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Top 10 things to do when moving a house in India

Packing and moving a house is a complicated task irrespective of whether you are hiring a movers and packers or doing it yourself. There are tons of tasks that one has to carry out. Right from sorting out inventory to get everything packed, finding a trucking company to hiring a truck (in case you are moving of your own). There are plenty of tasks in your to do list and you ought to tick them off one by one.

Here in this post, I am going to give you a good overview of what matters and need your attention when moving a house in India. It’s possible that all of the tasks and tips mentioned here may not be relevant to your specific move, but trust me most of them are relevant and applies to every household move.

There are some major tasks that you will remember to address most likely irrespective of whether you are maintaining a proper things to do for moving a house or not. But there are a few smaller tasks which you may simply ignore for example intimating the newspaper vendor to stop dropping news paper every morning. Continue reading

Importance of Transit Insurance in Moving House in India

Transit insurance is basically an insurance product that protect against loss or damage of goods while in transit or being transported from one place to another. If you have used ecommerce website (I am sure you have), you will notice this term. So when you place an order with the Flipkart or Amazon, mostly your order (goods) is insured against loss/damage during transit. Hope you get the idea.

That’s about small consignments. But what about loss or damage when you are moving your entire household goods from Delhi to Mumbai or Bangalore to Gurgaon? Value of goods could be of lakhs of rupees and there are lots of risks involved, isn’t it?

But there is no reason for you to be worried about it. Transit insurance is an option and you can insure your entire household goods against any loss or damage. Transit insurance in moving household goods plays a very important role and you ought to take it seriously and understand it well. Continue reading

Home Relocating Tips for Single Woman in India: Moving

Relocating a home itself is a complicated task to handle and if you are a single and planning to relocate then you better prepare yourself before you start. From finding movers and packers companies to booking your own travel ticket and finding a new home in the city you are relocating to; it’s not going to be an easy thing. But that should not stop you from celebrating the new job or excitement of home relocating to a new city. After all you are all set to relocate your household goods to a new city and you must enjoy the excitement of moving and seeing new peoples and places. For this to happen, you need to have a plan of action and prepare yourself mentally to have fun and look after everything very carefully.

Since you are relocating to a new city and you are single, you will have to handle everything single handedly and patiently. While relocating a home, it’s going to test your mental and physical strength so prepare yourself well in advance. You are leaving the city and moving to a new place where you hardly know anyone. It’s going to be both exciting and challenging in different ways. Continue reading

Moving to Kolkata? Top 5 Things You Must Do in Kolkata

Kolkata – the city of Joy is also considered to be the cultural capital of India. According to Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems, 2014 conducted by Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship & Democracy, Kolkata has been ranked as the no. 1 city to live in India. If you are moving to Kolkata and you are just settling out in your new home and wondering where to go and what to do, this post is for you.

If you are new here in Kolkata then I am going to help you plan your weekend and with some of the must to do things. There are so many things that you can do in the city of Joy, but I have picked some of the top things to do assuming you are new here in Kolkata. Continue reading

5 Essential Things to Do When Moving to a New House

That magical feeling of moving to a new home is amazing and it can’t be expressed in words for sure. But moving to a new home is not all that easy; you have to find a moving company, coordinate with them and look after several small tasks to move finally to your new home.

We have published plenty of articles in the past where we shared lots of tips and articles on packing and moving. But this post is to talk about something else. Apart from finding movers and getting your household goods packed and moved there are other important things to do. And this post is to help you understand what else matters and how to get it right. Continue reading

How to Deal Smartly with Movers and Packers in India

Movers and packers companies are mushrooming in India, especially in Delhi NCR region, reported The Economic Times. It’s really going to be nightmare for you if you end up with a shady movers and packers company due to lack of information or experience of dealing with movers and packers companies. After all, you don’t relocate your home every now and then and hence you may not have enough knowledge of the process.

You take professional help from movers and packers companies because you trust that they’ve got the expertise, experience and required resources to pack and relocate your goods safely. But what if you come to know that the movers and packers company you are about to hire is actually operating without valid license and registration of its business? How would you know if he is really representing a company or he is working part time to make some extra buck?

Sending your valuable household goods or car using movers and packers companies has its own complications and issues. But when you know the process and understand finer details of the trade, chances are you will end up hiring a truly reliable movers and packers company who will be able to relocate your household or car without any hassle. But if you end up with a mover who is not reliable, chances are you will regret why you did not hired a mover who was well placed but a little costlier than the one you hired. Continue reading

5 Smart Strategies to Make Home Relocation Affordable

Home relocation is a process of relocating domestic household goods and articles. You may relocate your home locally within the city or from one city to another city. When you relocate locally, it’s called local home relocation and when you are moving out from one city to another one it’s called a long distance home relocation.

Obviously packing and transporting everything from one city to another or even within the city could be a tedious thing. There are lots of smaller tasks and entities and a great deal of coordination will be needed to get it right. Fortunately there are relocation companies available who offer all types of home relocation services – both local and domestic ones.

But there is a small little confusion and that is when you speak to three or four different relocation companies and ask them about rates and charges of relocation services, you’ll be surprised to notice the gap between rates of relocation services of all of these companies. Some time you’ll like the rates but not the company, and at other times, you may love the profile of the company but may not afford them because their rates are higher. Continue reading

DIY Packing Tips for Effortless Home Shifting in India

Packing and moving of domestic household stuff may drive you nuts. I mean there are hell lots of things that must be planned and executed properly to move your household goods safely – either within the city or from one city to another city or state.

If you are planning to take help from a professional moving agency then you are certainly on the right path. But if you have decided to get your hand dirty and try doing it yourself then you have a task at hand. A Real challenging task that require full proof planning, good understanding of some of the basic measures you should take while packing and then getting it all done to best of the standards like a professionally trained movers and packers does. Continue reading

10 Packing Tips for Next Day Local Home Shifting in India

At times you don’t have enough time to prepare a ‘to do list’ and tick off the task as you finish it. Some time you just have to get through and get going. But planning and preparations can help you save from hell lots of hassles more in case you are planning to pack and relocate all of your household goods.

So what you are shifting your home within the city or to the next block in same society. Just a little bit of mishandling and you end up with a broken item. Local home shifting is less complicated only because it can be done in a day or two and distance is less. If you leave that aside, rest of the process of local shifting is literally the same like a long distance relocation and hence proper planning and precaution is important. Continue reading

5 Tips to Do Hassle Free Domestic Home Shifting in India

Now that may sound like surprising, but it’s possible. I know packing and shifting of all of the domestic household materials has its own complications. But you can get rid of all of these complications if you are willing to do so.

Fortunately, today you can find movers and packers companies nearly in any city who will be happy to offer relocation services and help you relocate your home safely. Obviously when you engage a professional company they take all of the responsibly and with their extensive network and trained executives, there is hardly any reason for you to worry about. Continue reading