How to Renovate Your Garage to be the Ultimate Man Cave

Since the dawn of time, guys have needed a spot where they can just be dudes. It’s just a fact of nature: a man needs a man cave. It’s a place to hang out with friends, watch the big games or brainstorm new startup ideas.

But deciding on exactly what needs to be done to turn that extra space into a dude-ready man haven can be tricky – what exactly should I do to make sure the boys are able to chill out in my certified man space? Check out this handy list of man-friendly room makeover tips to get your lad space in tip-top shape.

Step-by-step guide to renovate your garage
Step-by-step guide to renovate your garage

Step-by-step guide to renovate your garage

If you have an empty garage then you can easily renovate and make it the ultimate place for different activities. But before you get started, it is important to define the main objective of renovation i.e. how do you plan to use the space. Once you know the main objective, you’ll be able to choose a theme.

Whether you are planning to use this space as a place to hang out with friends, or you want to use this space to create the awesome music, based on the objective and purpose of use, you can easily choose a theme. And, once you have chosen a theme, you can work on a design and get it all up and ready for your gang.

Check this step by step guide to get started with renovating your garage.

Step 1: Decide on a design scheme for you man cave

Wait, isn’t design for ladies? Not always. Today, you’re deciding what totally man-tastic theme you want to deck out your man cave with. Will it be trucks? Maybe military? Sports? There are a number of great options out there to consider. Think about your hobbies and favorite pastimes.

One of them might be perfect for a man cave. If you’re a die-hard Broncos fan, consider getting team gear for your decor. If you love your pickup, maybe get some car posters, hub-caps, and license plates to put up on the wall. Getting an awesome design theme is the best way to make the space fun, comfortable, and awesome.

Step 2: Prepare the space

You’ll want to be sure that the space your man cave is in is ready to be filled with your dude stuff. If it’s a garage you’re renovating, do plenty of sweeping to make sure that the space isn’t too dusty and dirty. It’s true that guys and dudes don’t mind a little dirt, but you wouldn’t want your team gear getting too dusty – it’s all about respect.

Clean out all that old furniture from your grandma’s living room (floral couches don’t exactly scream man cave) and maybe get some large boxes to sort the smaller stuff that might be cluttering the space. Workbenches and tool racks are cool to keep out, and, in addition to being useful, add a very masculine vibe to your work area.

Step 3: Build instead of buying

Sure, you could walk into a store and buy all the furniture you might need, but that’s going to be pretty expensive. In a solid man cave, you’ll want a coffee table, a TV stand, a table for poker or other games, and definitely a bar. Buying all that stuff will definitely get pricey, so why not put what your dad taught you to work and build that stuff yourself. You’re going to need plenty of lumber, a trusty drill, nails, epoxy resin, and a sander.

There are great DIY guides to follow online, so don’t give in to the pressure and impatience of buying all your furniture from the store; try to build that stuff at home! You’ll probably want a wide-screen TV in there too, and while we’d be proud if you could build that yourself too, it’s probably easiest to pick that up at the store.

Step 4: Put the pieces together

You know the theme and have bought the gear; you cleaned out the garage and organized your junk; and you’ve built some awesome dude-ready furniture with your own two hands. It’s time to put those pieces together. And hey, if your boys are planning on lounging and drinking in your man cave, we think it’s only fair that they help you out with the move-in process.

Get those hombres in there to help you put the furniture in place and figure out how to run the cable wire from inside the house to the TV in the garage.

Step 5: Enjoy your man den

Once you’ve put in the hard work and got your man cave all spruced up and guy-ready, you can sit back, relax, and chill with your man gang. Spend some quality time hanging out, enjoying BBQ, and ballgames with the boys.

Over to you

If you are planning to renovate your garage to make it the ultimate man cave and you are wondering about how to get it right, then I am sure you have got some cool ideas to get started.

Renovating your garage will be fun when you decorate it based on your favorite theme. Once you have chosen your theme,  the next step is make the space ready for renovation. Once the space is ready, you can get started by building it bit by bit as per the design.

How do you plan to renovate your garage and make it the ultimate man cave?

Feel free to share your ideas by commenting below.

Happy renovation!

Interior designing of your home like a professional Interior Designer

Often we rely on the expertise suggestions of professional Interior Designers and Decorators to decorate our home or office and there is nothing wrong in doing so. After all they are the professional and have gone through extensive training and have done several design so enough experience and one should take their suggestions and feedback for great designs. But lets see the other side. When it comes to your home, you will be living there and probably you know your own taste better than anyone else. How many of us wear designer clothes designed by the reputed fashion designers? After looking at a designer wear have you ever felt that you won’t wear those clothes, even if you know that it’s designed by a famous designer? I have felt like that at several occasions. Anyway, the point what  I am trying to make is, you can do the interior designing yourself without hiring Interior Decorators, just follow certain thumb rules. I am not convincing you for not hiring Interior Decorators, but at times you might feel like doing it yourself without hiring an Interior Decorator. Listed below are a few of the tips to help you improve the interior decoration of your home.


First of all allocate and fix a budget. Some one have said “for decoration of your home or wife, no matter what kind of budget you allocate, there is always a chance of improvement”. So having a budget is very important

Set your Expectations

You must have a clear idea of your own expectations. No matter from where you have taken inspiration, a friends home or a magazine or from an interior decorator, make sure you know what you want and whether it fits your taste well or not. After all we don’t do renovation every now and then.

Select Colors and Shades

Choose colors shades carefully. While choosing colors, make sure you visualize it in day and night. There are some color that looks great during day, but not at night. You may look at several magazines and other references for color ideas.

Know your floor and its structure

This is very important. You must understand that something, which was looking good in 10X10 room, may not look good in 20X20 room. Something that looked good in a square floor may not look good in a diagonal shape floor. So while visualizing your designs, consider thinking about these things.

Furniture and Accessories

Remember each of the elements like sofa, tables, flowerpots; curtains etc together make a perfect room. So pay attention to detail and finalize these elements carefully. Now when you have already worked or working on above, its time to consult your friends and spouse. A creative idea could come from anywhere, so take input, discuss and finally get going. In case you wish to hire a consultant Interior Designer then don’t hesitate; it will further enhance your overall renovation plan. After all who can guide you better than a professional interior decorator.

Over to you

Should you or should you not hire a professional when you want to decorate or renovate your home? If such a question arises, don’t get confused, do what you feel is the best. Certainly, both options present a series of advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to do everything yourself you get to save some money, but if you hire a professional everything will be easier and you’ll even learn a thing or two. You can definitely use the above tips to decorate your home professionally, but you must also agree to the fact that hiring a professional is worth it.

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