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Chennai - a quick recapitulation

Previously known as Madras, Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is situated along the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. In alternative terms, it is also called 'The Gateway of India' hence is said to comprise a major portion of the entire South Indian region.

However, the climate of Chennai is very hot and humid and remains like that almost throughout the year. Coming to its Annual Rainfall is not more than 1,250 mm (50 inches) which generally occurs between October to mid-December.

Besides, the city is also famous for some of the finest historic buildings located in every nook and cranny of it. Amongst them, the most unique is the seven gigantic temples that were built in Chennai, adhering to Dravidian architecture.

Also, the University Senate House, Chepauk Palace, previously the residence of the Mughal rulers, High Court Buildings and that of the Victoria Technical Institute comprise some of the choicest vintage dwellings located in various nooks and crannies of Chennai.

Festivals and celebrations

Interestingly, many of these edifices were constructed keeping Indo-Saracenic architecture in mind and you will instantly comprehend that the moment you will steal a glance at them. In the same way, the festive fervour in Tamil Nadu is always there and Chennai epitomizes that really well.

So, if you are coming here during the summers, be a part of the Natyanjali Dance Festival for sure, an event that is dedicated to Lord Nataraja and is held between February to March in Chidambaram, a city adjacent to Chennai.

On the other end, if you are in Chennai during the winter, then expect to partake in festivals such as Pongal, Travel and Tourism Fair, Dance and Music Festivals etc.

Likewise, Chennai can be called the city of gastronomy also since the street foods that you will get here are immensely toothsome. So, if you are wandering on the streets of Chennai, do try out the Pani Puri, Atho, Bhajji, Uthappam, Sandal, Puttu and many more.


In case you are contemplating settling in Chennai, you can surely do that as some of the best schools and colleges are situated within the metropolis. Global Gold Foundation, SBOA School and Junior College, Chennai Academy of Jewelry Design and Ryan International School are the most prominent of them.

So, now that you know everything about Chennai, you must be thinking that whether to settle there or not. Well, if you do then nothing like that. More importantly, living in Chennai won't be a hassle for you at all since you will get top-quality home maintenance services here also, be it related to pest management, house cleaning, packing and moving, car transportation, interior design etc.

Aside from all this, the growing IT infrastructure in Chennai has contributed 14% to the development of India's BPO and Information and Technology-related services. And the sobriquet ''The Detroit of India'' that Chennai has earned recently due to its thriving auto-component, tyre, automotive and automobile industries definitely makes the city a worthwhile place to move and settle in forever.