7 Useful Winter Storage Tips for Storing Usual Items Safely

We have plenty of items at our home and many of those items are seasonal. Some of the household items that you need in summer are of no use during the winter season and vice versa. And therefore, it’s important to store such household items safely. And since winter is already here, I am sharing a few of the best and most useful winter storage tips and ideas that will help you store the usual household goods and articles safely.

If you really want to make proper usage of the closet storage space available at your home, then it will be a good idea to store household stuff as per the season. Like, as far as our present topic of discussion of winter storage is concerned, you can easily take out the summer items from the closet and send them off to storage and warehousing service for a few months during the winter.

After all, you will not be requiring your mini skirt, tiny shorts, sleeveless tops etc. for a few months in winter. Instead keep the winter clothes out because you will need them to stay warm in the cold winter season. Then, as far as items like those containing liquid, then battery operated items and some electronics are concerned, prolonged exposure to cold temperature can easily damage them. So, unless you are storing them properly, you may not be able to use them the next season. Well, I will be discussing some of the essential winter storage tips and ideas worth considering.

Winter storage tips and ideas

There are places where temperatures go well below the freezing point. So, depending on the kind of winter you experience in your place, prioritize items that need protection from the cold. It will be good if you jot down the list of items before winter comes and start storing them one by one.

You need to store the winter items as well so store the items that you do not require right now first, and then keep the winter items at places where you can have easy access to them.

Well, here are some of the winter storage tips that can help you to store the usual household goods and articles safely for a few months:

Storage tips for the clothes

You will not be requiring the summer clothes now in winter, so it will be better to store them safely for a few months. But, before storing such items, it is important that you wash them really well. This is because you have worn the clothes so many times and if you store them with food stains and odor on them, then that will make it hard for you to remove the stains later.

Moreover, the odor and stains can attract pests and bugs as well. So, it is important to wash or dry clean your summer clothes and treat the stains before storing them.

As far as the containers for storing the clothes are concerned, I want to say that plastic containers are quite good for storing such items. But, then, you may also store stuff in an unused suitcase. Well, whatever it may be, avoid cramming too many items in one container because that may damage your items or the container.

Tips for storing the outdoor furniture

If you live in a place where the temperature goes below the freezing point and it starts snowing; it will be wise if you store the outdoor furniture inside. This includes those you have kept in the lawn or the balcony or the patio. Do give them a good cleaning before storing them. Proper cleaning and storing them will also help you prevent the pillows, chairs and other furniture from mold and mildew.

  • In case of aluminum, plastic and vinyl furniture, take the help of soap, sponge and hot water to clean them.
  • For wood and wicker ones, remember never to use soap. Simply use water and oil soap. Then after drying them, you may finish with furniture grade paste wax.
  • As far as your metal furniture is concerned, getting rid of as much rust as possible will be a smart thing to do to prevent further damage. Scrub using a wire brush and then apply paste wax. You may also consider going for silicone sealant spray for your metal pieces.

Once you are done with cleaning and drying your furniture, decide where to keep those items. It is best if you can store them indoors but if you do not have storage space, then you can keep them outdoors. But, it will be good if you consider using fitted covers and water tight storage lockers for the cushions. Also, make sure to tie the covers into the furniture. This way you may keep them in place even when strong winds are blowing outside.

Hacks for storing gardening tools

If you will not be using your gardening tools during the winter months, then it is better to pack and store them. When packing them, you can actually consider using your walls as storage solutions. For hoses and long handled tools, you may use the hooks. Using a pallet will also be a good idea. Simply place the pallet against any wall and create a makeshift rack that can be easily taken out when not needed.

However, before storing such items, it is important that you thoroughly clean the tools and equipment. You may also consider applying protective coating to the surfaces or sharpening the metal edges or sanding the wooden handles to keep in great shape to be used next year.

Storing sporting equipments

Is your basement or attic filled with basketballs, softball bats, baseball gloves, soccer balls, jump robes? Well, then now it is time to decide what needs to be cluttering up your home or what items can be stowed away.

You may require some summer sporting equipment in winter like football for some party but items like bats, tennis rackets, globes, badminton sets, basketball etc. will mostly be of no use to you during the winter months. Storage units are always a good option in this case but you may even fit them inside your home.

However, if there is a shortage of storage space, you may consider setting up high shelves for storage bins or even use a pegboard. You can also use the area behind the closet door for storing. Over the door racks are really good. This way your sports items will be safe as well as your garage and basement will also remain free of clutter.

Ideas for storing bicycle

Bicycles are very commonly used these days and every home has one or more bicycles. Well, if it is too cold or too windy or snowing outside, it may not be possible to ride a bicycle. So, it is better to store it till the summer arrives. Custom made bicycle shelves, wall mounts, hooks, cleverly rigged tarps are really common bicycle storage ideas that you may consider. However, make sure you clean them using warm soapy water and then dry them thoroughly. Also, inflate the tires and lubricate the cables.

Hanging the bicycles or resting them upside down on the seat is the best option to store the bicycles for the long term. This is because here the weight of the frame does not damage the slowly deflating tires. Avoid storing them outside because it may get rusted due to the harsh winter elements.

Winter storage tips for car

If you have a car, it is important that you store it well in the winter season. This will extend the life of your vehicle, and will prevent costly repairs. But before storing the car, here are few things that you got to consider:

  • Wash the exterior of your car
  • Clean up the interior as well
  • Do not empty the fuel
  • You may change the oil and the filter
  • Check the coolant level and top it off if required
  • Inflate the tires
  • Make sure you keep the critters away
  • Cover your car to keep the dirt and dust off it.

It is best to store the car inside your car garage after taking all of the above precautions. However, when the weather becomes slightly better, do start your car and go for a ride if possible.

Be careful when storing electronic items in winter

Some items like electronics, batteries, fluid filled engines etc. are more susceptible to getting damaged from extreme cold and moisture. When there is too much fluctuating temperature outside, it can create condensation inside electronics and damage the items badly. Similarly, in case of liquid containing items, due to expansion from freezing, things may crack.

So, you need to be extra careful with some of this stuff. In fact, if you want to keep them safe during the winter, you may consider going for the climate-controlled storage and warehousing units. In other words, you may go for interior storage units that are heated or climate controlled.

Over to you

For people living in areas where temperature falls below freezing point, it is important to take a lot of caution and store certain household items properly. When you store household stuff properly in winter, they stay in good shape and remain protected. So, be it your summer clothes, your gardening tools, your car or your bicycle etc., do take proper care and store them well in winter.

And, as you can see, never store anything without cleaning it. Otherwise it may become difficult to remove the stains later. Also, there is the tension of mold and mildew as well. Simply follow the winter storage tips we have discussed above and you will be able to store things safely for the next year.

Well, that is all for now. I hope these winter storage tips and ideas will help you in protecting and storing your goods safely for the next year. But do share your winter storage hacks and ideas by commenting below.

What else do you think one should do to protect and store items in the winter season safely?

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