22 Small Bedroom Design Ideas That Will Never Go Out of Style

Homeowners living in compact spaces often find it difficult to design and create an eye-appealing bedroom. Firstly, designing and decorating small spaces is often challenging, and secondly, they may not know the professional bedroom design tips and tricks that are often used by professional interior decorators.

So, if you are also someone like that then here’s a must-check post for you. As you continue reading, you will get familiar with some easy-breezy small bedroom design ideas that will let you turn your small bedroom into a stylish and elegant bedroom. 

Today in this post, I am sharing the most ravishing and ever-trending small bedroom design ideas that are not fading away any time soon.

Ever Trending Small Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas Worth Trying

We often consider the diminutive bedroom of our home as a multi-utility space. As a result, dovetailing is a common sight in this part of our abode whether we surf the internet, binge-watch our favourite shows or do our usual work for that matter, the only thing we compromise with is a good night’s sleep.

But, how to create a boudoir that lets us indulge more in sleeping well and less in the rest of the activities? The good news is that’s certainly possible and by implementing the right bedroom design tips and ideas, you too can attain a bedroom like that.

Shelve with your bedside table

A sleek bedside table can certainly be used for the purpose of shelving. How about those floating shelves that are spectacular substitutes for a nightstand? In case you are going DIY, consider stripping down the shelving to the desired size and make sure they are positioned at a height that meets your specific needs in the best way possible. And the best part is these floating shelves are available in a range of materials from metal to glass to wood. So, take your pick and create an utterly sleek bedside table like never before.

Integrate a comfy area rug

While embellishing our bedroom, we conventionally focus on décor, shelving, walls and bedding and the portion that remains the most overlooked is the floor. So make sure that you integrate a cushy area rug this time to add a good deal of exuberance and warmth to your tiny bedroom and that’s for sure. If need be, try and experiment with the texture and go for the one that feels super comfortable on your feet while appearing downright luxurious.

The strikingly contrasting color palette

To make your small bedroom look more spacious, you can combine white with a notably contrast color palette. A bold color pop while the rest remains white certainly creates a dramatic look and feel. And you know what? You can use it on your rugs, artwork, wall paint, and bedding or anywhere for that matter.

Effervescent string lights

String lights are versatile enough to create a super-cool and zen atmosphere in a small bedroom rather than just symbolizing festive seasons. Dangle them on the headboard, ceiling, and wall or wherever you feel convenient. As these lights are often found in a range of colours, you can continue experimenting with the look and feel of your boudoir by picking a different variant every time.

Easy-breezy curtains

Are there fewer windows in your small bedroom? If you say yes, then curtains can serve as an amazing substitute to make your bedroom seem way roomier than before. There are two ways to do it, either you can use curtains to implement a room divider or replace the closets with curtains.

Easy-breezy curtains

Opt for vibrant throw pillows

Are you an outright color person but still want to retain that dazzling whiteness all about your bedroom so that it keeps looking brighter and more commodious all through the day? If you say yes, then place a couple of brightly coloured throw pillows in different parts of your boudoir and you are done.

A ritzy floating desk can do wonders

The global pandemic had compelled us to create a home office, even when space was a problem in our diminutive bedroom. If the same is the case with you, consider integrating a chic floating desk to ensure greater ease and convenience while working. In case you wish to go DIY with this furnishing, then putting a piece of plywood over a few shelf brackets would serve you the desired purpose. Slide a comfy chair beneath and you are all good to go.

Unconventional nightstands are in vogue

Opt for a nightstand that complements the dimensions of your bedroom. If you find yourself dealing with a small bedroom and limited space next to your bed, it’s time to get creative. Consider using a decorative chair or stool as a charming and innovative alternative.

Optimize the walls with alcoves

Creating alcoves on the walls of your bedroom would give you that extra storage space that would otherwise be taken up by the floors. In this context, using a stud finder would help you mark the area where an alcove can be engraved on the wood wall beams especially if a non-exterior wall serves as the backdrop of your bed.

Again, it doesn’t have to be too deep either. So, just make sure that you can dispose of your essentials comfortably over there such as your alarm clock or any of your personal belongings for that matter.

Even though little, this hack allows you to make the most of your diminutive bedroom and that’s for sure.

Reap the maximum benefits of floating shelves

A floating shelf is versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways in your small bedroom, experts say. Take a peek into these viable ideas.

  • A laptop desk
  • A bookcase
  • An entry table alongside the door and
  • A nightstand replacement
  • Hope you find these tips and tricks useful.

Bold wallpaper for exceptionally small bedrooms

A small bedroom doesn’t have to be dull, bold wallpaper can be a fab addition to it, inculcating a great deal of warmth and exuberance. Make sure you go for a variant having a large-scale pattern over the small and cramped ones.

