Pest Control Services in Bangalore: Termite, Bed Bugs, Cockroach Control

Recently, I moved my house from Koramangala to BTM Layout Bangalore and felt like there were cockroaches in the bathroom. I knew I had to get pest treatment done, but when I started searching for pest removal companies who offers pest control services in Bangalore, especially in BTM layout localities, I came to know how it is. I did not had a good experience in my first attempt, but then I learned quite a few things about pest control and how it works here in Bangalore.

To begin with, I started searching for companies that offers pest control services in Bangalore. Contacted one and fortunately he was polite enough to come over to my place to do the inspection. Post inspection he suggested termite treatments and also cockroach control services. After discussing and understanding my needs, he gave me an estimate for the total pest control services and we fixed a date. I was quite happy and ready for the day when they will come over and get it done.

But on the date that we have finalized, he didn’t reach my home and when I called the agency, he said he is unable to do it today and can do it after a week because his technician is out of town on an emergency. Oh boy, was I disappointed? Yes. I was.

But I finally managed to get it done and thought of sharing this post to let you know how to do pest control services in Bangalore for bed bugs, termite, cockroaches or any other pest removal service.

Pest Control services in Bangalore

Overview of pest control services

So pest control basically is the process of finding and removing pests infestations from your remises as in your home, office, car or any other commercial premises like factories, eateries, godown and warehouses etc.

Pest control companies can easily investigate and indentify even the smaller pests like bed bugs in your bed room or living room and remove them using various techniques. They usually treat issues like cockroach, ants, termites, bed bugs, house flies, mosquito, lizards etc. Some time pest control companies can also help you in catching snakes and getting rid of birds.

So all in all, pest control services can be very useful especially from bed bugs, cockroaches and termites because not only they are unhygienic, they can cause lots of other allergic diseases and pests like termites could cause lots of damage to your properties.

How to book pest control services in Bangalore

When you know, you have pests issues, obvious next step is to find a pest control agency in Bangalore to get it investigated and treated. But before you start searching here are a few things you should know about booking a pest control service.

  • Don’t trust pest control agencies without verifying the facts.
  • Talk to a couple of pest removal companies before taking your final call about booking.
  • Cheapest or costliest company may not be the right choice, so know about the process and treatments being offered for the price.
  • Some of the pest control companies are certified and licensed, make sure are dealing with one of them, not the one who don’t have proper training and expertise.
  • Never pay any advance, only pay when the operation is over or at least when they appear.
  • Ask about the pre and post preparation you have to do before they start the pest removal operation.
  • Always insist on written quotations, not on verbal commitments to avoid any dispute.

Over to you

Whichever pest removal service you may need, always insist on booking a company who offers complete pest control service. Enquire with a couple of companies before finalizing a service provider for pest removal in Bangalore. If you are unsure about anything, just ask for clarification.

If you planning to book a pest control company for bed bugs, cockroach or termite control then you may like to post your needs here and get introduced with pest control companies in Bangalore to compare and evaluate yourself before booking.

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