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The Hassle-Free Guide to Finding the Right Movers and Packers

Let’s be honest. You are emotionally attached with every household goods that you have purchased over a period of time and ditto for your car. And packing and moving such precious household goods transporting your car is not easy. It’s a complicated and a tedious process.

But only for you, not for the movers and packers companies because they know what it takes to get your goods packed and transported safely. You have a busier personal and professional life and you may not have time to pack and move of your own. But good news it there are movers and packers companies out there who can take the entire burden and get your goods pack and move safely without any hassle.

But the hard thing is to find such reliable and qualified movers and packers companies who can get it right. Continue reading

Hassle free Packing and Moving with Movers and Packers

You can’t downplay the hassles of packing and moving a house or your office. Whether you plan to move your home or office locally with the city or you are moving outside (the state), there are lots of hassles involved in packing and moving. Whether you are moving your home appliances or office furniture, even a little bit of mishandling could cost you.

Fortunately, movers and packers companies can help you with packing and moving of home appliances, office furniture, car or industrial goods. Movers and packers companies can make it look easy and uncomplicated because that’s what they do every day. Moving companies have the experience in packing and moving of all types of materials and that’s why they can help you move conveniently without any hassle. Continue reading

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers and Packers in India?

Okay. I am back to the costs of hiring movers and packers companies in India. Based on my personal experience and the number of calls we receive on day to day basis at ServiceSutra, this seems to be the most frequently asked question. Every third caller who calls our helpline no, want to know the charges and costs of hiring a movers and packers for shifting of certain things.

More on this later, but the strange thing is, without even explaining about the goods that they want to move, they ask us about the costs. They hardly care to understand about the process or how does cost vary depending on the specific requirements of the users.

But anyways, in this post I want to give you a good overview of how much does it cost to hire movers and packers in India for various types of shifting and relocation services. Although it’s hard to get exact rates for shifting or storage needs without surveying or knowing certain things, but this post should give you a good overview of how the movers and packers companies estimates the costs. Continue reading

Corporate Relocation Services by Movers Packers in India

Corporate relocation services are offered by movers and packers companies to help employers relocate their employees from one city to another city in case of a transfer. It could be well within India or even abroad. There are plenty of things that have to be looked after like relocation of household goods, finding a new place to stay, travel arrangements for the employee and much more.

Movers and packers companies in India have started offering complete end to end corporate relocation services to big corporate houses. The best part of corporate relocation services are that the employee or the employer can relax while their relocation partner can handle everything from packing and shifting of domestic household goods to booking tickets for the travel and making other arrangements at the destination. Continue reading

How to Hire Movers and Packers in India in 3 Easy Steps

When you buy a new phone or a fancy watch, all that you have to do is visit an online ecommerce website, check specs, compare rates and place your order. You even have the convenience to make payment after your products has been delivered to you. And even after making payments and receiving your order, you have the opportunity to return the product and get your money back. That’s how easy it is to buy a product on the internet.

Unfortunately same is not possible when you want to hire movers and packers in India to pack and move your household goods, car or bike. Buying a product like mobile or watch and hiring a service provider like relocation companies or pest removal companies online are two different things. Rates of services are mostly fixed and it may not vary as much. But rates of services as well as quality of services are more likely to vary from one service provider to another. And hence it is important to find and hire carefully. Continue reading

Finding Movers for Home Relocation Services in Gurgaon

Finding movers and pacers companies who offers home relocation services in Gurgaon is just a matter of one simple web search. But there is a small little problem and that is even if you find a relocation company, you still have to be cautious enough to ensure that the mover you are talking to is worth it.

Number of complaints against movers and packers companies has increased in recent years. Plenty of shady professionals are entering in to this business and there is no easy way to filter them out. We are doing our bit at ServiceSutra and ensuring no shady professionals are allowed to become a part of this trustworthy community of competent relocation service providers in Gurgaon or elsewhere in India. Continue reading

How to Hire Movers and Packers for Moving and Storage

Movers and packers companies can be of great help when you want to move your household goods or want to store some of the household materials safely in a warehousing facility, while moving remaining of the goods. Fortunately, you can find hundreds of movers and packers companies in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore or Hyderabad for moving and storage needs. But do you really think you will be able to trust any of these movers and packers without doing adequate research such as:

  • Background of the moving company
  • Rates of shifting or storage services
  • Behavior and friendliness of the staff
  • Promptness of customer service and so on?

No, I think. Home shifting or storage services are way more complicated than what you have thought. It’s a complicated process because there are many parties involved in it such as labor, trucking company, insurance company, associates of movers who will handle unloading in case they don’t have their own presence. When such is the complexity, you naturally have to sure about which company you are dealing with. Continue reading

How to Find Packers and Movers for Next Day Home Shifting

People have to move these days for various reasons and they turn up to packers and movers companies for help. Obviously so because one can’t do all of the packing herself especially when moving entire 3 bhk household goods. Except a few items, most of the household belongings are beyond the capacity of a single person to pack and move. For that, you need to find packers and movers and hire a professional moving company who could help you.

But did you know that in order to find packers and movers who are equipped and reliable, you ought to have some time in your hand? Because from finding a couple of movers and packers to getting estimates for shifting services; comparing their reviews and credentials to finally negotiating and selecting a mover, you need to have some time in your hand. After all it’s about safety and security of your essentials and you can’t just rely on any randomly picked movers, can you? Continue reading

Packing and Moving in India: 9 Ways to Save Money

Packing and moving involves lots of mental and physical hassle and there is a cost involves in it. Majority of people are not prepared to deal with nor are they aware of the expenses they have to bear on packing and moving their household goods in India. When moving, one have to rent a truck, buy packing materials, find labor for packing, loading, unloading etc so that their household goods can be moved safely.

But if you know exactly how much you have to spend and places where you can save your hard earned money, the anxiety is relieved to a great extent. For that you need to prepare a budget and then follow some of the essential packing and moving tips. I’m sure it will help you to keep more money in your pocket, the ideal place for you money :)

Practically speaking cost of packing and moving services vary on case to case basis because everyone has their own peculiar packing and moving needs. From distance to volume of goods, everything varies from case to case. But there are certain good practices that if followed, could save you plenty of money on moving and shifting. Continue reading

How to hire Car Transporters in India for Car Shifting

Car transporters in India can help you with car transportation or car shifting. You car is probably one of the most precious possession and you would love to get it transported safely without any hassle. Won’t you? Fortunately there are tons of car transporters who offer safe and secured car shifting services in India. They can get your car transported using car carrier truck quite safely.

Every man with a job dreams of having his own car. But here is a tragedy involved. The kind of job that will help you buy your own car would not possibly keep you at one location for long. This is just when transporting your car becomes the point of concern for you. Continue reading