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Domestic Packers and Movers in Delhi for Household Shifting

Finding the best domestic packers and movers for domestic household goods shifting is not so difficult. We often receive questions like this on our customer support number. And rightly so, because the moment you decide to hire movers and packers for domestic goods shifting, the first and most important question is to look at the best possible agency for the job. And not only the best, the movers and packers should also offer best possible rates for domestic goods shifting.

Domestic Shifting ServicesIf you are planning to hire a domestic packers and movers in Delhi and wondering about find rates and charges or getting hold of the cheapest possible rates then read on. I am going to share a few quick and simple tricks to help you find the best and cheapest possible movers and packers in Delhi NCR.

Difference between domestic and local shifting

But before we get into the details, it's important to distinguish between local and domestic shifting services. Movers and packers companies essentially offer various types of shifting services e.g. packing and shifting of household articles, car shifting, office shifting, industrial and machineries packing and transporting, warehousing etc.

Household goods packing and moving is obviously the focus area. But broadly speaking, they either offer local shifting or domestic shifting.

Local shifting means, packing and moving within the city, from one locality to another nearby locality, usually within 20-25 kilometers. Some time the distance between source and destination, may be more than that, but if they can go and return the same day, they consider it as local assignment.

If you are shifting your home from Saket to Janakpuri, or Patel Nagar Mayur Vihar then they consider it as local shifting. But even if you are moving from Indirapuram Ghaziabad to Greater Noida or Saket, it's considered as local shifting. For such shifting needs, local movers and packer are best suited.

But domestic shifting is ideally the one where the distance is more than a few hundred kilometers. For instance, if you wish to move your domestic household articles from Delhi to Bangalore or Mumbai, it's considered to be a domestic shifting.

And since the distance is more, it requires lots of precaution and expertise to pull it off successfully. If the quality of packing is comparatively cheaper, then chances of damage will increase significantly and that's the major concern for most of the users.

Now when you know the difference, let's get to the subject at hand.

How to find rates of cheapest domestic movers and packers in Delhi?

Usually, it is said that quality comes with a price tag and rightly so. This core principal applies to everything. Whether you want to buy a product or you are hiring a service provider like movers or dealing with a consultant, what you pay is exactly what you get in terms of quality and service.

But when we talk about movers and packers services, this principle may not apply every time. Read this line twice, because that's the truth.

Movers and packers industry is not that much matured and sophisticated till date in India. And you don't have to take my word for that, just google movers and packers fraud or movers and packers scams on google and see the number of reported cases.

But it is actually possible to get the cheapest and yet best quality service from domestic movers and packers, but for that, you have to put in some extra effort and follow the techniques We are discussing below.

In movers and packers industry or for any other service, cheapest is not always the best choice. But still we strive to find the most cost effective service provider who have professional and experienced team and who can pull it off successfully.

Comparing rates can help you get the cheapest movers and packers for domestic shifting in Delhi and here's how.

  • Take quotations from multiple movers i.e. from three or four different agencies.
  • You are most likely going to get different price quotations.
  • Compare all of the rates and offers and then negotiate with the mover.
  • Chances are you will be able to get the cheapest possible rates.

But let me tell you categorically, then you should not hire a movers and packers agency for domestic packing and shifting, just because of the cheapest rate offers. There is more to it and you should check for authenticity and quality as well.

And here's what you can do to check the authenticity of the domestic movers and packers in Delhi NCR.

  • Check all the documents related to business e.g. registration certificate, service tax registration, pan card in the name of the company etc
  • Check the age of the company. It's very common to start a movers and packers business, run for a year and then close it down. So age of the company should be one of the criteria in selecting the movers and packers.
  • Any business has a bank account and movers and packers business is no exception, so make payment by cheque favoring the business name.

Shady and unprofessional movers and packers companies may simply offer cheapest rates to get hired. And once hired, they may start behaving unprofessionally and come up with hidden charges. Hence it is seriously important to put everything on paper and not take any word.

Delhi is uniquely surrounded with two other states

Delhi is uniquely bordered with Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. But when you talk about Delhi NCR, you are actually talking about Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and a few other cities. And if we look at it from the movers and packers' point of view, then they serve the entire national capital region including Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. So even if the mover and packers has office in Ghaziabad that does not mean, they won't suit for domestic home shifting needs in Delhi.

But if you are hiring them for local shifting within Delhi, then it's better to talk to the local movers and packers who has its office in Delhi itself. It will be easier and convenient for them to handle Delhi local shifting assignments within Delhi. But location should not be an issue incase of domestic movers and packers services and if you find a mover that suits your need, you should go for it even if they are based in Faridabad or Gurgaon.

If you are planning to relocate and looking for best price offers from the cheapest yet best packers and movers in Delhi, then create a request and get matched with three different agencies. You get to compare, evaluate and choose the best, within minutes and for free.

Hope it helps!