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How to Save Extra Money on Home shifting Services in India

Home shifting is a big challenge in India mostly due to lack of planning and because of the fact that the packers and movers industry is still unorganized. There is no standard pricing model when it comes to service and so you have to be very careful while hiring movers and packers for packing and moving services.  If you don’t pay attention to every detail, you may get overcharged quite easily.

Who don’t want to save some extra money while shifting a house? And it’s very much possible to save some extra money while moving household goods within India. But in order to save those extra rupees, you have to pay attention to smaller and finer details in everything you do during your move.

When you are working on a budget, you can’t afford to ignore even smaller things like the octroi charges or even tips that you offer to the labors who will be packing, loading or unloading your goods from the truck. Here’s a quick list of things that you can do to save extra money while shifting your house in India. Continue reading

Home Shifting Services in India: Find a Mover in Budget

How much does it cost to hire packers and movers for shifting in India?

That’s the first question you would ask when planning to hire packers and movers for home shifting in India, no? Whether you are being compensated by your employer or you are paying yourself to packers and movers for home shifting services in India, you would want to find out the costs of packing and shifting services.

But getting to know the costs of home shifting services in India is not all that easy. There are lots of factors from distance between two places to volume of goods and quality of packing materials and much more. Here in this post, We will go through all of these factors and help you create a budget for home shifting in India along with all of your household goods and items. We’ll also talk about a few of the tips to save money and move your house within your budget. Continue reading

Here’s How to Pack Kitchen Utensils for Moving in India

In India we have lots of ‘Jugaad’ (temporary alternatives) for almost anything but unfortunately it does not work all the time. Here in this post I am going to talk about how to pack kitchen utensils for moving without damaging. Kitchen utensils are usually costly and very fragile in nature. Even a little bit of mishandling could damage your kitchen utensils and crockery items. So ‘Jugaad’ technology is not going to work in packing and moving.

If you planning to relocate and don’t want to hire packers and movers companies then there is no issues. Some time it’s better to pack and move your stuff yourself especially when you can find a relocation service provider near you. In India, you can find packers and movers companies in almost any city and town. But when you don’t have lots of household materials to move then no movers and packers’ service provider would agree to shift your goods. Obviously, it’s not feasible for a movers and packers company in shilling to send a box full of kitchen utensils to Bangalore. Because in a city like shilling, there are only a few people who will be relocating every month to Bangalore and a mover can’t hire a truck to shift a couple of boxes. They have their own limitations. Continue reading

8 Questions You Must Ask to a Moving Company before Hiring

If you are planning to hire a movers and packers in India for long distance home shifting service and you are unsure about what to ask a potential shifting service provider before hiring then this post is for you. Domestic shifting requires lots of planning and preparations and hiring a mover is one of those crucial decisions that can make or break your shifting. So be very careful and evaluate each of the offers properly before hiring a mover. Before finalizing and signing the deal, you should ask some really important questions to movers and packers companies and ensure that they are well placed and capable of handling your shifting assignments. Take this as an opportunity to interview and verify the abilities, rates and charges of a shifting service provider.

So what are those important questions that you ask a potential movers and packers before hiring? There are many but we’ll focus on the following 8 questions which I think is really important. Continue reading

Home Shifting: what’s in-house survey and why it matters?

If you are planning to do a home shifting and you have decided to hire a moving company in India to move your household stuff, they would like to conduct an in-house survey of your household goods to get you an estimate. In-house survey or physical survey of goods is a crucial process which is conducted by Moving companies in India to get actual view of the goods which is to be packed and transported. Before giving you a final estimates for packing and moving, a moving company would always insist on conducting a free in-house survey of your goods. It helps them determine the actual efforts in packing and handling and also give them the fair idea of other costs like costs of packing materials; what size of the van/truck will be needed for transportation and so on. Continue reading

Home Shifting in Mind? Hire a Professional Movers and Packers

If home shifting is on the cards and you are concerned about the issues and hassles of packing and shifting then there is a good news for you. Movers and Packers companies can help you relocate all of your household goods, appliances and furniture. Packing and lifting (loading and unloading) is definitely a complicated process which must be left on a reliable movers and packers service provider. Movers and packers can help you in many ways because they have all types of tools and equipments which may be required for lifting of heavy weight items like Almirah or a bed.

Movers and packers can help you with all types of shifting needs that you may have e.g. shifting a house locally within the city or a long distance home shifting. Hiring a mover is a must when you have large and heavy weight household goods like furniture or other home appliances. Continue reading

Costs of Shifting a House in India: Here’s how to calculate it

If you are in the process of shifting a house then I am sure you are still wondering about the costs of shifting a house in India. So how much does it cost to shift a house in India? There is no straight forward answer to this questions because costs of shifting a house can’t be calculated randomly. There is no one fit all costing policy in moving and relocation industry (in India). But there are many ways to calculate tentative costs of shifting a house in India. Costs of overall home shifting must be estimated considering the overall packing costs, costs of transporting your goods as well as some post relocation costs.

Post relocation costs won’t be too much compared to the moving costs which includes costs of packing materials, actual packing, loading, transportation, unloading, transit insurance, handling and other charges of movers and packers companies as well as service tax and any other tax/costs if applicable. Other tax may include octori and toll charges which are applicable when you are doing a long distance or a domestic shifting of a house in India. Continue reading

Household Furniture Movers in India to Move Home Furniture

Furniture is not like those usual home appliances that can be packed in their respective boxes or in any other box and moved to you new house. Household furniture can’t be packed like that and so the moment you decide to move it you should approach a professional household furniture movers and packers. It’s safe to assume that all modern furniture that you have in your house can be disassembled and packed safely. But it’s better to give it a second thought because you need a helping hand to disassemble the furniture. Once disassembled, it has to be packed properly to protect it from scratch or any other sort of damage during transportation. Again after delivery, it has to be reassembled before using it. Continue reading

5 Home Shifting Mistakes that Could Cost You Dearly

Home shifting is not all that complicated especially when you have time and you are willing to learn some useful tips and tricks to get it right. Just a little bit of planning and proper supervision is all it takes to get it right. Depending on the size of your move and availability of your time and resources, you ought to decide whether you want to hire a packers and movers to the shifting or you want to handle your home shifting of your own.

Irrespective of whether a mover is handling your home shifting or whether you are doing it of your own, you should be alert and avoid any mistake that may end up you in a mess. Even a small mistake in packing could cost you a lot.

So what is to be done for effortless home shifting? Well there are so many things to talk about, but I am going to discuss some of the most important mistakes that can be avoided during home shifting and here’s the list. Continue reading