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Household Packing tips for Safe Relocation in India

You have been handed an official letter that you have to move to a new town. Or maybe it is just that you want to move to a new place to start things afresh in your life and look forward to new dreams. Now suddenly you realize that it is not only you that will be moving. Through the years you have grown at a place along with a lot of stuff and you just cannot abandon them because you have become dependent on the same.

So, here comes the nightmare. Household packing and moving is not going to be so easy. You need to take time and arrange different types of packing materials to pack these household goods. Then find labor or a helping hand and a cargo truck or a mini truck. All of the packed goods need to be loaded on to the truck so that it can be moved and obviously you can’t do it all alone.

Household packing is one of the most essential but complicated thing to do, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Proper packing is a must if you don’t want to take chances. There are various types of items in a house from fragile to not so fragile, smaller size shoe racks to large king size bed. Continue reading

How to Pack Household Goods for moving in India

Packing is the most arduous task in the whole procedure of shifting. It really ticks you off because you have to pack loads of stuff you have collected over the years. And by the time you realize that there are too many, you are on your way to the process. Packing of household goods especially when you are moving locally within the city, you will be moving all your stuff large and small. From small boxes in your kitchen to all types of appliances and household furniture items; but if you don’t plan everything in advance, you may end up in a mess. Continue reading

Moving a House: Here are the dos and don’ts

Moving a house along with all of the household goods is never an easy task. It takes lots of planning preparations and hard works. Moving is not just about moving your household goods from one house to another, but to embrace a new world, neighborhood, people and culture and leave some valuable memories behind. So the change is not only from outside, we experience emotional changes too. That’s why it is very important to plan and prepare well for moving a house and hire a professional relocation company to get the job done. Whether you are moving within the city or think of a long distance move, proper planning is going to be the key to safer, affordable and hassle free relocation.

While moving a house, sometime it’s hard to figure out what to do and what not to do. In this post, I am going to give you good overview of dos and don’ts of moving a house. These most of the dos and don’ts of moving a house discussed here will work for both local and domestic shifting. Continue reading

10 Benefits of Hiring Movers and Packers in India

Packing and moving is a very hectic task and one simply should not dare to do it alone without hiring movers and packers. Home relocation needs a lot of pre-planning and planning and not to mention the hazard of completing several formal paper-works. The person who is to relocate is already burdened with the task of shifting his workstation to a whole new place where he has never been and on top of that, if the burden of personal shifting adds to that, the end result is going to be a mess. Don’t you think so?

Nowadays, a lot of people have to relocate for the sake of their jobs and companies like to keep their employees in continuous circulation. Not only is this shifting time consuming but also physically draining. One has to consider the emotions and feelings of not only themselves but the family members as well. The young ones in the family are to be convinced that the new place they would shift is a better place than the current one. One has to combat with the denials and other family pressure and overall, the situation is inexplicable in a thousand words. In such a situation, what does one do? Professional help is undoubtedly the best solution one can think of.  Continue reading

Home shifting in India: 8 Essential Prerequisites

Do not stay blinded with colorful dreams that you dream during home shifting homes. The attention stays mostly on how to decorate your new home when it actually does not work that way. Home shifting is although exciting, it involves a lot of hassles.  Most of the time it happens that frustration rules over the excitement of going to the new place.  Home shifting in India is easier planned than done. If you are not serious about it, you are definitely going to put things at sixes and sevens at one point of the time because home shifting is a really lengthy process, if not very complicated.

Hence, as it goes, prevention is better than cure, certain steps, if followed, helps to make the shifting experience quite an enjoyable one. These are the basics and you can build up on these and improvise your own plan of action for a safer and affordable home shifting.  Continue reading

Quick Checklist for Packing and Moving a House in India

Packing and Moving of entire household goods requires lots of planning. Except in situations where you just want to get an air conditioner packed and move from say Mumbai to Bangalore, complete packing and moving is not something that one should underestimate. So what you are planning to hire a movers and packers to ease the task; proper planning and having a proper checklist or things to do kind of a list can be a life saver while shifting homes in India.

You know what, I recently moved my house locally and just before the day I was scheduled to move, I called up a movers and packers company that I know personally and they agreed to help me out. It was a rushing moment for me and hence I was not quite prepared. Movers and packers guys came the other day and packed everything in to cartons, wrapped all electrical home appliances, wardrobe etc and moved it. They even re-assembled the bed and placed other furniture in hurry. But all of the clothes etc were supposed to be done by ourselves. Continue reading

Home Shifting Quotes: How to get and evaluate them?

If you are planning to shift your house and want to find out rates and charges of movers and packers companies for home shifting then I can understand what you are going through. Finding affordable and reliable home shifting service provider in India itself is a challenging task. But what follows after that is also not easy. So if you talk to 5 different packers and movers companies and give them the same list of materials that you want to shift, you will be amazed to see the reply.

Nearly all of them will quote you different price and the variation of price could be as much as up to 30%. Don’t believe me? Test it right here. Post your home shifting requirements to receive offers and estimates from up to three different movers and packers companies and find the differences in their estimates.

What is to be done when such is the scenario? Continue reading

How to do Hassle Free Home Shifting in India

If you are planning to do home shifting along with all of your household materials then I can understand what you are going though. Irrespective whether you are relocating within the city or you plan to move your household goods from one city to a different city (long distance moving), the hassles and stress will be nearly same.

There are plenty of hassles both emotional and physical. Your kids will be disappointed because they are going to miss their friends. You are going to experience lots of hassles. There will be some awesome and happy moment and at other times you will feel like irritated because the movers and packers company who promised to do a free survey has not yet turned up.

All in all, you must be going though lots of different feeling together. There will be happiness and excitements to enter in to a new home or new city and disappointment because you are going to miss your old house. Continue reading

Home Shifting Services in India: Go to Reference Guide

Packers and movers companies in India offer start to end home shifting services in India. Whether you have full load of materials or want to move just a few essential household goods, you can avail home shifting services in India to relocate your goods safely. Moving and relocation companies in India have professionally trained team of executives and labor who execute the overall home shifting services for their customers. Home shifting requires lots of planning and preparation because the ultimate goal is to get all of your household materials packed and moved not only safe and sound, but also under the budget you have allocated.

Because there are certain things which are beyond our control so things may not always go as planned. Home shifting is one such task. It requires lots of coordination between entities involved. Getting all of your goods packed and relocated in safe and sound condition is not as easy as it sounds. There are lots of things that must be considered even before you get started.

To help you avoid any such hassles, here is a comprehensive go to reference guide for safe and affordable home shifting in India. Continue reading

Home Shifting in India: 6 Amazing Ways of Cutting the Costs

Home shifting in India happens to be the most complicated than any other relocation processes like sending a parcel or getting equipment transported from one city to another. Relocating just a few commercial or industrial goods is much easier than relocating all of your precious household goods and appliances.

But there are professionally trained packers and movers companies in India who can handle everything quite smoothly and help you in home shifting in India. Home shifting denotes shifting of all of your household goods, furniture, appliances, electronic appliances, clothing, and beddings everything to be packed and shifted. Therefore, naturally you cannot afford to pack and move all these things of your own. But what you can do is, find a movers and packers who can do it all for you. Because once you appoint a packers and movers service provider then they will take care of everything without any hassles. Continue reading