Anti Termite Treatment: Symptoms, Damages and Prevention Tips

Termite infestation if left untreated can lead to detrimental consequences for any property, be it commercial or residential. These pesky creatures often live in the dark, and in a protected and humid atmosphere all the time. Therefore, anti termite treatment may be the need of the hour.

Since these termites usually feed on wood, they often find the way to their meals within the various furnishings out there. This is the primary reason for which locating their actual presence becomes way harder at times.

However, there are some tell-tale signs that indicate that your home or office might be affected by termite infestations. By getting quality anti termite treatment from a professional pest control company near you, you can easily keep those irksome critters at bay.

So, as you read the Anti-termite teatment guide below, you will know the different types of termite attacks, their pertinent symptoms and how to prevent them in the best possible way.

Tell-tale signs of termite infestations

The presence of termites can be traced through many different ways. Initially, you will notice tiny termite insects that are conventionally called termite Swarmers. You will mostly see them flying near the windows while they leave behind their discarded wings.

Interestingly, termites are extremely sly insects and live in places like door hollows or wall gaps etc. Although termite attacks generally occur in Spring, it can continue inflicting a couple of homes round the year.

So, to identify these termites right on time, you must ensure their presence in your abode through the below given signs.

Damage in Roof Tiles

Damp, broken or loose roof tiles in your home are an amazing breeding ground for termites. Hence, look for this particular sign or else the termites will continue intensifying within these spaces.

Damage in the Garden

The wooden and decking fence posts that you’ve in your garden can be jeopardized by abrupt termite attacks. At the most, it can lead to their collapse due to lifelong damage. Certain types of termites can damage trees as well that lead to the falling of their branches all of a sudden.

Damage in the Foundation

Termites often find it easy to make a fragile foundation of a home to make their sole breeding ground. Generally, they access these areas through any unwanted cracks that have occurred within the blocks. So, build the foundation of your residence with concrete as termites hardly feed on that component.

Damage in Ceiling

If you see cracks on cornices and ceilings, rest assured that it’s surely a sign of termite attack. Portions like rafters, architraves, wooden ceilings and beams in attics are usually the most susceptible to them. Similarly, wooden constructions situated close to the ground level also have the proneness to be affected by termite infestations.

Needless to say, if you find any of these symptoms and signs of termite infestation, you need to act swiftly and get proper anti termite treatment done. You may like to try diy hacks or call a professional near you.

Types of damage caused by termites

Just the way termite attack is a common phenomenon these days, it also comes in many different forms. In fact, around 2,800 termite species exist globally. Nevertheless, the ones that piss us off the most can be considered below.

Formosan Termites

Formosan termites are so far considered the most destructive of all other termite variants. They survive mainly on wooden railroad stakes and tend to attack cellulose-oriented and other wooden components the most.

Dampwood Termites

As the name suggests, Dampwood termites like to build their homes within decaying and damp wood. These pests mainly get attracted towards damp wood, hence, affect houses with plumbing and moisture related issues to a great extent.

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites reside above the ground and like to make their colonies in trees and wood. They get their supply of moisture from humidity within the air, so don’t need it in their nests. Besides, these critters prefer to make their homes in window frames, door frames and attics.

Subterranean Termites

Also known as ground termites, subterranean termites live mostly in colonies and undergrounds. They predominantly feed on wood and can tunnel beneath the ground as long as 150 feet. In the worst-case scenario, they can destroy the supporting beams, foundations, insulation, and plastic pipes of your home.

Best easy ways to get rid of termite attacks

You may think getting rid of termites is difficult but it’s not. Consider these easy-breezy tricks to get rid of termites from your premises.

Expose the infected things to Sun

Any piece of furniture or other belonging affected by termites can be exposed to the sun for three days back-to-back.

As termites cannot bear the immense heat of the sunlight, this trick really works wonders in preventing these insects from harming your furnishings and valuables.

Apply borate on wood before painting and priming

Borate is considered the best termite repellent according to specialists. So, you can spray that on your wooden furnishings before painting and priming them.

Gradually, it will soak within the woods and preclude termites from gnawing at or attacking  your furniture.

Keep your soil and wood apart

Do you have a lush green beautiful garden? Then, make sure that the wood and soil there are at a reasonable distance from each other.

In fact, specialists recommend a gap of at least eighteen inches between the two. So, when you implement this preventive measure, it can prevent termites from attacking your furniture and the foundation of your home.

Consider decluttering your home

Decluttering your house is the key to getting rid of termite attacks of any sort. To do that, remove all the redundant magazines, newspapers, cardboards and paper as fast as you can.

If any of the rooms of your house has already been attacked by termites and if that place is overstuffed with too many furnishings and goods, organize it well first after eliminating the unnecessary things from there.

Always remember, cluttered and slipshod areas are the best breeding grounds for termites. 

So, the best way to get over termite invasions in these portions of your house is by organizing them properly while ensuring they are devoid of any disposable and infected items and stuff.

Make your home termite-free!

All ready and prepared to get rid of termite infestations in your home? Then, execute these Anti termite treatment tips and tactics carefully. However, if it sounds overwhelming to you, you can always use professional pest control service near you for best ani-termite treatment at your premises. 

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