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Cleaning services
Sump 8000 litres and two overhead tanks cleaning for home
- Senthil, Chennai

Cleaning services
House cleaning
- Venkat, Chennai

Cleaning services
2 overhead water tank, want today.
- Sundaram, Chennai

Cleaning services
Full house cleaning. 2 bhk, 800 sq ft. Need ASAP
- Shalini B, Chennai

Cleaning services
Full house cleaning 2Bhk , Next week
- Sanjana, CHENNAI

Cleaning services
sump [12,000 litres] over head tank [ 6000 litres] in my house at arumbakkam chennai 600106 . kindl

Cleaning services
Sumps cleaning services required. In total there are 8 sumps of 10000 ltrs each
- Mohamed, Chennai

Cleaning services
residential sump cleaning, 12000 litres, wants this week
- Boobalan, Chennai

Cleaning services
How much does a complete house cleaning costs? What all does it include
- Balakrishnan, Chennai

Cleaning services
Moving in to a new rented house. 2bhk. Need by 2nd week of Jan 2016
- Narendran, Chennai