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Packing and Moving in India: 9 Ways to Save Money

Packing and moving involves lots of mental and physical hassle and there is a cost involves in it. Majority of people are not prepared to deal with nor are they aware of the expenses they have to bear on packing and moving their household goods in India. When moving, one have to rent a truck, buy packing materials, find labor for packing, loading, unloading etc so that their household goods can be moved safely.

But if you know exactly how much you have to spend and places where you can save your hard earned money, the anxiety is relieved to a great extent. For that you need to prepare a budget and then follow some of the essential packing and moving tips. I’m sure it will help you to keep more money in your pocket, the ideal place for you money :)

Practically speaking cost of packing and moving services vary on case to case basis because everyone has their own peculiar packing and moving needs. From distance to volume of goods, everything varies from case to case. But there are certain good practices that if followed, could save you plenty of money on moving and shifting. Continue reading

How to hire Car Transporters in India for Car Shifting

Car transporters in India can help you with car transportation or car shifting. You car is probably one of the most precious possession and you would love to get it transported safely without any hassle. Won’t you? Fortunately there are tons of car transporters who offer safe and secured car shifting services in India. They can get your car transported using car carrier truck quite safely.

Every man with a job dreams of having his own car. But here is a tragedy involved. The kind of job that will help you buy your own car would not possibly keep you at one location for long. This is just when transporting your car becomes the point of concern for you. Continue reading

How to Find and Verify Movers and Packers in India

Movers and Packers services have come as a blessing to people who have to constantly shift whether within the domestic perimeter, locally or even overseas. Time crunch is best handled by these professional help with their expertise, skilled manpower and other resources. As the demand for professional help from Movers and Packers has risen, so has the number of moving companies in India.

If you are looking to relocate, you have umpteen numbers of movers and packers to choose from. But home shifting is not about just hiring any movers and packers; it’s about getting your goods transported safely and just at the right price. This is why it is important to check the credentials of some of these moving companies before you narrow down to one of them. You would not want to become a victim of delayed or damaged delivery of goods. Would you? Continue reading

Hassle Free Furniture Shifting Services in Bangalore

Furniture shifting services in Bangalore can be used while relocating home or office in Bangalore. Moving those large size deewan (box bed), 3 door cupboards or heavy conference table is not easy. In fact you can’t even move them yourself from one side of your room to the other side. But for movers and packers companies in Bangalore, moving large size furniture is not a big deal. They undertake such furniture shifting and relocation assignments every now and then.

Movers and packers who offer furniture shifting services in Bangalore can offer you door to door complete household or office shifting services. Their services are not limited to just moving household or office furniture. It’s just a part of the relocation service that they offer. Furniture relocation is just a part, but when you are moving your home locally within Bangalore or from Bangalore to Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad or any other city, you would require their help in moving other appliances like TV, fridge, washing machines, books, clothes etc. If you are moving your office then you would also need to move other office equipment like projectors, projector screens, coffee machine, files, cabinets etc. Continue reading

Movers and Packers Ahmedabad for home shifting services

Searching for Movers and Packers Ahmedabad for shift your household goods from Ahmedabad to Delhi? Or searching for a movers and packers in Ahmedabad who could help you relocate your household materials from Ahmedabad to Bangalore? Finding a well placed movers and packers service provider in Ahmedabad who is competent and affordable require different approach.

Why you may ask? Because there are so many movers and packers in Ahmedabad and it’s going to be really difficult for you to choose a mover if you keep on calling movers and packers service providers randomly. After all you need some solid and substantial information to select a mover and packers because they are the one who will be doing the entire packing and transporting. You can’t hire a mover casually especially for a long distance move or for storage related services. Continue reading

Find Movers and Packers Rates and Charges in Hyderabad

What are some of the biggest concerns when hiring movers for household shifting services in Hyderabad? For me it’s movers and packers rates and charges in Hyderabad. After rates and charges, the second concern that I have is about the safety and timely delivery of my goods. I am sure you too have these concerns while searching for movers and packers. Isn’t that true?

So how do you plan to address these concerns? The usual solution is to make searches for packer and movers companies and then call them one after the other to find rates and charges of movers and packers companies in Hyderabad. But this is a tedious process and you have to lots of guess work. Guess work because you don’t really have any substantial information on the table that you can evaluate before taking any decision.

Finding movers and packers rates by calling a few of them is already a complicated and time consuming process. And it also does not address the bigger concern which is safety and timely delivery of household goods. Who wouldn’t like to hire the best movers and packers service provider at discounted rates? But you can’t afford to compromise with the expertise of the movers and quality of their packing and overall handling of your goods. Can you? Continue reading

Movers and Packers in Bangalore Cost of Shifting Services

In India (and around the world), we have a peculiar habit of comparing. We compare brands of tooth brush while purchasing one and also like to compare features of multiple mobile phones. We can’t decide on which product to buy unless we compare a few of the best available option.

When it’s about hiring a service provider, we do the same. We like to compare rates, profiles, reviews, terms of services and everything else before we decide which service provider to hire to execute the task at hand.

Suppose you are planning to shift your domestic household goods and furniture from Bangalore to Hyderabad, then most likely you might have made multiple searches on the internet. If not yet, I am sure you have a similar plan and you will be searching for movers and packers companies in Bangalore to compare their rates and costs of household shifting services.

There is nothing wrong in that. In fact one can’t be sure about the costs as well as the quality unless he/she compares multiple options. Continue reading

5 Ways of Finding Rates of Packers and Movers in Delhi

While shifting household goods, rates of packers and movers and safe and timely delivery of goods are the two key concerns for a consumer. I am sure if you are looking to hire packers and movers in Delhi then you are wondering about the costs of their services and about safety of your goods. Aren’t you?

Rates of Packers and Movers in Delhi are not fixed and no one will be able to give you exact figures as far as rates of shifting services are concerned. Also rates are variable and a lot depend on individuals specific requirements and the on the service provider in Delhi you are talking to. Continue reading

Shifting Services in Delhi by Top Relocation Companies

Relocation companies offer household relocation and shifting services in Delhi and nearby cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and other localities in Delhi National Capital Region (aka Delhi NCR). These moving and relocation companies can be a life saver especially when you are planning to relocate your entire household materials.

In general, home shifting is considered to be a complicated process, even if you shifting to the next neighborhood. But if you are planning to relocate outside of Delhi NCR then the challenge is going to be even bigger.

Why, you may ask?

That’s because, even if the process of shifting and relocation is nearly identical in both the cases, local shifting can be done in a day or two. But domestic shifting or the long distance home relocation can’t be complicated in a day or two due to distance and other factors. Continue reading

Packers and movers in Dwarka Delhi: Home Shifting and Storage

Dwarka is one of the most sought-after residential localities of South West Delhi. Due its close proximity with Gurgaon, which a business hub, demands of packers and movers services have grown up. There are many packers and movers in Dwarka Delhi who offer home shifting and storage services.

Packers and movers companies can help you in packing and shifting of different types of household materials. You can also use storage services to store your household goods in Dwarka and nearby localities like Gurgaon. Storage facilities are also available in Gurgaon which is nearer to Dwarka in Delhi. One can use storage and warehousing facility to store all types of household goods like furniture, home appliances, kitchen utensils etc from just a couple of months to up to two or three years.

Are you searching for packers and movers in Dwarka Delhi for home shifting or storage services? Continue reading