Also, devise bedding that is complementary to the wallpaper you have selected, subsequently creating a cohesive look and feel in your boudoir 24X7.

 In case you are staying in a rented apartment, then removable wallpapers can also be good-to-go options to play with the décor of your living space.

Go green

Going green can do wonders especially when a deep slumber in your small bedroom is what you are up for. So, try and add house plants over there without making the space appear with them. Since house plants are known to clean the air thoroughly, keeping them in your tiny boudoir means ensuring a sound sleep all through the night. Avoid keeping them just like that and use wall planters instead. Wondering why? Because they will turn your ordinary flora into amazing pieces of artwork and that’s for sure.

Elegant sconces are just wow

Small bedrooms often lack that extra space for a table lamp to be kept aside. In this context, wall sconces can be a fabulous alternative, getting you that desired reading light every single night.

Such a lighting variant can both be traditional and contemporary and you can go for any of them as per your choice. Besides, if you want, you can get as experimental with them as needed, subsequently rewarding your diminutive bedroom with an enviably cool appearance.

Diminutive wall art

Create your favourite tiny art gallery in your small bedroom by dangling eye-catching prints and paintings. In return, create an awe-inspiring ambience all around your small bedroom. Alternatively, you can draw your paintings as well, preferably on smaller-sized canvases and hang them on either of the walls or both, whatever you feel like.

Let Chandeliers do the magic

Installing eye-catching lights can turn even a bland bedroom into a super interesting one. In this context, a discerning pendant light or chandelier can be a good-to-go option. Let your tiny small bedroom become the centre of attraction as you illuminate it the way you please.

A respite in the loft would do the good

Inadequate floor space is a common sight in small bedrooms. If the same is the case with yours but the ceilings are high, consider adding a loft or similar platform for a good night’s retreat. Team it up with a feasible seating or storage arrangement underneath and you are done.

So, if you are comfortable with climbing up your bed, do give this bedroom idea a whirl today.

Devise a viable under-the-bed storage

While buying the bed for your small bedroom, make sure it has drawers underneath, so that accommodating the extra storage gets a piece of cake for you. Alternatively, you can use decorative bins under the bed as well provided the space is inconceivably less.

In this context, those already used woven baskets or milk crates can be superb options to go with.

Get a hold of a mirrored bedroom

Mirrors when installed properly in a bedroom expand it even more, creating the illusion of a bigger living space down the road. In case, reinforcing the natural light is more your thing, then consider positioning the mirrors accordingly, preferably with the assistance of a professional interior designer.

To the best of suggestions, purchase a body-length mirror, subsequently reclining it against the wall. No need to create any hollows inside, just dangle it using a wall and you are done.

A minimalist style wins over anything

Yes, your master bedroom is too small. What’s the big deal in that? Just make sure the décor is stripped down to the least of accessories and furnishings so that a minimalist look and feel prevails in your boudoir all through the day.

For extra storage, go for contemporary, ritzy built-ins and you are done. This allows you to make the most of that space while getting others this vibe as if such fitments were never even created.

And you know the best part? A cosy nook would sprawl automatically where you can enjoy your slumbers with absolute peace of mind.

Headboard and bed frame

Want to turn your tiny bedroom into a refuge that seems utterly luxurious and opulent? If you say yes, then try and create a bit of extra space over there. To do this, you can get rid of your footboard-style bed frame and integrate a minimalist modern platform bed to get your bedroom an edge over the other living areas of your house.

Headboard and bed frame

Tuck in a cosy bed in your bedroom

Oftentimes you will see the bed positioned on the center of the walls. Unfortunately, strait floor plans and inadequate space compel the homeowners to take up a different approach altogether.

In this context, setting your bed against a corner or wall could be a phenomenal idea. In return, you can expect a super comfy and snug sleeping zone and it’s a sure thing. To add a more finished and designer kind of look and feel to your bedroom, consider adding a double headboard corner system to it and you are done.

A bright and well-lit-up bedroom certainly looks more spacious

When it comes to a small bedroom décor, a pop of white can surely do wonders. More so, doing it will make your tiny bedroom appear much bigger and roomier than it was before. If need be, layer your coating of white with various other textures or white-on-white patterns for that matter as you add a hint of drama to your boudoir.

Consequently, your average-looking bedroom would turn into a more spacious and brighter-looking respite, a sight you can’t stop gazing at for many hours to come. And adding a couple of chrome bedside lamps would be an icing on the cake.

Over to you

Even if you have an exclusively small bedroom, you need not compromise on the styling part at all. So, why not try some of these small bedroom design and decor ideas shared above and attain a master bedroom that appears out and out sleek, captivating yet serves the desired purposes that you need to carry on with every single day?

Happy bedroom decorating.

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