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Prompt Pest Control Service
Prompt Pest Control Service
1st floor, Krishna Mansion
Ahmedabad - 380002
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About Prompt Pest Control Service

Prompt Pest Control Service is established 25 years ago. Since then we are providing unmatched pest control solutions to our clients. We are known for treating around 10000 buildings in Ahmedabad for termite control & other pest control services. We give a guarantee of 5 years for its pest control treatment and anti termite treatment.

Our Services:

  • Termite Control Service
  • Rodent Control Service
  • Bird Control Service
  • Insect Control Service
  • Borer Control Service
  • Vector Control Service

Our Forte:

  • Quick Response Service Solution
  • Use of Latest and Imported Pesticides
  • Over 10000 Satisfied Customers
  • Guarantee of 5 years for its Pest Control Anti Termite Treatment Service.

Currently we are doing R&D on exploring new defense mechanisms for pests, termites and rodents in a manner such that we can prevent them from disturbing the natural lifecycle of the cosmos and earth. We also offer herbal treatments in specific areas.

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