difference and which one is better?

As the name suggests, one time pest control service is offered as one time basis. They identify the issue, apply treatment and that’s it. If you keep your place properly cleaned and maintained, you may be able to keep the pests away.

In annual contract (AMC), the pest exterminators offer two or three treatments throughout the year, as per the need. This kind of service is also guaranteed, because since they offer multiple treatments, chances of bugs reappearing is minimal.

Both of the service is equally affected. The only difference being number of times the treatment is offered.

How ServiceSutra can help in finding best agency?

The ServiceSutra will help you in sorting out the confusion. One of the biggest issue or the confusion is that you have no idea of costs. And ServiceSutra can quickly connect you to three of the best pest exterminators in your city and for free.

And here’s is how it works.

  • Create a request for estimates by submitting the appropriate form. The quote request form is usually in the right hand side or on top of the page. Just provide some basic information like your name, contact number, city, email and what kinds of pests have infested your home, where have they infested etc.
  • Once submitted, you may receive a call for verification of the requirements.
  • Post verification, your requirements will be forwarded to up to three different agencies, available in your city and specialize in the service you require.
  • They will call you and submit their best price offers.
  • Once you have the quotation on the table, you can quickly compare and choose the agency, you like the most.

How much does it cost to do pest control?

The expense is obviously one of the major concerns when you are going to do anything. When you are going for the pest control, then the budget is also the prime concern. The ongoing rate is Rs 4 per square feet. But, this rate can differ from company to company. The rate of the service will depend on some factors.

The size of the space

The size of the space, which is infested by pests, and need to be treated, will determine the expense of the service. If you are going for the whole home or office, then the charge will be much more, in comparison to one particular pest infested area. The size of the space will determine the budget. There are various packages, and if you are signing for any package, then the rates will change; the different companies have different packages.

The extent of pest infestation

The extent of pest infestation is also another factor that will determine the expense rate. If the pest infestation is very serious, then the use of the chemicals will be much more. In case of excessive high infestation, the labor required will be much more; hence, the rates will go high. If the infestation is not that excessive, then the rate will be comparatively lower. A regular and frequent inspection of the whole space will help to check the pest infestation at your place.

To get a basic idea, general pest control for a standard 3 BHK flat may cost about Rs. 2000 to 3500, depending on the kind of treatment required,  level of infestation and the company you choose to work with.

Why hiring a professional is necessary

If you want to remove the pest from your home without any hassles, then hiring the professional is the best way and here is why.

They have the experience and tools

The professionals have the experience to do the work. They have worked in other projects too, and they know the procedures well. They know where the entry points of the pests are, and where are the breeding grounds. They will spray or apply the chemicals accordingly so that they can eradicate the pests completely from the space. All these activities need to be done following e scientific methods, and all these methods are unknown to common person like you and me.

Removing pests permanently

The pests may appear here and there, and you cannot remove the pests, only by spraying the chemicals available in the market. The pests are stubborn creatures, and they can take a lot time in leaving your space. So, what you need is the professional pest control experts who know how to do this job like a pro. They will find out the pests hiding inside the walls and the floors. It is mandatory to remove the pests permanently, and not just for a limited period.

Over to you

Even if the house or the office is clean and tidy, the pests often find means to enter your space. The pests may be tiny creatures, but they can cause immense harm to the environment by polluting them. The pest control is the ultimate solution to get rid of the pests and rodents. If you are having pest infestation at your space, then maybe it’s the right time to talk to a professional pest control agency in your town.

I have tried and explained everything about the pest control, its process, costs involved and role of the pest exterminators. If you have any other question, feel free to write in.

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